Starcodes: July 9-15


Starcodes week of July 9-15, 2021

The Astrological sign of Cancer is symbolized by a crab – soft and squishy on the inside, hard with a self-protective shell and pincers on the outside – a versatile creature which swims in the deepest seas and coziest tidal pools, from polar waters to the tropics. We all get to channel elements of this animal teacher under tonight’s New Moon in Cancer, and from Sunday on as mental Mercury joins the Sun in Cancer for the next few weeks.

This New Moon asks us to look at how we protect our sensitivities. If we balance our sensitivities and our protection, as the crab does, we too can live safely in any circumstance. We can dive deep into the ocean of emotions, travel fast through the waters and thoughtfully on land. But we may need to watch that our very defenses, our shell and pincers, don’t cause more discord than they solve.

This is true for our country, our relationship, family, how we create home, how we mother ourselves and nurture others. We need to assess whether it’s working, or is something about how we nurture, defend, worry, or get overwhelmed, no long serving us. How do we create that diverse and safe tidal pool which can nurture the future.

While this Cancer lineup activates our introverted sides, Venus and Mars are now conjunct in extroverted Leo and just beginning to pull away from a square to Uranus and an opposition to Saturn. Cancer encourages us to tend to all of our family responsibilities (just watch out for its enabling habits) while the Leo planets encourage us to jump into romantic waters or interpersonal dramas and be the center of attention. Yes this can feel paradoxical, but actually describes a need to balance life, breathe in our personal life and breathe out the breath of engagement.

Both Cancer and Leo planets crank up the volume on our emotional responses though in different directions, so we can expect mixed feelings. People may not want us to poke at them or try to pull them out of their comfort zone, but heaven forbid they should be ignored. Family dynamics can run hot and cold. And while we’re attending all this, we want someone to see us, to see what we do and know who we are. We will never forget the kindness of those who can really appreciate our efforts.

On Tuesday the Moon enters more industrious Virgo and helps us level emotions and get practical. Wednesday and Thursday the Sun trines Neptune as the Moon opposes Neptune– stay hydrated, expect energy to come and go, to drift a dream, be careful around fire, and find the practical use of an afternoon nap.

Towards the end of the week and into next weekend the Sun opposes Pluto, an aspect that access to look at life death and mortality, some of us may have a closer brush, others may just notice headlines or find they miss someone who’s no longer with us. Pluto’s gift underneath is not asking us to get stuck in sadness, to ask us what we need to release and nurture to be fully alive.

Image by Noel Bauza from Pixabay

Friday, July 9: Weed the garden, savor fresh produce feel fed by the world. The energy may be low key, emotional, retrospective and introspective. Finish up domestic chores and make some adjustments to garden house interactions to make them more comfortable and palatable as the Moon sextiles Uranus midday. People are touchy, don’t let ambient anxiety make offer them too many suggestions as it will only be heard as criticism out on one another. The new Moon at 7:16 PM MDT offers us a chance to make new beginnings or new patterns in our home and nearest and dearest relationships.

Moon sextile Uranus 11:38 AM, Moon conjunct the sun 7:16 PM.

Saturday, July 10: Watch the tendency to armor up, get prickly, in the name of safety, but a pattern which causes more discord than it saves. Instead, nurture wonderful habits, use positive reinforcement with the people around. Plant flowers, fertilize the garden, nurture relationships with appreciation and gratitude.  We come out of our shell tonight as the Moon enters Leo, romance may be in the air, but so could some ego grandstanding. Be generous with appreciation and affection. Performance arts can shine.

Moon opposed Pluto 10:09 AM, Moon enters Leo 6:20 PM.

Sunday, July 11: Check for an overnight change in plans as Mercury semi-squares Uranus after midnight. The reminisce–our memories have emotional tags on them; if we can remember how we feel, we can open the file in our psyche and remember the whole story. Remember the good things, best memories, where we could laugh together, and set a positive tone to the mind as Mercury enters Cancer. During a brief serious moment midafternoon as the Moon opposes Saturn, take a breather, a quiet moment without excuses, rather than let other people’s demands impinge.

Mercury semi-squares Uranus 12:06 AM, Mercury enters Cancer 2:35 PM, Moon opposes Saturn 4:32 PM, Moon squares Uranus 9:10 PM.

Monday, July 12: Check dreams overnight for clues about what the soul is hungered for as the Moon conjunct Venus and Mars in Leo. Take a risk and be visible. Shower gratitude wherever it is deserved and suddenly the world becomes more optimistic as Mercury trines Jupiter midday. It’s wonderful to talk, though we may say too much, let’s make sure we listen as much as we speak. If we don’t feel hurt the tendency will be to speak in a hyperbole, to crank up the volume on a personal drama because that’s how it truly feels to us.

Moon conjunct Venus 5:13 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 6:28 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 1:45 PM.

Tuesday, July 13: The Moon enters Virgo and gives us more power to manifest just as Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo and crank up our heart and our creative potential. Manifest art.  Make overtures of friendship or romance, share affection abundantly but undemandingly. Work needs to be done but put all those details in service of valid emotional priorities. Just let the heart shine.

Moon enters Virgo 2:30 AM, Moon opposes Jupiter 5 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 7:04 AM, Venus conjunct Mars 7:32 AM.

Wednesday, July 14: We can get a lot done- if we have the energy- but may feel lackadaisical or easily drained as the Moon opposes approaches in opposition to Neptune and the sun tries Neptune tomorrow. it’s easy to run around busily, make that list but then lose our place or find yourselves wandering without remembering what it was we were doing. If that Neptunian fog creeps then, wherever possible go with it. Those daydreams daydream about solving problems and much magic happen.

Moon trine Uranus 4:24 AM, Moon sextile Sun 7:46 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 8:16 PM.

Thursday, July 15: The Moon enters Libra on this fair and thoughtful morning, tinged with melancholy around the edges while the Sun trines idealistic Neptune. Step between the worlds for midsummer’s dream. Late afternoon the spell may break or reality interfere in a cranky way as Mercury semi-squares Mars. Splash a bit of cold water, wake up and do what needs to be done without snapping those crab claws at one another.

Moon trine Pluto 12:46 AM, Sun trine Neptune 2:48 AM, Moon enters Libra 8:31 AM, Mercury semi-square Mars 3:18 PM, Moon square Mercury 8:09 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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