Starcodes: July 23-29


Starcodes week of July 23-29, 2021

The Sun has just joined Mars in the fixed fire sign Leo. Leo encourages us to be the hearth, the warmth in the center of the room which radiates and illuminates to gather and inspires others. Every teacher needs a spark of Leo medicine to hold our attention to help us learn every speaker or social gathering needs a dash of Leo to enliven and draw people close. A social gathering needs a dash of Leo energy to enliven and draw people close. Leo rules the heart and inspires generosity and affection on a good day.

Too much Leo can burn the house down and Fire could be a real issue this week as Mars in Leo opposes Jupiter before it enters Virgo on Thursday. This opposition can feed the bravery of the fire-fighters as well as the conflagrations.  But it also points to the shadow willfulness of Mars of Leo, a refusal to lose. Mars opposed Jupiter can heat up the competition and intensity at the Olympics. It can also heat up our romantic sparks, feed a fever, and add fuel to ongoing political debates.  We can use its fierce stubbornness to manifest wonderful things if we lovingly reframe our situation outside the paradigm of win vs. loose. Choose carefully what to enliven and what to burn down.

The weekend begins with a full Moon in Aquarius as Mercury trines inspiring Neptune, a wonderful time to engage communal experiences. It can lend a special magic to music festivals, gatherings, family picnics, anything where we can work together.

Every full Moon highlights some tension-opposition and asks us to find balance. Here the full Moon in Aquarius reminds us of the joy gathering with people of like minds and is wonderful for music festivals, county fairs, family picnics, anything where we can enjoy each other’s company. It also brings attention to the right of the people, highlighting voting rights and the collaboration needed to put out a fire or overcome plagues and environmental disasters. But this Moon opposes the Sun in Leo which is busy encouraging each individual to shine, take care of themselves, or take a rocket to outer space.  It may feel like a paradox– every full Moon describes a version—but it isn’t.  A community is healthier when it’s made up of fully-realized individuals, and each individual can flourish best in a healthy matrix. Find a healthy balance.

On Sunday our feelings become more personal as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and Mercury opposes Pluto. Some event can bring home our vulnerability and engage our compassion. Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday and adds to the leonine panache, helps us tell wonderful stories or advocate for because we can believe in. It can help us feel brave enough to reach out to new people and fresh opportunities. On Wednesday the Moon enters Aries and Jupiter enters Aquarius, all which can bring engages our individualism and brings some fierceness back to our collective stress.

Starcodes week of July 23 through July 29Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, July 23: The day can start off grim or determined as the Capricorn Moon opposes Pluto, we may want to control the situation, but can’t, so let’s practice kindness. Even to ourselves, which would be much more productive than giving ourselves a hard time for something we feel we didn’t do. Get over some floating insecurity by steadily doing what needs to be done. A burst of competence may be required by an extreme situation.  The Moon enters Aquarius tonight, waxes full at 8:36 PM MDT, and illuminates a potentially magical shared experience.

Moon opposes Mercury 1:53 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 6:32 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 10:34 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 6:12 PM, Moon opposes the Sun 8:36 PM.

Saturday, July 24: Let’s be careful what we do with our imagination this morning, it will be easy to space out or perseverate on a concern. If we feel anxious, we can corral our imagination to work on spiritual or creative problems as Mercury trines intuitive Neptune, then follow through with competent responsibility as the Moon conjuncts Saturn midday. Our attention and talent are drawn to the community, to the bigger picture, but we may be near-sightedly clumsy with our nearest and dearest. Have patience.

Moon trine Neptune 10:34 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 12:24 PM, Moon square Neptune 6:42 PM.

Sunday, July 25: Some event, comment, interaction could cut through our insulation, we can take it personally and sulk or get snarky- and we may need in a minute to do just that – but then take a step back and let this new perception open our compassionate heart and inspire productive action. If we’re feeling lonely, it can help to reach out to someone who needs more than we do. Tonight, it furthers to catch up with ourselves, to let the mind wander while the to the heart processes when the Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts Jupiter, beautiful in the eastern sky after sunset.

Mercury opposed Pluto 2:14 PM, Moon opposed Mars 5:13 PM, Moon enters Pisces 9:29 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:55 PM.

Monday, July 26: We can step on each other’s toes this morning as the Pisces Moon opposes Venus, but let’s let it pass, laugh about it if possible. Keep expectations low and appreciation real. Let feelings flow; there is no need to overstate the case, honest about the perceptions. Stay in the moment rather than process the past or wrestle with the future; there’s enough work on this table right now. Our psyche and feelings need to catch up and process. Stay limber tonight and be ready to make some last-minute adjustments in response to circumstance.

Moon opposes Venus 7:03 AM, Moon sextiles Uranus 11:27 PM.

Tuesday, July 27: We get all the feels, some of them not our own; emotional boundaries leak as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune midday. Don’t get too attached to any particular thought, criticism, or concern, they may be existential, free-floating and hard to track down. Instead, turn the mind to good creative use, put that imagination to work and keep it out of trouble.  Our personal stories expand tonight as Mercury enters Leo and quincunx Jupiter.

Moon conjunct Neptune 2:47 PM, Mercury enters Leo 7:11 PM, Moon sex tile Pluto 7:12 PM, Neptune quincunx Jupiter 7:44 PM.

Wednesday, July 28: The mood can be catlike, lazy with bursts of energy, positive but with a short fuse, as the Moon enters Aries and all these planets in Leo. A temperamental red-flag warning. Watch the attitude and keep chips off the shoulder. Unless we’re playing an agreed-upon game, let’s work together rather than take the bait of competition.  Let this be a moment of self-expression rather than reaction.

Moon enters Aries 3:57 AM, Moon trine Mercury 5:41 AM, Jupiter enters Aquarius 6:42 AM, Moon trine the Sun 3:18 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:53 PM.

Thursday, July 29: Stay cool, because once sparked, a fire takes off and argument flares easily as Jupiter opposes Mars. Ego and jealousy issues complicate situations, bullies become a royal pain, so sidestep that game. Use this fuel to compete with one’s personal best; become a hero, solve a problem, or win the game as Jupiter opposes Mars. Become conscious of an increasingly critical nature this afternoon as Mars enters Virgo, our temper or disappointments can express themselves through a litany of minor criticisms that are really not the point. Mars in Virgo can also turn our attention to the heroes of health and support any effort to live a healthier life.

Mars opposes Jupiter 9:50 AM, Mars enters Virgo 2:32 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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