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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

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A Message from Kate to the Edge Community!


This Week’s Card

I was thrilled and relieved when Biden and Harris were elected. This is not a column for politics, however the personal is political, and as queer female witch with lots of friends who are fucked over by many of the existing systems, it would be irresponsible of me, to ignore the political parts of me here. I identify as a Progressive Green more than anything as parties go and a socially responsible anarchist who would prefer consensus based systems – anarchy and consensus are not oil and vinegar.

Interestingly, when this was Card of the Week for’s mailing list, not only did Kamala Harris become the first Black, Indian American and female Vice President, but I also learned through Subashimi Ganesan, that we had something other than crochet in common: none of us have birthed a baby.

Which might not seem like a big deal, but in a society that uses motherhood as a marker (and so much more, but that’s a conversation for another time!) to have powerful role models who do not reproduce in the heteronormative way, is a big deal. And it definitely is a part of this card’s influence and message.

The Empress is one of the most fertile cards in the deck – for all things – and in giving readings I frequently say, “it is an incredibly fertile time. So if you want to start a family of blood, it’s a great time. And if you don’t want to start a family of blood, it’s still a great time, so take that into consideration.”

Of course this includes families of choice.

It also includes all creative endeavors – arts, farming, land stewardship, mutual aid, crafts, your workplace(s)…

We frequently “birth” projects regardless of our sex/gender combinations. So much so – and I was just telling this story the other day – that the night before I ended up with a hysterectomy, I did a ritual placing my creativity in all of my body, soul, spirit & aura.

Creativity is not relegated to one part of the anatomy – that thanks to a lot of cysts, I no longer have.

But I have all my creativity. And so do you, regardless of the changes that have happened to your body and world.

Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman has illustrated an incredibly pregnant Empress.

That may be literal, metaphorical, or creative. It can and should vary for each of us – and may be more than one of these options!

She is seated on a throne of feminine wisdom and intuition (which is yours regardless of your sex/gender combos) rooted to the Earth, connected to the inspiration of the Cosmos through her Crown AND through the stars below Her feet.

The trees behind Her are almost like angel or faery wings…

Waiting patiently, purposefully and powerfully for birth to come. Which She knows will happen in its own time.

Pushing prematurely hurts everyone involved.

You have the power to create and birth worlds that are rooted and inspirational.

Trust the process and have a good midwife nearby.

More about the deck’s creator – Johanna Gargiulo Sherman

To purchase this deck: I don’t have a favorite store or publisher link for this one. I always recommend calling your local brick & mortar first before heading online. Do you have a favorite local store? Please share in the comments!

Further recommended reading – My opinions on anarchy and systems of power are deeply influenced by the Reclaiming Tradition, consequently I recommend Dreaming the Dark by Starhawk.


By Kate Mura, Owner of Group Tarot and Creator of Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

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