Starcodes: August 6-11


Starcodes week of July 20 – August 5, 2021

Here we are at the peak of Leo season- heart of the summer. Leo energy can act like hearth fire, The sun and Mercury now in Leo loan us an ability to shine, to fill the room with light and become a stable center point for others to gather around. This weekend brings a new Moon in Leo, and this Leo glow can help us all shine and add melodramatic extremes to otherwise ordinary events. A great time for the Olympics. We can also feel refreshed by a fresh wind this week as those Leo planets pull away from the heavy responsibilities of last week’s opposition to Saturn.

That Leo glow feeds charisma and effectiveness to any leader or teacher. It can help us honor people who are doing a wonderful job, so let’s be generous with our gratitude this weekend. Center the firefighters and the first responders and give them the leonine attention they deserve.

Every sign has its gift and shadow, the gift of Leo is the attitude “I am the center of the universe, and so you. The center in me recognizes and greets the center within you”. The shadow side of Leo is the sentiment “I am the center of the universe, and you are not.” It’s easy to recognize the self-involvement of a confident narcissist, but Leo can also leave us lost in our own problems. Particularly now with Venus and Mars in Virgo, worries can feel overwhelming unless we can get out of ourselves and look at the bigger picture.

The trick to each sign’s extreme can often be found in the medicine of the next sign. Virgo, the sign after Leo, is all about service. Leo epitomizes generosity but can have trouble with empathy. Virgo imbues empathy but can have difficulty being generous. Together they can make magic, we just have to tap into it.
Over the weekend be ready to respond to an unexpected difficulty or gift as the Sun squares Uranus. All this week watch where the thoughts go and use mental muscles carefully, our minds may run on that hamster wheel of worry and dig up some old self-doubt or spin down some familiar depressing rabbit hole as mental Mercury forms mildly irritating but growth-producing quincunx with Neptune, Pluto, and opposition to Jupiter, then joins Venus and Mars in its own busy sign of Virgo. This can be particularly tricky for kids getting ready for a new year at school, or anyone gearing up to start a new chapter, but it can help to list in detail wonderful things we’ve done, and practice staying in the present moment.

This line-up can also give us some brilliant ideas about what to do with that irritation or help us get through a personal block because we just get fed up with it. If we can drop below a film of anxiety, we can tap into an ambient pool of amazing competent innovation which invites us to explore a new phase.

Our emotional are not so realistic either- while this can add to that great creative pool just waiting for us if we reach for it- we can easily see our situation as either better or worse than it is as Venus opposes Neptune and trines Pluto later this week and taps into our heart. Consider all possibilities, but don’t mistake them for probabilities that will manifest without effort, as Neptune can bring a certain dreamy passivity. We have to add the action to these plans. But these aspects can help us know our heart, come to terms with some new emotional landscape, and give us fresh blueprints for the journey ahead.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, August 6: Although a good breakfast and check in with sympathetic people can warm the morning, later-on we can feel unsettled, facing a concerning but potentially exciting change as the Sun squares Uranus under a deep-feeling Cancer Moon. If people get cranky because they are feeling unsettled, don’t take it personally. Instead of resisting, get creative and stay in authorship of the changes. Consider all the possibilities. Hold the final decision until later because this is a work in progress. Familiar comforts help tonight.

Moon sextile Venus 3:17 AM, Moon trine Neptune 11:42 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 4:11 PM, Sun square Uranus 5:57 PM.

Saturday, August 7: The mood is quietly dramatic under a waning Leo Moon. Let’s gently give ourselves the attention we may want from others. No need to dramatize problems or joys to validate our experience, though that may be tempting as Mercury quincunx Neptune. Be fed by water, by spirit, and by imagination. If a new offer arises, ponder over the weekend and verify facts before proceeding next week. Check for misunderstandings and water damage to electrical equipment. Feed the imagination delicious images tonight.

Moon enters Leo 1:31 AM, Moon opposes Saturn 7:49 PM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 8:24 PM.

Sunday, August 8: A new Moon in Leo at 7:49 AM MDT can help us turn a corner, find ourselves, and celebrate what we have to offer. Self-promotion is now a good investment. We can get bored easily – so find something wonderful to engage rather than cause trouble just for excitement. Enjoy a judicious use of hyperbole. Be open to an unexpected possibility; the plans may be changing- not what we thought but could be even better. One proviso; be very careful around fires, heat, explosive materials and tempers.

Moon square Uranus 5:04 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 7:49 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 11:45 PM.

Monday, August 9: We could feel off-center as Mercury quincunx Pluto and the Moon enters Virgo this morning and can disturb our peace. We may not know if we’ve discovered some real concern or is our mental hamster wheel just working overtime. It can be hard to parse apart truths from worry come from creative imagination as Venus opposes Neptune. Stay grounded, practice good mental habits. If insecurities raised her head into strange doubts and build on stories, get more information; ask what’s really going on. Let the heart find good answers, share more affection and reassurance than concern.

Mercury quincunx Pluto 1:02 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 6:22 AM, Moon enters Virgo 8:55 AM, Venus opposes Neptune 6:19 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 9:42 PM.

Tuesday, August 10: People are pragmatic, problem-solving, but not particularly farsighted or creative as Mercury opposes Jupiter while the Virgo Moon trines Uranus. We may have too much information and need to sort through dross to find the gold. Our minds spin, so let’s keep those spinning wheels focused on useful things and keep them out of the rabbit holes. Handle chores and details early and clear the decks for a more creative moment later. Look for a fresh challenge, a wider horizon.

Moon trine Uranus 11:18 AM, Mercury opposed Jupiter 7:19 PM.

Wednesday, August 11: The mood is versatile; We could express ourselves in compassionate in action as Mercury enters Virgo, or we can get brittle and cranky, and cranky with ourselves. Let’s choose to open the heart and find common ground. Venus trines Pluto and helps us release envy and small details to embrace what’s important. We may be reminded that to love is to open our hearts up to the bittersweet; love anyway.

Moon opposed Neptune 1:15 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 4:15 AM, Moon trying Pluto 5:21 AM, Moon enters Libra 2:07 PM, Mercury enters Virgo 3:56 PM, Venus trying Pluto 4:45 PM.

Thursday, August 12: Make friendly and productive overtures as the Libra Moon trines Saturn. Work on composition and balance, both artistically and socially, towards social justice. Gently but firmly stand up for what’s right. The stability this builds will strengthen good foundations for future work. Uncover beauty in the world and savor it, both encourage that beauty to grow, and to soothe and broaden one’s perspective.

Moon trine Saturn 6:32 AM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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