Starcodes: August 13-19


Starcodes week of August 13 – 19, 2021

This week we learn just how many of our plans are now in flux as Uranus turns retrograde and the Perseid meteors showers down.  We may feel thrown back to some old systems, have to adapt on the fly to changing circumstances, or find out changes we thought were about to fall into place are not ready.  While the new phases may work for us eventually, we cannot run on autopilot this fall. We need to keep all plans loose and mobile and regularly check all the variables through into the new year.

Saturn squares Uranus three times this year, and the final one isn’t until December; this aspect shifts tectonic plates and changes the cultural and work landscape. While these tremors can bring us to a better, more evolved and adaptable place in the long run, we need patience and presence. And this week a series of minor but uncomfortable aspects keep us guessing, but these challenges can stretch us into more competence than we ever knew we had.

The Perseid meteors peak this week, they shower down every summer from the end of July through the end of August and have for the last few thousand years. This shower has appeared to pour out of the constellation Perseus for thousands of years, remnants of a comet’s tail which circles the Sun, then heads out around Neptune every 133 years. Our planet receives material from the far reaches of our solar system, which we can take as a symbol of fresh material- new information, new factors- arriving to be dealt with, for better or worse. Look for ideas out of the box and unexpected events that need adapting, and enjoy the show, which is most visible in the pre-dawn hours.

Through the weekend Mercury, Mars and Venus are in thoughtful, always-improving Virgo. Let’s watch a tendency to improve others and be hard on ourselves- and instead bring our attention to what we’ve done right. Virgo loves to analyze a problem; it is our job to not waste this energy looking for fault but keep our attitude solution-focused, not only in our personal foibles but on the great issues of the day. Virgo is interested in all things health related, so those gnarly Covid arguments will be on the front burner.

Friday begins under a friendly Libra Moon though things may not go quite the way we want, and we may feel a little old.  A Scorpio Moon over the weekend calls us to our emotional depth. Sunday night the Moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius and Venus enters friendly Libra, putting a positive spin to the week ahead.

Look for a chance to have a spontaneously positive moment, an unexpected meeting, greeting, or adventure. As Venus heads into Libra our romantic expectations and abilities can begin to bear fruit. Feed each other grapes, make peach pie. Let the soul be fed by summer’s grace notes in the midst of a challenging year.

The Moon heads into Capricorn on Wednesday as Mercury conjunct Mars, and Uranus stations to retrograde. Safety is a factor, expect the unexpected and watch those snarky comments. We may need to make surgical decisions, cut off the plan or we organize our intentions. Watch sharp objects and sharp tongues and have something wonderful to focus upon.

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Friday, August 13: Let’s play it safe and soft as Mars forms an uncomfortable quincunx with Saturn; things may not go like we hoped, but we don’t need to create grit in relationships. Delays may work in our favor; drop assumptions and make the best of it. Midafternoon, extra cooperation and warmth can help us through any technical difficulties, but the moods grow stubbornly broody as the Moon enters introspective Scorpio in the evening.

Moon sextile Sun 2:13 AM, Moon square Pluto 9:20 AM, Mars quincunx Saturn 10:26 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:38 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 6:01 PM.

Saturday, August 14: Being with people can bring such contradictory Moon, an approach – avoidance situation. Timeshare between the Leo planets’ call for engagement, and the Scorpio Moon’s need for solitude. Don’t push, immediately give people room when requested.  Be straightforward rather than passive-aggressive about emotional needs as a Venus-Jupiter quincunx turns up our need for connection but the Sun-Neptune quincunx can confuse signals. Simple quiet honesty and clarifying questions work wonders.

Moon sextile Mercury 1:32 AM, Venus quincunx Jupiter 4:57 AM, Moon square Saturn 9:53 AM, Moon sextile Mars 11:07 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 7:18 PM, Sun quincunx Neptune 10:15 PM.

Sunday, August 15: The mood still runs hot and cold this morning, we may seem distracted by our inner process and thoughts about the year ahead, or thoughtful about some event in the present moment. We need to remember that other people’s soberness is not our responsibility, but we can be real and compassionate and not try to jolly them out of it. The mood shifts by evening as the Moon sextiles Venus and enters Sagittarius while Venus enters Libra. Feel a gentle wind bring light to the horizon.

Moon trine Neptune 8:33 AM, Moon square Sun 9:19 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 12:31 PM, Moon sextiles Venus 9:04 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 9:11 PM, Venus enters Libra 10:26 PM.

Monday, August 16: Expand horizons, look forward to fresh adventure– whether it’s a trip, a project, or a new semester. Our plans are still in metamorphosis throughout the fall but we get hints of fresh possibilities. Around dinnertime knuckle down to the present and wrangle logistics in the here and now as Mercury quincunx Saturn. Don’t try to control who does what, let each person choose the parts are called to.

Moon square Mercury 11:56 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 12:39 PM, Moon square Mars 4:31 PM, Mercury quincunx Saturn 5:34 PM.

Tuesday, August 17: Morning starts with a tough Sun-Pluto quincunx that can leave us argumentative or aware something is insufficient, and it may be us. This is probably an illusion.  Notice a desire to get to the roots of a problem. Dire news in the periphery or hints of climate problems insist we check our priorities, but the mood can be cooperative and helpful in response. Evening brings a new awareness of work that needs to be done; hold a planning meeting.

Sun quincunx Pluto 7:31 AM, Moon square Neptune 11:18 AM, Moon trine Sun 3:50 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:42 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 11:57 PM.

Wednesday, August 18: Engage this competent, impatient, if potentially healing day as the Capricorn Moon trines a Mercury-Mars conjunction, and both quincunx Chiron. Some tried-and-true solution may not be the right fix.  Decisions must be made; think it through carefully but do so efficiently. We may need feel a need to vent with a Mercury-Mars conjunction but that is probably anxiety speaking. Find a place to vent away from the delicate decisions, then come back and stay in the present moment. Consciously add praise, affection, and warmth for anything worth growing.

Moon square Venus 4:27 AM, Mars quincunx Chiron 8:09 AM, Mercury quincunx Chiron 4:19 PM, Mercury conjunct Mars 9:27 PM, Moon trine Mars 9:36 PM Moon trine Mercury 9:37 PM.

Thursday, August 19: Look for a potentially liberating turning point as the Sun opposes Jupiter while Uranus retrogrades. If a change is put hold, have patience, as it will probably, if eventually, produce results. Be cautious around electrical glitches. Towards dinner our attention is drawn to an ending as the Moon opposes Pluto, which could be a form of freedom, a hint of world-weariness, or just be the site of early fall leaves.

Moon trine Uranus 12:58 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 1:58 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 5:59 PM, Sun opposed Jupiter 6:28 PM, Uranus retrogrades 7:40 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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