Starcodes: October 1-7


Starcodes week of October 1-7, 2021

This week may not go quite as planned. We can feel the best and worst of moods, experience lovely moments of flow and patches of great technical difficulty as Mercury, symbolic arbiter of how we communicate, think, and transport, retrogrades, squares difficult Pluto and trines hopeful Jupiter.

Mercury square Pluto has us look at the worst-case scenarios. Mercury trine Jupiter can help us see our situation from a larger perspective and optimistically free ourselves from old patterns. The truth of our situation may lie between these two extremes. Those conflicting aspects can neutralize each other and leave us just puttering along. But many of us may need to face a challenge with the potential for a major or minor liberating breakthrough. But many of us will have an interesting challenge to deal with, haunted memories or personal doubts resurface with the potential for liberating breakthrough, or some agenda outside our usual mundane routine to wrangle. We may need to work with patience through discouragement and technical snafus to think bigger and find the path forward.

This challenge may have begun about two weeks ago and will run through ups and downs as we work it out now through the end of October. Mercury formed these aspects before it turned retrograde last weekend, now Mercury retrogrades back to hit these again this week, and then Mercury turns direct on October 18 to form those interesting aspects again towards the end of October.

If we can have patience and walk that magic line between these two aspects, Mercury and Pluto has us look at the worst-case scenario, and we can get stuck there, staring at the basement wall. Mercury trine Jupiter can help us see our situation from a bigger perspective, think outside of limitations and make good things happen, if we can only remember to put those into practical work. The truth of our situation may be between these two extremes, we can use our sense of the possible to help us face some real challenge and handle it in a good way.

With this retrograde Mercury, watch out for disagreements based on misunderstanding and watch where the mind goes, focus on something wonderful and worthy when the mind falls into the habit of depression. Check in on one another.

Over the weekend it furthers to create or appreciate art that expresses our emotions, but we don’t have to get dramatic about our emotions to express them under this expensive Leo Moon. Early next week a Virgo Moon manifests helpful specifics to work on an old problem, but we need to be extra kind to ourselves and to others. Although the waning Moon enters friendly Libra on Tuesday, by Wednesday some tense aspects can rock the boat and ask us to slow down to prioritize safety and mutual help. Impatience and restlessness increase towards the end of the week. We’ll want direct honesty, but can cut off or walk away from something that needs our persistence, just because it feels important to be decisive. Let’s surprise ourselves and be astoundingly patient as Venus enters upbeat restless Sagittarius and the Sun conjuncts difficult Mars.

Friday, October 1: We may find out something that we wished we hadn’t. News or challenge can set off tough wake up calls, emotions tend to run high under a dramatic Leo moon. We’d like to be objectively fair but objectivity can be challenging. So let’s choose which play we act out and express our most encouraging appreciation, water those plants we want to grow. Evening brings a fresh energy and a desire for adventure as the Moon squares Uranus.

Mars opposed Chiron 8:09 AM, Mercury square Pluto 8:26 AM, Moon sextile the son 11:33 AM, Moon sextile Mars 3:45 PM, Moon square Uranus 9:31 PM.

Saturday, October 2: Take any opportunity to disconnect from snafus and come back to oneself; get in touch with heart, feelings, and closest relationship, catch up on what really matters as Venus sextiles Pluto. Enjoy a moment of indulgence midday. If we notice others in their own world and a little out of coincidence with us, let’s not take it personally, our situation just needs extra pacing and compassion, and maybe a waltz.

Venus sextile Pluto 1:47 AM, Sun semi-square Venus 5:23 AM, Moon oppose Jupiter 1:28 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 2:56 PM, Moon square Venus 5:42 PM.

Sunday, October 3: It’s helpful to catch up on our personal work, chores, and organization; we’ll feel less anxious, more grounded and centered us as the Moon enters Virgo. Consider putting time into getting the house ready for the season ahead. Minds and conversation expand tonight as Mercury trines Jupiter; think about best case scenarios and get the bigger picture.

Moon enters Virgo 2:37 AM, Sun opposes Chiron 9:50 AM, Mercury trines Jupiter 6:04 PM.

Monday, October 4: Last night may have given us ideas which need follow-through today. Morning can bring some productive changes. Midday day brings sleepiness, we can misinterpret or forget what we’re doing. Our local priorities clarify tonight as the Moon trines Pluto.

Moon trines Uranus 3:18 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 3:47 PM, Moon trine Pluto 9:02 PM.

Tuesday, October 5: Vague doubts or insecurities, tangential misunderstanding or sleepy conditions are likely this morning as Mercury quincunx Neptune; take a good deep breath before operating any machinery, even the morning coffee machine. Unfinished relationship dynamics return for work, whether through tea with an old friend, or interaction with an ex- love or boss. Look at the quality of the interaction more than the content of what is said, make sure it is fair, clean, and utilizes good relationship skills as the Moon wanes in Libra.

Moon sextile Venus 2:46 AM, Moon enters Libra 6:40 AM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 7:52 AM, Moon trine Saturn 6:15 PM.

Wednesday, October 6: Act rather than react. Decisions need to be made over the next few days-, no matter how uncomfortable or temporary they are, as this new Moon in Libra conjuncts Mars, and all three planets quincunx Uranus. Though the decisions may be temporary and need to be adjusted after Mercury turns direct, they are still important. Think actions through carefully rather than act impulsively. Prioritize kindness, safety, and diplomatic honesty.

Mars quincunx Uranus 3:26 AM, Moon conjunct the sun 5:05 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 6:03 AM, Venus semi-square Mars 9:44 AM, Pluto stations direct 12:28 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 3:39 PM, Sun quincunx Neptune 5:10 PM p.m. Moon trine Jupiter 6:07 PM, Moon square Pluto 11:03 PM.

Thursday, October 7: Take a break. Before we get snarly, let’s get out of the house or get out of Dodge as Venus enters restless Sagittarius and the Moon enters moody Scorpio, take a moment where we don’t have to cooperate with anybody but can listen to ourselves and the pulse of the natural world. Our moods can get serious, even grim this evening as the Moon square Saturn. We may have the energy to throw ourselves into a project tonight as the Sun conjuncts Mars but stay aware and of unnecessary arguments or accidents. Make sure a decision is necessary before declaring, and draw boundaries cleanly and without rancor.

Venus enter Sagittarius 5:20 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 8:21 AM, Moon square Saturn 7:37 PM, Sun conjunct Mars 10 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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