Starcodes: July 20 – August 5

Starcodes week of July 20 – August 5, 2021

Many cultures celebrate Midsummer on August 2, we’re halfway through the astrological summer this year August 7, and this week is the peak. We are halfway through the summer in all its joy and glory and danger, all its covid-sharing county fairs and rodeos.

The Sun and Mercury are now both in Leo and see things in a grand scale, add operatic notes to a summer’s picnic, to the Olympics, to political protests around the globe. But maybe it’s not all fun and games. Whispers of this coming year’s work seep in as those two planets opposes Saturn, put a dent in the panache, and ask us to assess our structures and responsibilities.

Saturn can take us to task and set limits; we may have some serious decisions to make or feel new restrictions go in the place around water consumption and covid guidelines. Saturn always brings up authority questions, so expect resistance as people disagree about who has the authority to make those decisions. You may need to wrestle with some internal resistance to a new restriction, reorganization, or discipline. On a kinder note Saturn also helps us appreciate the hard-working healthcare workers and first responders, those who are taking on responsibility, or help us knuckle down to paint the house or prepare a child for school. We’ll feel better and be able to relax after we put in a good day’s work.

Adding to this industriousness, and also to an ongoing low-level anxiety, Venus and Mars are both now in nervy Virgo. Virgo helps us weed our garden in our life and organize our next chapter, but it can also bring master class worry. And Worry can make us cranky. If anxiety can be defined as a misuse of imagination, let’s use ours carefully, let the Venus and Mars spot problems and then imagine how we can fix them. This can be a powerful healing time, and we can show others we care by being attentive and helping them process their feelings. Venus and Mars in Virgo love to process, chew over feelings, pull them apart and analyze them. We just have to watching a tendency to express love through worry, as it won’t be heard as affection. Instead we could say “I believe in you, I know you can do this, I’m here if you need help.”

Friday starts with the Moon in spontaneity-loving, Aries, any restrictions will be met with resistance. By the evening the Moon enters Taurus, helps us settle down and remember to also indulge in the sensual luxuries of summer, peaches exploding with juice, ice cream melting in a cone, a splash in cool water.

At some point over this week, we may need to grapple with a reality we didn’t want to deal with, but find we have the tools to cope, if we’re willing to make adjustments. Whether that feeling is a new awareness of the ongoing ecological crisis, or a more personal shift that need to be accommodated, let’s get creative. We can think fast, we can do this. This sense is precipitated by a T-square in fixed signs, which both asks us to look at the problem and squarely in the face and be honest about the changes needed, but also helps us shift gears and consider possibilities we hadn’t thought of as the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Leo, both oppose Saturn, and both square Uranus and the Moon in Taurus over the weekend.

Monday could heighten our nervousness or critical edge, which can make it challenging to cope. Let’s deal with what we can, one step at a time. Use the imagination with care and do not borrow trouble from the future. Keep that conversation going- as the Moon enters Gemini and squares Mars in Virgo-communication can be our strong point.  Work together to analyze a problem rather than look for the problem in each other. Weed the garden and not a beloved.

We may feel more experimental, more excited about the future as Venus trines Uranus midweek, even if the changes are not our choice.  The week closes under a cozier Cancer Moon, time to make some delicious fresh cherry pie and savor the first harvests.

Image by Patrick Danforth from Pixabay

Friday, July 30: Respond to a spontaneous urge and give others the room to do so also. That spontaneous moment can feed and refresh the soul under the Aries Moon. By midafternoon the Taurus Moon encourages us to settle down and do what we said we’d do, we’ll do so with more grace after a moment of wildness this morning.

Moon square Pluto 4:43 AM, Venus quincunx Saturn 10:26 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 1:37 PM, Moon enters Taurus 2:07 PM, Moon square Mars 3:25 PM.

Saturday, July 31: Keep the channels of communication open, some new information could precipitate change, a sudden invitation, a sweet note or difficult news. We may not feel as relaxed or sunny as we’d like in the summertime, but don’t get grim. Do look directly at challenges that need to be dealt with. Be realistic and celebrate any job well done.

Moon square Mercury 4:23 AM, Moon square Sun 7:15 AM, Moon square Saturn 10:47 AM, Moon trine Venus 1:40 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 7:34 PM.

Sunday, August 1:  Rest deeply this morning, deal with a concern about space or sense of security and take responsibilities head-on midday. We may have to juggle our personal needs with those of the group around us, just when no one’s feeling particularly flexible as the Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn. Decisions get easier as the day progresses.

Sun conjunct Mercury 8:07 AM, Moon se tile Neptune 12:13 PM, Mercury opposed Saturn 3:49 PM, Moon trine Saturn 5 PM.

Monday, August 2: Don’t believe discouragement this morning, reassess the situation with fresh eyes. Reach out, have conversations about the future as the Moon enters Gemini and the Sun opposes Saturn. Interesting new solutions are on the horizon, be willing to let go of one thread to follow another.

Sun opposed Saturn 12:14 AM, Moon square Jupiter 1:40 AM, Moon enters Gemini 2:46 AM, Moon square Mars 7:30 AM, Mercury trine Chiron 9:41 PM, Moon square Saturn 11:18 PM.

Tuesday, August 3: Take an opportunity to create a pleasant change this morning, it may be easier to laugh, and see a silver lining for something that’s really been a problem as heart-centered Venus trines Uranus. Some worry may pick up towards the evening as Mercury squares Uranus, keep the imagination in check and don’t pile up concerns or take on somebody else’s anxiety. Be ready to shift gears. Potential for some electrical difficulties or surprising news that may not quite be the truth; fact-check any new info.

Venus trine Uranus 12:53 AM, Moon sextile Sun 11:30 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 6:12 AM, Moon square Venus 9:24 AM, Mercury square Uranus 7:56 PM.

Wednesday, August 4:  We may need humor’s good medicine this morning- find something funny. The mood gets more serious and introspective this afternoon as the Moon enters Cancer, people can get little cranky, and we worry about the future. That habit of worry can give us a stomachache. Take a deep breath and look for the details of wonderfulness.

Moon square Neptune 12:54 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 1:37 PM, Moon enters Cancer 3:16 PM, Sun trine Chiron 4:14 PM, Moon sextile Mars 11:12 PM.

Thursday, August 5: Take this as a low-key mental health day, deal with concerns directly but gently; kids may need to process about the coming year, health issues may need more information so that we worry less and no more, or we just may need to putter in the garden. Fresh foods further. If people are cranky, find what they’re worrying about or give them reassurance rather than respond to the edgy bait. By dinnertime the mood eases as the Moon sextiles Uranus; acceptance and presence further.

Moon sextile Uranus 8:12 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins



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