Regain your Sovereignty

Living on a third dimensional planet, such as earth, is an incredibly special experience. In all other dimensions, you are fully awake. You have access to all information and understand all your past, present and future lives. When you incarnated into this third dimensional lifetime, your spiritual knowledge was wiped away. Your purpose in this lifetime is waking up, helping others, understanding we are all part of the collective conscientious and using your unique skills and gifts to do this.

As you are awaking up and rediscovering your spiritual knowledge, you may be realizing there is more that is being hidden, than your spiritual past. You may have started to notice that you are being lied to and manipulated. Maybe you become aware of this when cigarettes were shown to cause cancer, after doctors and others were paid to say they were good for your mental health and absolutely safe. Or, maybe you realized this, when it was shown that Catholic priests (not limited to the Catholic religion) were abusing childing and the church was covering it up. To fully awaken on your spiritual journey, you need to regain your sovereignty, and this can’t be done, if you are unaware of the manipulation that is being used to control you.

This column will help you regain your sovereignty, by exposing areas where you are being manipulated, so you can make fully informed decisions in your life. The first lesson, in regaining your sovereignty, is not to let others tell you what to believe. You need to make your own decisions. I will provide you with what I believe (may change, as new information comes out) and point you in the direction for you to do your own research. I won’t argue who is right and who is wrong, or try to convince you to believe me, because I honor each person’s truth and beliefs.

Each column will focus on a “piece of the puzzle”. Review the information provided and do some research. You want to be aware of the information, but not let it pull you into fear, anger or other negative emotions. If the information for that puzzle piece doesn’t resonate with you, just let it be. Just observe it and move on. Continue to look at the different puzzle pieces with curiosity, as sometimes you won’t see the hidden truth, until you see how the puzzle pieces begin to fit together. Once the pieces begin to fit together, you will wonder why you didn’t see this sooner.

As I share the puzzle pieces, you will notice that many of them are also called “Conspiracy Theories”. The second lesson is the term Conspiracy Theory is part of the manipulation. There is some debate over when the term was first used. Some say the CIA started using the term in 1967 to discredit anyone who challenged an official narrative. Some say, it was used after the assassination of Kennedy in 1963 to discredit anyone challenging the official version of that event. Other sources state it was used as early as the 1870’s and became more common in the 1950’s. Whenever it started, it has always been used to describe information that is not part of the official narrative. There is the official narrative that you are told to believe and anything else is a conspiracy theory.

Most of us have been programmed to quickly back away from anything labeled “Conspiracy Theory” or the new label “debunked”. It is likely you felt at least uneasy, when I mentioned conspiracy theory in the previous paragraph. Isn’t it convenient, that the government, mainstream media and other institutions can show us their official narrative and label everything else as conspiracy theory or debunked, so we don’t use our own discernment to determine the truth?

When asked, most people say they automatically want to distance themselves from the information or the conspiracy theorist. Some say they feel shame or fear regarding looking into a conspiracy theory. Notice the media continues to feed this shame or fear by regularly talking about conspiracy theories in a humorous manner, as if no one would be so crazy to believe any of this. This causes the public to believe they would be ridiculed by others, if they discussed it. The media may portray the information or the theorist as causing harm to the public, as if they might mind control, you into a cult, if you aren’t protected from this information.

You might think it is better to just stay away from conspiracy theories, because they really aren’t true. However, there are countless examples of conspiracy theories that were later proven to be true.

Here are a few examples. Google “conspiracy theories that are true” for more examples.

  • Cigarettes can cause cancer. For a long time. this was a conspiracy theory. Doctors were paid to say cigarettes were good for your mental health and were absolutely safe.
  • Priests abuse children and the church hides it. The Catholic church is still trying to recover from this being revealed as true.
  • UFOs exist. Recently, the government is releasing information that UFOs do exist, after denying it for decades.
  • There is life on other planets. Recently, NASA announced that there is life on other planets and some of it may be similar to us.
  • The government is spying on us. Edward Snowden exposed the NSA
  • The Gulf of Tonkin attack never happened. In 1964, President Johnson told the public that US ships were attacked by the Vietnamese to gain support for the Vietnam War. In 2005, official documents were released by the NSA confirming the attack never happened.
  • Vaccines cause autism. This one seems to be on the edge of breaking into an accepted truth. There is plenty of evidence on this.

Take back your sovereignty by exploring this information with me. Be courageous by doing your own research on hidden truths. Observe the information without letting it pull you into fear, anger or other negative emotions. Let others wake up in their own way and time, by honoring each person’s truth and beliefs as they continue on their spiritual journey. You can share information with others, but don’t argue or try to convince them it is true. You can plant the seeds, but each person needs to decide if they will grow. The next column will focus on the first puzzle piece and how to do research.

Sending love, light, healing and protection energies to all!


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