Refreshing Autumn


Fighting Negativity in Negative Times – that Continue to Linger

The changing of the seasons can be very uplifting. For many of us, we just got through one of the hottest summers on record. When you combine intense heat with a Covid mutation, known as the Delta variant… Then you get the deep dark rabbit hole of all the protesting and racial tensions that continue the great political divide. Relief is much needed, and nature is a sure thing as it provides a much needed break, free of cost.

How then, do we allow the changing of the season to heal and refresh our beaten selves? Our collective burdened selves?

refreshing autumn fighting negativityImage by Aaron Burden from Unsplash

The cool crisp air provides a great night sleep. In the hot and humid stormy months with all the pressure changes it’s hard to sleep. With crime and violence escalating in the summer months, sleep was difficult for many. So, open the windows and let the night air comfort you.

For those of us who love pumpkin/spice everything. Now is the season. I bought a bunch of spiced candles. I’ve been playing moving music with the changing of the season. Operatic and Instrumental. George Winston Autumn album and Andrew Lloyd Webber-Phantom of the opera or Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli duets are moving. Music helps us move into other dimensions but be prepared to take off your armor and let your guard down. The suits we’ve built for our protection in our war zones that we have all been living in. We are still in battle.

Soak in a lavender bath or a rose petal infused or sandalwood salt bath. Get your favorite blanket and sit cross-legged on your couch or chair. Maybe your cat or dog sits with you and stares into your eyes or purrs. It is in the simple things.

Grounding in turbulent times, in the crazy world we have all come to to know as our new reality. We must create little mini escapes. We almost have to romanticize the season and go into a fantasy escape mode in order to create an outlet or another reality. We need this break from CNN, FOX news and local news. I live in Minneapolis., we face a tough comeback, Minneapolis is oppressed and depressed. All you must do is walk around the city to see it and feel the energy. We need maximum escapism into the neutral or positive zone. How to get there? is the question.

I have learned to embrace the changing energy of the fall it comes easily for me to invoke the deities of this time of year and dance with all of them. The strong winds and the whirlpool of the leaves… all the haunts and sounds, stirs imagination, and with imagination comes magic. I have my rituals and my developed routines that empower me and bring me towards the light. Finding some balance is key. When the darkness manifests in the physical, it forces us to go towards the middle. Going far into the darkness was a part of my youth or a rite of passage in my spiritual growth. I know it and respect it. As I get older, and I’ve been operating on a higher vibrational frequency.

The higher we rise towards the light side at different times in our lives – the lower the dips into the dark we go. We can control how far we travel and break cycles – I think we must befriend the dark side and understand the ruts we go into- recognize them, discover and recover! Remember self-care and recognition! Do your thing!

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Megan Bacigalupo
Megan Bacigalupo has a degree in Human Services and works in the restaurant business in Minneapolis. She is a contributing writer for The Edge Magazine. Megan is a survivor of a hemorrhagic stroke. Her survival story, “In the Cobwebs of my Mind,” was featured in Hope Magazine and shared by several of the leading Brain Aneurysm Foundations. Megan was featured in Reader’s Digest in April of 2021. Title: Poultry in Motion. She was also featured in Human Events in June of 2021, In a story about living in Minneapolis during difficult times . In the Cobwebs of My Mind has now been expanded into a book, Wisdom Editions (an imprint of Calumet Editions), July 2023.


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