Starcodes: October 22-28


Starcodes week of October 22-28, 2021

The stars ask us to prioritize balance, equilibrium, and fairness this week; especially when it is a challenge to do so. Mars and Mental Mercury, now direct, both in fair-minded Libra- encourage us to straighten out all sorts of recent misunderstandings, miscommunications, and delays that accrued over the last month.

Mars in Libra can express circuitously, making it a little tricky for us to ask for what we need directly and straightforwardly, but as Mars squares willful Pluto this weekend that difficulty can build up a backlog unless we clear the air. Mars square Pluto can set up strange accidents and wants to fight for what’s fair and right and just, or just fight; we need to be mindful as we move through life and evenly express both our needs and our boundaries, openly but with compassion.

Those Libra planets ask us to look at our work life balance, at the give-and-take in our relationships and in our politics and see what we can do to bring them into a healthy equilibrium. We may need to re-evaluate fairness of chores and other contributions within the house, make sure the balance feels fair and appreciated. Assess this balance in every job, relationship, and within our society. Instead of stamping our feet if we don’t like the results of our assessment, let’s take on leadership and refocus the goal towards a more egalitarian relationship.

After a steady but stubborn Friday, the Sun heads into Scorpio Friday night and turns our thoughts inwards. Halloween grows closer. People need to talk and kibitz over the weekend as the Moon enters talkative Gemini and activates that Scorpio curiosity. Information that was hidden a few weeks ago now clarifies. Interesting tidbits of information come through which can shift our thinking or minor discomforts nudge us to make subtle improvements as Mercury challenges change-inducing Uranus

Throughout the week Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune and encourages us to escape, great time for a fall vacation, or just to wander into a book, in our imagination, or through the wild terrain. We can support our Venusian relationships by wandering together through the fall landscape. But keep an eye on water damage to beautiful things, or wild weather interfering with plans.

Early next week we may waft around in our emotions and notice where we feel vulnerable, we may need to ask whether our defenses serve us or cause more problems than they solve as the Cancer Moon squares Mercury and Chiron. Let’s be patient about recent mistakes, not give anyone a hard time about them, as we are all painfully aware of any recent kerfuffles and are probably doing our own homework about it.

Even though we may be feeling a little touchy, our daily work can achieve a new organization. That sensitizing Venus-Neptune square may call for a moment out of the hubbub but also encourages us to now imaginatively brainstorm where we’re going next.

Friday, October 22: People may not want to start a fight- but they will dig in their heels and entrench under a steady but stubborn Taurus moon. Instead of squaring off, find practical solutions that work for all now and get theoretical about long-term goals later. Tonight, the mood switches as the Sun enters Scorpio, we may grow both cynical and curious, look for a good mystery or respond with a snappy comeback. Just don’t hurt another’s feelings merely for comic relief.

Moon sextile Neptune 7:26 AM, Moon square Jupiter 10:31 AM, Moon trine Pluto 2:35 PM, Sun enters Scorpio 10:51 PM.

Saturday, October 23: Multitask, cross-reference, and gossip as the Moon enters verbal Gemini and trines stabilizing Saturn. Look for busy venues that don’t push personal boundaries, like farmers markets or social media, and find a place to listen to the community buzz. New connections can serve the future. Good, relatively lighthearted, conversations at home can deal sensitively with deeper issues.

Moon enters Gemini 1:57 AM, Moon trine Saturn 4:11 PM.

Sunday, October 24: Don’t let nerves run the show. New information or anxiety nudge us to change plans as Mercury quincunx Uranus, but we may need a bigger picture before we can make a fair and necessary decision. Our thoughts can run ahead with anxiety about possibilities, it will be much more successful to stay in the present moment and deal with what’s on the table right now.

Moon trine Mercury 4:16 AM, Mercury quincunx Uranus 11:44 AM, Moon opposed Venus 3:41 PM, Moon square Neptune 8:13 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:33 PM.

Monday, October 25: Check in with the team, get everyone on the same page and moving forward this morning while the Moon is still in communicative Gemini. People and events may slow down and sensitize as the Moon enters emotional Cancer this afternoon. Don’t be over solicitous – people’s boundaries are strong most people will want to feel in charge of their own life – but do feel free to share caring. It furthers to share a meal with beloveds tonight.

Moon trine Mars 8:11 AM, Moon enters Cancer 2:59 PM, Moon trine Sun 8:54 PM.

Tuesday, October 26: Share dreams this morning, they may be odd. Our imagination works overtime and needs careful direction as Venus squares Neptune; use it to envision great things, to empathize, to write novels, to escape for a moment, but question any interpersonal assumptions; our hearts are truly subjective now. Notice any emotional or romantic hopes and fears- be kind to them, but don’t let them run the show; stay in the present moment with one another and asked good questions.

Moon sextile Uranus 5:36 PM, Venus square Neptune 7:05 PM, Moon square Mercury 11:09 PM.

Wednesday, October 27: Check in with people facing real crises. Look at worst-case scenarios as the sensitive Cancer Moon opposes Pluto midday, make sure plans are in place, resources are noted, but do not assume that this is reality. Now explore the best case. Offer comfort and reassurance wherever needed and eat wisely.

Moon trine Neptune 8:47 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 4:07 PM.

Thursday, October 28: Love may not mean having to say we’re sorry, but it may mean offering attention or helping in some unspectacular but necessary way, just when we’d rather share a grand gesture as the Moon enters Leo and Venus semi-squares Saturn. It may be hard to do something that doesn’t feel appreciated enough at the moment, but make sure it really is needed and wanted then don’t worry about appreciation for the moment, it will come later. People are having trouble feeling out of control and want to feel supported by beloveds.

Moon square Mars 12:01 AM, Moon enters Leo 3:07 AM, Venus semi- square Saturn 4:01 AM, Venus sextile Jupiter 1:15 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 5:02 PM, Moon trine Chiron 9:41 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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