Starcodes: October 15-21


Starcodes week of October 15-21, 2021

This is a busy week. Enjoy the changes as the energy pivots, but choose carefully what will help to stay grounded, safe, and forward-thinking to sidestep the many crosscurrents as all the willful planets dance together. The Sun and Mars conjunct, they both square Pluto, and both Jupiter and Mercury turn direct.

The weekend starts upbeat, active, and social as the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius forms of motivating trine to Sun and Mars conjunct in Libra. Watch for important interactions around group dynamics, community responsibilities, labor unions, voting rules, and employee culture.

Over the weekend we have an opportunity to catch up with our feelings and with one another as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces, conjuncts Neptune while the Sun squares deep Pluto. While Mercury stations before it turns direct on Monday it encourages us to hold still, not to strive to be efficient or ambitious. Don’t get caught in the swamp of old feelings or memories but do let them come but do let them come up for the next layer of healing and release as Mercury trines Saturn.

Late on Sunday the energy begins to pivot as Jupiter, retrograde since mid-June, turns direct, followed by Mercury, retrograde for the last three weeks, on Monday. We often feel turbulence in the force as a planet changes directions, and un-sticking of what’s been stuck. The energy can swirl like waves amongst a rocky coast. Consider stepping back from any churning situation, lend calm and hope to the situation. Lean forward on new plans soon but right now wait for the waters to calm before pressing forward.

Communication issues begin to straighten out and our message now comes across but we may need to troubleshoot as the week begins. Repair, deal with tech problems and mistaken orders, clarify misunderstandings, and get all ducks headed forward. Rather than looking backwards, now we can begin to explore the next chapter.

Not that the waters calm right away. On Wednesday, the full Moon forms a formidable T-square as the Moon (27 degrees Aries) opposes the Mars-Sun conjunction (23- and 27-degrees Libra), and all three square Pluto (24 Capricorn) which could bring the real clash of wills, a chance to confront an old misuse of power, bring on radical pouting, or help us solve a mystery. If that full Moon highlights tension between what we desire and our need for connection, let’s look for a way through that is authentic and solution- focused, keep our actions and intentions clean and hold firm to our truth without casually pouring oil on any fires.

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Friday, October 15: Our sight turns outwards- notice family dynamics, social patterns, policy eddies, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in collaborative Aquarius and trines the Sun. Hold meetings, but more to check in on projects and listen to the backstory than to plan the future. Do not toy with other’s feelings nor perseverate on an old sad story this poignant evening; be kind to the heart and let feelings flow as Venus semi-squares Pluto and the Moon enters Pisces at 8:21 PM MDT. It may help to watch a good tear-provoking movie or have long sympathetic talks.

Moon trine Mars 1:57 AM, Sun trine Jupiter 5:46 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 6:28 AM, Venus semi-square Pluto 8:21 PM, Moon enters Pisces 8:21 PM.

Saturday, October 16: Waft around in feelings as funny moments mix with bits of aching fall beauty while Venus in outdoors Sagittarius sextiles Mercury. We may feel like wandering around without much wind in our sails as Mars quincunx Neptune and Venus trines Chiron under the sensitive Pisces Moon but may get an opportunity to free up some energy if we let a new compassionate perception help us forgive an old wrong. Go gently. Release ambition. Rest the soul.

Venus trine Chiron 12:48 PM, Moon square Venus 2:59 PM, Mars quincunx Neptune 6:31 PM, Mercury sextile Venus 7:23 PM. Moon sextile Uranus 9:14 PM.

Sunday, October 17: The world can feel heavy as the Sun squares Pluto, in response we may need to release a dream or accept a tough reality, empathize with the world’s woes, or just notice a passing cloud this morning. Kindness does not mean letting others push us around because of their anxiety, sidestep those confrontations instead. Feed the imagination, engage in spiritual practice, or take a nap, midday and let dreams do the work as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune. Notice what frees up tonight as Jupiter turns direct.

Sun square Pluto 6:12 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 10:59 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:23 PM, Jupiter turns direct 11:29 PM.

Monday, October 18: This is a tricky day, stay centered and don’t get caught in other people’s whirlpools as the Moon enters feisty Aries and opposed Mercury, all while Mercury stations to turn direct. The energy swirls and eddies, takes two steps forward and one step back. Even though the energy can be surprisingly competitive, clarify priorities and act rather than react. What has felt blocked now begins to unblock but be patient to keep this energy shift safe and productive. Like New England weather, if you don’t like the feelings, wait a minute.

Moon enters Aries 4:03 AM, Mercury turns direct 9:16 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 5:14 PM, Mars trine Jupiter 8:36 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 11:25 PM.

Tuesday, October 19: While things are still on the feisty side, we can balance our need to do it our way and our need for collaboration if we take every opportunity to hear one another, look for hidden pockets of sunshine, and move forward as Venus quincunx Uranus. Experiment with aesthetics and listen to the changes now in motion.

Moon trine Venus 4:39 AM, Venus quincunx Uranus 5:15 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 10:58 PM.

Wednesday, October 20: This day roars in like a lion but may pad out like a soon-hibernating bear. So if we fall out of bed on the wrong side this morning, let’s take a deep breath, control those impulses, and reconsider later to make sure our plans will actually get us the results we want. The full Moon the feisty Aries Moon forms a difficult, reactive, action-oriented T-square as it squares Pluto early on. The desire to bite or start a revolution calms down by midday, we can sort out our plans and follow through on the good ones with determination or look for comfort, take a nap, and remember what stabilizes our life as the Moon enters Taurus later in the day.

Moon opposed Mars 12:28 AM, Moon square Pluto, 2:55 AM, Moon opposes the Sun 8:56 AM, Moon enters Taurus 1:58 PM.

Thursday, October 21: We need to be clear and impeccable in our intentions. Plans which have been long in the making may now become visible. Mars squares Pluto which can make things happen, but what it manifests is up to us. Our will can feel like the torque of the heavy gyroscope. Let’s hold the light of compassion and integrity- and take good actions. Be careful around difficult or jealous people and dangerous machinery. Look forward, dig in deep and put some muscle into long term plans.

Moon square Saturn 3:44 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 4:27 PM, Mars squares Pluto 10:19 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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