Starcodes: August 27 – September 2


Starcodes week of August 27 – September 2, 2021

As we notice few leaves tinge pink and gold, the winds shift and the planets hint at the season ahead. Sketch all plans in pencil for the next few months, stay light on one’s feet and make the best of any situation until we pass December’s Saturn-Uranus square. Saturn symbolizes structure, organization and our work, and Uranus acts like a great cosmic clutch to deconstruct the past and insist we shift gears in the future.

So many of us have recently dealt with surprising change in plans. Our work life, our relationships, or where we live may be in a state of flux. What looks like a disappointment or old chapter ending can take us out of an old gear and call us to explore our options. This is true in the bigger picture, our country’s changes in foreign policies are not going as planned. Ecological and public health disasters also demand a large-scale transformation. The next 12 months we have an opportunity to shift our course to a radically better future.

So let’s get started, but after Labor Day weekend. This week offers us a moment between the worlds, a chance to release old plans and take care of ourselves before we launch new possibilities.

As the weekend begins the sun, Mars, and Mercury all in Virgo can both help us improve any situation we approach, but we may worry easily, and that can make us a little cranky around the edges. To bring ourselves back in the balance, Venus in Libra encourages us to take a balanced perspective. We are painfully aware of what is the worst-case scenario, so let’s bring our imagination to what could be the best-case scenario to create some potential blueprints forward.

An earthy Taurus Moon on Friday asked us to remember it’s still August, it’s still summer, what do we still have in our bucket list for the season. We may not get to the wild outdoor music-fest that we’d hoped, but let’s do what we can to savor the moment and improve our resiliency.

Sunday night the Moon enters verbal, nervy Gemini as Mercury enters Libra, both communicative air signs, and our minds can speed up like busy hamster wheels. We have to give our brains something worthy to work on so we don’t just spin our wheels. Like a good dog, our brains need a bone to chew on.

If we run into technical difficulties mid-week it will further to stay calm and deal with one thing at a time as the Sun quincunx Saturn. If filing any papers, do’s and read them twice so as to not have to redo them. Track what needs to be tracked and watch for accidental power struggles or tangential difficulties.

Towards the end of the week we can feel a nostalgia for summer, for easy days gone by, and just may not feel like coping as the Moon enters comfort-needing Cancer and active Mars opposes confusing Neptune. This opposition can fog out our determination or ambition and soften our certainty. Let’s just be in that foggy place rather than beat ourselves up for a moment’s doubt or try to forge ahead without clarity. Instead, we can use it as an opportunity to be between summer and autumn, a place to rest, remember dreams, and prepare to dive into the coming season.

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Friday, August 27: Many ideas and chores may crowd us as Mercury quincunx Jupiter under a pragmatic Taurus moon, just as we’d really rather move slowly and savor the moment. Say what needs to be said this morning, and then follow through on some important administrative or organizational work before dinner as the Taurus Moon square Saturn. Evening brings a hint of excitement as the Moon conjunct Uranus.

Moon trine the Sun 7:19 AM, Mercury quincunx Jupiter 9:05 AM, Moon square Saturn 3:04 PM.

Saturday, August 28: Make thoughtful, practical changes as the Moon forms a grand trine with Mars and Pluto in earth signs, then move those plans forward with concrete action. It soothes the soul to feel prepared. Emotional patterns shift and can make room for new connections as Venus quincunx Uranus. Shift towards a better approach to beauty and balance.

Moon conjunct Uranus 3:51 AM, Venus quincunx Uranus 11:43 AM, Moon trine Mars 12:14 PM, Moon trine Pluto 11:49 PM.

Sunday, August 29: Early sulky resistance changes midday as we adjust and talk it through as the Moon enters Gemini. Anxiety may be just our nerves looking for something to do, so keep the mind busy with accomplishable goals. New possibilities and hints of contentment arise tonight, if we tune into them, as Mercury enters Libra.

Moon square Jupiter 2:36 AM, Moon trine Mercury 8:58 AM, Moon enters Gemini 10:41 AM, Mercury enter Libra 11:09 PM.

Monday, August 30: On this nervy, funny, day consider all sane options as the Moon trines Saturn in the morning and Venus in the afternoon. Take confidence from small successes in the past to make new forays. Acknowledge some improvement, some change over the years gone by, created through endurance, through having each other’s back; appreciate what works in a difficult time when so much had to be let go.

Moon square Sun 1:13 AM, Moon trine Saturn 3:25 AM, Moon trine Venus 10:29 PM.

Tuesday, August 31: Don’t feel old, just responsible; appreciate what’s been learned over time as the Sun quincunx Saturn. Notice how small hardships have grown soul muscles and a skill base. Take care of back, teeth, bones, and flexibility. Engage a healing conversation as the Gemini Moon quintiles Chiron.

Sun quincunx Saturn 2:45 AM, Moon square Mars 4:35 AM, Moon square Neptune 7:40 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:48 PM, Moon enters Cancer 11:25 PM.

Wednesday, September 1: Crankiness warnings this morning as the Cancer Moon squares Mercury; feelings and thinking can be at odds and make it hard to get up. Once that’s accomplished, greet autumn’s whispering winds. Next week we’ll unveil new plans, but for now, let’s explore what makes us comfortable, safe, and connected.

Moon square Mercury 5:46 AM, Moon sextile Sun 6:52 PM.

Thursday, September 2: We face uncertainty as Mars opposes Neptune and the Moon opposes Pluto. Let go of old angers and outdated ambitions, mourn and release plans that just aren’t going to work this year and practice self-care while new plans form. Somewhere in the world may be efforts to propaganda efforts to push our will with illusion. We may be more permeable, literally and figuratively, so consider masking up and hold clean boundaries.

Moon sextile Uranus 4:32 AM, Mars opposed Neptune 11:42 AM, Moon square Venus 4:24 PM, Moon trine Neptune 6:51 PM, Moon sextile Mars 7:15 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 11:37 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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