Blue Sky Ocean


Be patient I tell myself
You ebb and flow
like the ocean

I see myself in you
Yet different somehow

It seems like so long
You’ve been away

How you’ve changed
But still remained the same

I look in the deep blue ocean
For reflections of you

But only see myself
Waiting and watching

Looking for you
I see me and wait for a time
To see you back again

– Laura Frances Zaki, 9/9/2019


Blue Sky Ocean image by Ammar Sabaa from Unsplash


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Laura Zaki
Laura Zaki is the author of Stories of Love and Hope and Given to Fly: How to transform your life. Her podcast, blog and social media group Sunshine for a Better World encourage positive thinking and natural healing. She is the mother of two wonderful sons and a lovely dog. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has traveled around the world. She speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish and Arabic and loves to learn and help others however she can.


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