Starcodes: July 1-8

Starcodes week of July 1-8, 2021

Curious about how many arguments a country can have on the nature of patriotism? Watch this weekend as a spark-producing T-square fires us up. Let’s work to keep Fourth of July fireworks in the air rather than ignite forest fires or family wars. The general mood could be strong-willed, performative, competitive, accident-prone, yet longing for security, but with no agreement on what that could mean. Hopefully, a concurrent lazy streak keeps us out of trouble. The two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, both now in expressive Leo, oppose Saturn in philosophical Aquarius and square Uranus in Taurus, all stubborn fixed signs. Mars perfects its squares this weekend, and Venus follows later in the week.

The weekend begin begins under a feisty Aries Moon, the Moon drops into more earthy, picnic-oriented Taurus on Saturday, but as Mars squares irritable Uranus, flying sparks could set off accidents and arguments. It may feel good to take a hike, to use the muscles in a healthy and not necessarily competitive way.

If we can keep the melodrama out of our personal and political lives, Venus and Mars now in Leo can provide some wonderfully honest performances – great music or theater – fabulous fireworks and a chance for people to celebrate in the fresh air, connecting in a more vaccinated world. But it’s not all party – party this holiday week as Venus and Mars oppose Saturn and bring home chores, responsibilities, and potentially some fresh covid restrictions or fire restrictions on those fireworks. In uncomfortable situations we may need to show love by small personal sacrifices or compromises that balance our needs with others’.

That T-square energizes ongoing political discontent and shakes foundations, tumbling buildings, minor earthquake, a sinkhole, a shaky relationship, or fresh awareness of pragmatic shifts required by climate change.

Now we don’t have to argue this weekend, we can lobby and advocate, petition and mediate, empowered by this T-square. If a conflict arises, direct it towards a healthy debate, because if a real argument starts, it will probably not go anywhere and could get messy. Especially if pride gets in the way; do not corner someone so they need to drop their pride to backtrack. Because they won’t.

Stay aware to avoid mishaps related to mixed signals, water, electrical lines, dehydration, wrong medicines, the big lie, or alcohol consumption – all Neptunian issues – as mental Mercury squares intuitive, imaginative Neptune. Mercury squared Neptune on May 22, retrograded back to square Neptune on June 5, and now squares Neptune for the third time, peaking on Tuesday. We can get lost in the fog or use this imaginative element to remember our dreams for a better country. After that third pass on Tuesday, a fog that’s been with us since early May begins to clear. Next clear some confusion or mental block, bring something to completion that’s been hard to define or motivate. We can see farther down the road by the end of the week.

Relationships can be tested or feel like a lot of work early next week as Venus opposes Saturn on Tuesday. It can feel easier to take a break or start over as Venus squares Uranus on Thursday. Just hang in there, make no permanent relationship decisions until the dust clears. We can deepen our trust if we hold hands and handle a challenge together.

It’s time to work on our craft rather than count on inspiration, time to be good to one another because it’s the right thing to do, even if we’re feeling grumpy. Play by the golden rule in love and politics.

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Friday, July 2: People can fling opinion around like it’s confetti. Don’t take it personally or think they really know more. Feel an urgency to get things done as the impatient Aries Moon sextiles Mercury; sort out that anxiety from real priorities and do what needs to be done. Inflammation can be an issue. Communication flows, if with spikes, midday; we can get in a more existential mood tonight as the Moon squares Pluto.

Moon sextile Mercury 10:12 AM, Moon square Pluto 10:14 PM.

Saturday, July 3: The mood is cheerfully stubborn, no one wants to be hurried, pushed, or guilt tripped, but may feel like doing so to others as the Moon enters fixed-sign Taurus while willful Mars squares energizing Uranus. Accidents or arguments increase if we hurry, get pushy, jealous, talk politics, or think we have the answer- enjoy the energy but be careful and conscious to stay out of those weeds. Existential discontent can help us leave our comfort zone to explore possibilities.

Moon enters Taurus 6:27 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 10:18 AM, Sun quincunx Saturn 4:50 PM, Mars square Uranus 7:39 PM, Moon square Venus 11:44 PM.

Sunday, July 4: We’ll love home, homeland, our own opinions, and good potato salad as the Moon in comfort loving Taurus, conjunct Uranus, and sets off that T-square in fixed signs. Discontent underneath show fracturing from entrenched differences. Watch for accidents, particularly around fireworks, electric lines, and inebriated tempers. Imagine good changes to invoke in the future.

Moon square Saturn 7:06 AM, Moon sextile Sun 8:25 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 10:40 AM, Moon square Mars 11:27 AM.

Monday, July 5: Adjust; rest up, repair, reorganize, and share about simple ways to make a difference as the Sun sextiles Uranus. Break routine. If repair work is needed after the holiday weekend, do it now. We’ll read effort and feelings more clearly than words; don’t rail against feeling misunderstood, let actions speak louder for now, and pursue understanding later in the week. The Moon enters Gemini as Mercury squares Neptune one last time for a mentally foggy night- soon we can see what we’re doing next.

Moon sextile Neptune 5:29 AM, Moon trine Pluto 10:56 AM, Sun sextile Uranus 1:14 PM, Moon enters Gemini 7:23 PM, Moon square Jupiter 11:02 PM.

Tuesday, July 6: Our brains could operate in a fog bank as Mercury finalizes that square to Neptune. Intuit, brainstorm crazy ideas, or just sleep in a hammock. Venus opposes Saturn and we just may not feel up to the work of relationship, so let’s take care of ourselves rather than become high maintenance and be generally supportive with one another. Watch for a trigger that asks us to step in and save someone; be helpful but let the other stay in control of their own life. Deal gently with questions around the chain of command or whose plans take the lead. Let’s not worry if we feel old tonight, we’ll feel younger and a few days.

Mercury square Neptune 1:39 AM, Moon sextile Venus 7:41 PM, Moon square Saturn 7:46 PM, Venus opposed Saturn 8:35 PM.

Wednesday, July 7: Talk it out. The Gemini Moon conjuncts Mercury and conversation flows. We may think more in a mind-map than linear progression but can still connect the dots and create understanding. Our minds may be too busy to sleep tonight unless we tire them out earlier in the day.

Moon sextile Mars 3:47 AM, Moon square Uranus 6:11 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 10:19 PM.

Thursday, July 8: Let go of the mental buzz and return to emotional work as the Moon wanes into Cancer. Mercury quincunx deep Pluto and can stimulate unusual worries or a morbid fascination; follow curiosity but don’t take it all too seriously. Keep a loose hold on personal obsessions and give truly obsessive people a wide berth. If discontent brings crankiness or stimulates a desire to change hair, clothes, relationship status or environment, look for the root cause of the real discontent and heal that friction instead.

Moon enters Cancer 7:50 AM, Mercury quincunx Pluto 9:36 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:08 AM, Venus square Uranus 1:25 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins



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