What is Hikikomori?


The World Psychiatry Journal last year published a paper which documented studies done primarily in Japan on what they called “Hikikomori” basically this the means extended social isolation, of so many members of the public, and its causes.

Researchers guessed it would primarily cover the elderly and stay at home parents, but were surprised it affected so many of the young.

We have all heard folk tell us that even in a crowd they feel alone, loneliness is increasingly seen as a stepping stone to more serious mental and physical conditions.

Experts became aware of marked social isolation, the key factor in each occasion was time spent outside the home, they then extended the criteria of information gathering outside of Japan where the figures became even more critical.

Many people deliberately avoid Social situations and gatherings, which increases their sense of isolation, people need that sense of belonging, their roots are very important at a subliminal level. the Marxist doctrine of Political Correctness has made many people afraid to speak of factors which would have been part of neighbourly conversations in the past. Similar studies in Russia in 2010 found they also found people who were afraid to leave their comfort zone and venture out, however as the social withdrawal continues this dramatically increases that sense of loneliness and alienation.

The growth of gated communities where homes are shut off behind locked gates was seen as a major factor.

Depression and anxiety in all its forms are predictably part and parcel of this which then increases the sense of being alone. Social withdrawal either by choice or enforced by circumstances is now recognised as a serious health Issue. American Doctors in a follow up study claim that Social Isolati on has been ignored and seen just as a cultural issue, but said whether its an 80 year old meals on wheels recipient or a teenage student living in digs far from home, the results are the same.

Indians have very close family units and look after their aged but in the West we tend to leave home and live more independent lives.

Many youngsters just communicate through Facebook or by computer and texting and not face to face, whole relationships are now being made and carried out in this way.

In the UK where British subjects are now heavily outnumbered by foreign migrants, many people live in towns where the Library Post Office pub corner shop bus service dental and doctors surgeries have closed, and their neighbours do not speak English, this has meant Hikikimori or enforced isolation is commonplace, and suicides among the British people have sky rocketed, the official figures in the UK for 2019 is 5000 mainly young suicides, Samaritians Counseling services say the real figures are much higher.

Some years back I was a College counselor, and was shocked at the number who used drugs alcohol and self harming as escape mechanisms from loneliness, and when i was a radio Psychic agony uncle, loneliness was the most common phone in topic.

I was asked by the Library to hold a meetup day there for single mothers and pre school children, the library room could hold up to 20 what i called “Mums and Tots” first week we had 43 Mums show up next week it was 75. Look at this handprint, if you have any of these signals, please be concerned.

(1) A hand totally covered in lines, this is technically called a “full hand” and shows too much going on, its an anxiety signal, and often seen in insomnia and nocturnal restlessness. This is also seen where antibiotics kills off all the stomach bacteria and flora good and bad.

(2) A much shorter first than third finger, shows very low self esteem, when curved like this it infers an overstrict or emotionally unavailable father, this is the prime cause in women for low self esteem self sabotage and self harming issues.

(3) Lines up and across the fingertips, this shows Adrenal burnout, the Thyroid here looks very poor.

(4) The headline is forked showing indecision which is a major cause of anxiety The lower branch hits the Moon mount, this shows over imagination, in medieval times this was seen as the moon controlling the brain, modern research claims that the moon rules all the tides of the earth, in fact all bodies of water plus all the bodily fluids, including what is in the brain, so this again shows the ancients were correct.

(5) The lifeline goes wobbly and changes course at approx age 50, and this is the tipping point.

PROGNOSIS I recommended our patient to take Homeopathic Kelp a seaweed rich in thyroxin, take a natural real yoghurt last thing at night to replace all good gut bacteria, use a gentle herbal soporific such as Nitol or kalms, being natural your body will not fight it, these are mild non addictive quieteners. A regular daily mixed vitamin pill, and to take up yoga and meditation.

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