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I hope everyone is settling well into Autumn.

I love this time of year, it makes me miss New England. Although it’s still a bit early for the fiery foliage of my youthful travels, now that I – and many of you – are in the season of apples, figs, pears and corn, waiting for the butternut squash to be big enough to make my favorite butternut squash soup, I’m ready for the deciduous trees to turn.

I admit, I’m a bit surprised by this week’s Card of the Week, from Gita Rash’s Mahābhārata Oracle.


This is Ganga, the first wife of King Shantanu. Her story is a fascinating one. She accepted marriage to the King on the condition he never question her actions.


No matter her actions be good, bad, or otherwise. And he agreed.

Then, after they had two children which she sacrificed to the sea, when it looked like she was going to do the same thing with their third child, the enraged King questioned Ganga’s acts.

The contract was broken and Ganga left.

Gita Rash’s interpretation focuses on being clear with your boundaries. Fearless in your actions – especially when you know they serve your higher purpose even if others do not understand. Having clear boundaries and expectations mitigates misunderstandings in the future, as well as disagreements and quarrels.

I hear other questions here…

When is it appropriate to change your contracts with others? How do we address questionable actions without assuming intent? Instead, talk from our experience and feelings, rather than yelling “why are you doing something so insane???” When are fixed boundaries necessary and when are flexible ones healthier?

The Queen was taking control of her life and choices in a way that was much different from the norm at the time. Might your actions – or the actions of those around you – be from a different norm? If so, is it heather and more respectful to hold them or to change them? I will comfortably wear long sleeves visiting the Vatican or putting on a sarong and kebaya to attend Balinese temple. But I remain a vegetarian where ever I go. Consequently, I have chosen to not visit places or homes where I was relatively sure I would be offered meat. I didn’t want to be rude nor would my stomach bear those animal products – even if they were locally sources and humanely slaughtered after a very happy life.

Regardless, as the card’s name says, be clear and intentional with your preconditions. Don’t agree to preconditions if they are not in alignment with your values. Be grateful for the clarity of the other and peaceably go your separate ways. Right now, it is not your job to try and change the other nor to transform yourself to allow other’s values/programming to be centered. You are both allowed to have different values and live lives full of love far away from each other, if necessary.

More about the deck’s creator – Gita Rash

To purchase this deck – from the source! My favorite. Directly support artist whenever you can.

Further recommended reading – Mahabharata A Modern Retelling by Carole Satyamurti. I recommended this one before. I’m still working my way through it and it’s fantastic!


By Kate Mura, Owner of Group Tarot and Creator of Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

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