Starcodes: September 10-16


Starcodes week of September 10-16, 2021

Poignancy with a punch; as Autumn’s schedule speed up and garden slows down, the planets loan us extra competence but also add some broody undertones. The weekend begins in a focused if melancholic mood, introspective with occasional clouds of resentment as the Moon and Venus both enter suspicious, deep-feeling Scorpio while Mars lingers in a trine to Pluto. Venus in Scorpio for the next few weeks keeps our emotions running in a deep river – strong and self-protective – but we may play our cards close to the chest and not want to talk about what swirls in our depths.

Over the weekend it is good for us to dive deep in there ourselves, take a moment to explore within. Honor tough memories and mourn recent losses, forest fires, covid struggles, or changing laws which can make the world feel smaller and less safe, all while America remembers our painful turning point of 9/11/2001. Find or remember our source, a reason for being fully alive.

Saturn and Pluto opposed on 9/11/2001, right on the American ascendant and descendant of the birth chart for mythic America. Saturn and Pluto conjunct the beginning of 2020 – once again we were faced with a mounting death toll and form of invasion – this time by microbes. Saturn and Pluto together unsettled security and point to death; in response – some people want more control (Saturn) under the illusion that it creates safety. Through 2021 Pluto opposes USA’s natal Mercury, challenging how we think in this country, how we think about the country, how our transportation systems work, and how we communicate with one another. But this Pluto opposition can bring a creative depression and encourage us to deal with those tough issues. All year long we need to review our mission statements, our personal and collective constitution, and get back on track.

We may need to face things we don’t want to face this week but don’t need to catastrophize or see things as worse than they are as even though our imagination works overtime while the Sun opposes confusing, inspiring Neptune. Let’s keep our eyes wide open and take one step at time through a changing landscape. Go quest for a vision.

The Moon enters Sagittarius and brings us back more cheerfully to the present moment on Sunday, encourages us to be honest with one another and cavort in the autumnal wild. Midweek an ambitious Capricorn Moon nudges us to get back to work, but we can’t quite see where we’re going or why as the Sun perfects that opposition to inspiring but obfuscating Neptune. Notice the need to step on the gas and the brakes at the same time; a moment of hesitation could be important and help us rethink a goal or opinion. Mars enters less edgy and more equivocal Libra which can soften our sharp edges and help us be more collaborative but leave us less certain about our next step.

The week ends in a thoughtful note as the Moon enters objective Aquarius while the Sun trines Pluto and asks us where we belong in this one shining world. This offers us a chance to step back and look at how we relate to our community, notice where we keep ourselves at a distance and question whether that’s serving us or not. Let’s aim for balance and clarity and sketch some plans into place before Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks on September 26.

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Friday, September 10: We can get on our high horse, be difficult and feel righteous in a flawed response to some unsettling thoughts or tweaked information as Mercury quincunx Uranus while the Moon and Venus both enter suspicious Scorpio. Or we can use this energy to concentrate, find purpose, and appreciate our precious life. Let’s prioritize and choose our focus carefully.

Moon in Scorpio 12:04 AM, Mercury quincunx Uranus 10:17 AM, Moon square Saturn 12:52 PM, Venus enters Scorpio 2:38 PM.

Saturday, September 11: Layers of feelings can either poke an old wound or help us heal as that Scorpio Moon trines Neptune. Whether we’re looking through a political or personal lens we can become painfully aware of water that has already flowed under the bridge It helps to just sit with compassion in our hearts, compassion for all involved. Look for seeds of a new approach tonight.

Moon opposed Uranus 12:36 AM, Moon sextile Sun 8:07 AM, Moon trying Neptune 12:50 PM, Moon square Jupiter 5:07 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:13 PM, Moon sextile Mars 11:32 PM.

Sunday, September 12: Take a breather, spend time with animals, children, or the wide green world and don’t try to get too much done as the Moon enters peripatetic Sagittarius. Conversation is wide-ranging, if not as intimate as one my want, take any opportunity to learn. Wandering and wondering are good for the soul.

Moon enters Sagittarius 2:34 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 3:17 PM, Moon trine Chiron 10:07 PM.

Monday, September 13: Intuition and imagination intermingle this morning. The Sagittarius Moon encourages us to speak the truth, but we may not know what that is as the Sun opposes Neptune and can misinform others accidentally unless we confirm all facts. Enthusiastically engage any creative project; for everything else – proceed only where the next step is clear.

Moon sextile Mercury 8:30 AM, Moon square Sun 2:39 PM, Moon square Neptune 3:33 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:37 PM.

Tuesday, September 14: We may wake up slowly, our dreams follow us into our days as that Neptunian influence lingers. The Moon enters industrious Capricorn, cranks up our ambition but we still need to stay situationally aware as circumstances are in flux. Even though we want a practical answer, our spiritual practice or personal philosophy, or some divine magic, can loan us what we need to make it through. Mars enters Libra tonight and softens our brittleness.

Sun opposed Neptune 3:20 AM, Moon square Mars 4:57 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:33 AM, Moon sextile Venus 1:20 PM, Mars enters Libra 6:13 PM.

Wednesday, September 15: Mars in Libra helps us work together with more comfort and less aggressive criticality under stress but we may be more thoroughly upset by anything that feels unfair, unjust, or out of whack. We may feel pressured to make a choice, choose a path, close one door so another can open as the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, but that may not necessarily be so; ask many questions first.

Moon trine Uranus 6:30 AM, Moon square Mercury 3:40 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 7:01 PM, Moon trine Sun 10:06 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 11:39 PM.

Thursday, September 16: The mists begin to clear, personal issues may feel more settled; it’s time to tend the needs of our family, team, or community. The general attitude can be oddly humorless or overly-earnest. Feel a new certainty about a personal decision as the Sun quincunx Jupiter and trines Pluto. We can give too much advice, be full of great suggestions for other people if our anxiety leads us to think we know what other people should do. Encourage first, offer opinions only if requested.

Sun quincunx Jupiter 8:17 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 9:22 AM, Moon trine Mars 11:18 AM, Sun trine Pluto 7:52 PM, Moon square Venus 10:02 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 10:13 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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