Starcodes: July 16-22


Starcodes week of July 16-22, 2021

Look for layered emotions woven into this week of high summer, and thoughtfully choose where to focus. The mood will be lazy and energized, flirtatious and friendly on one level, bighearted if with less automatic empathy, but along with these pleasantries we may also need to confront the big issues of our time or in our life.

Venus conjuncts Mars in Leo and feeds both our flirtatious and affectionate energy and energizes social events and the performing arts. Some experiences could feel truly operatic. This conjunction also feeds the emotional drama and stubbornness underneath any situation, we need to choose to speak honestly rather than oversimplify, exaggerate, hit our campaign speech or otherwise distance ourselves from our simple truth. Instead we can let Leo give us the bravery to be honest and heartfelt.

The weekend begins under a friendly Libra Moon, but this pleasant buzz may hover over some deeper concerns as the Sun opposes Pluto on Saturday while the Moon enters focused Scorpio, haunting our thoughts with our inadequacies or about systemic injustice, safety, or a new covid variant. We may need to come to terms with some difficult truth. The Sun- Pluto opposition doesn’t want us to just be depressed or to get pushy because we feel inadequate (though those feelings can raise their heads), but it does nudge us to deal with the cause of these feelings.

Our actions could feel disjointed or not quite hit the mark at times this week as we deal with a series of quincunx; a quincunx is a 150° aspect from two signs that have nothing in common, no polarity, modality, or element. It is a curious, stimulating, but also irritating aspect from two placements that share no common ground, and need a good sense of humor to navigate. Venus quincunx Neptune on Friday which can leave us aesthetically or socially curious, but with an odd pace. On Sunday, Venus quincunx Pluto can leave us irritated because we feel uncomfortable emotions or resent that we’re called to either take responsibility for our feelings or be helpful in the face of loss. Mercury also quincunx Saturn and Mars quincunx Neptune, which can leave us a bit irritable, humorless, serious, but able to get at some deep work. And a final quincunx between Mars and Pluto on Thursday can energize us but leave us working at cross purposes with ourselves or others. Be careful with a cranky mood or around the potential for minor accidents.

Early next week can give us the concentration to work on a personal project something that some of project is important to us, just expect small things to go slightly off-kilter due to quincunx. It’s really not that people are screwing up; the energy may just be a bit skewed. Have patience and work through it.

By Monday evening the mood shifts as the Moon enters Sagittarius, look for more camaraderie and willingness to try something new. This experimental quality continues for a few days as thoughtful Mercury sextiles experimental Uranus.

On Wednesday we may notice the first hints of an industrious autumn as the Moon enters Capricorn and Venus enters Virgo, two hardworking signs. Stir the coals of upcoming plans and work on what matters. The sun enters Leo on Thursday and reminds us it’s still summer, time to refill our energy reserves with sunlight and life’s joys.

Starcodes week of July 16 through July 22Image by Benjamin Thomas from Pixabay

Friday, July 16: Reach out and make a new connection, and nourish ones already in place under the heartfelt Libra Moon and as Venus and Mars linger in their conjunction. If interactions are disjointed as Venus quincunx Neptune, don’t read too much into it. Some people are distracted by deeper issues and may need support; don’t dip into melodrama but do express openly and clearly. Collaboration helps.

Venus quincunx Neptune 12:41 AM, Moon trine Saturn 4:32 AM, Moon sextile Mars 11:04 PM.

Saturday, July 17: Use the generally friendly and cooperative mood this morning to tackle some problems or challenge together– before the Moon enters Scorpio midafternoon. It may then be easier to work by ourselves. People may want to take a creative approach rather than a pragmatic view and may need to dig out some soul splinters of wrongs or sadness from the past as the Sun opposes Pluto and Venus quincunx Pluto.

Moon sextile Venus 3:03 AM, Moon square Sun 4:10 AM, Moon square Pluto 5:03 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 12:38 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:22 PM, Sun opposed Pluto 4:46 PM.

Sunday, July 18: Unnecessarily grumpy or tactless comments are too easy this morning as Venus semi-squares Mercury and Mercury quincunx Saturn. We may be chewing on tough stuff in the back of our psyche, so support each person to do their own work. Expect disjointed efforts, and measure twice before cutting, or expect to repeat efforts. This afternoon brings a new understanding of what needs to change to improve the situation as the Moon opposes Uranus. Just make sure any changes will actually solve the problem rather than create a new one.

Venus quincunx Pluto 1:47 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 2:40 AM, Moon trine Mercury 7:12 AM, Moon square Saturn 7:44 AM, Mercury quincunx Saturn 13 a.m., Mars quincunx Neptune 12:21 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 12:59 PM.

Monday, July 19: Let’s remember what we learn the hard way and have it ready for someone who needs the information- but wait for a fertile and receptive audience. Unrequested advice may be needed but will just provoke stubbornness. We grow more flexible and open-minded this afternoon as the Moon enters curious Sagittarius. By evening we can laugh at what recently bothered us, enjoy camaraderie, yet still resist being told what to do.

Moon trine Neptune 3:33 AM, Moon square Mars 4:15 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:40 AM, Mercury square Chiron 8:51 AM, Moon square Venus 10:26 AM, Moon trine Sun 10:30 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 3:07 PM, square Jupiter 4:31 PM.

Tuesday, July 20: Look for a fresh approach, a different way of phrasing, a break in routine this morning. People are more experimental, willing to give it a shot. To unblock a recalcitrant problem, take a more global perspective or look at the situation from the point of view of the trees and birds, rather than people. Take a walk.

Mercury sextile Uranus 3:37 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 9:31 AM.

Wednesday, July 21: Put this morning’s window of competent cheerfulness to good use. This afternoon we want to look further ahead, think about future issues and impending responsibilities. Don’t mistake worry for actually tackling the problem or feel other people need to be roped in to solve it. Just take a step forward in a good direction as the Moon enters industrious Capricorn and Venus enters Virgo.

Moon square Neptune 5:08 AM, Moon trine Mars 8:05 AM, Moon trine Venus 4:25 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 4:36 PM, Moon sex tile Jupiter 5:41 PM, Venus enters Virgo 6:36 PM.

Thursday, July 22: Use humor to deal with minor inconveniences this morning; reel in an emotional torque that can set us wobbling and exacerbate any problem. Look for irascible willing of opinions and willfulness in the headlines and watch that tendency at home as Mars quincunx Pluto. Be careful around potentially accidental situations. The mood grows more optimistic as the Sun enters Leo and quincunx Jupiter later on; generosity will flow easily, but it can be hard to truly empathize as our own process can be too loud in our ears.

Venus opposed Jupiter 6:44 AM, Mars quincunx Pluto 8:08 AM, Sun enters Leo 8:26 AM, Moon trine Uranus 4:25 PM, Sun quincunx Jupiter 10:10 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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