Starcodes: October 29 – November 4


Starcodes week of October 29 – November 4, 2021

Make this a healing Halloween. After a relatively festive Friday under a costume-approving Leo Moon, the weekend quiets down as the Moon enters more contemplative and sensitive Virgo. We still want our time with our alter egos, time in our costumes or with our ancestral spirits as Mercury quincunx Neptune over the weekend but may feel more subdued than usual.

Every year around Halloween the veils thin between our concrete world and our imagination, between our waking life, and the spirit realm. We walk with our memories of our dearly departed, whether we feel the ghosts are real or just echoes of our memory. This year those ghosts may feel unusually close and deep as Mercury squares Pluto for the third time this fall, all while Mars and Mercury join the Sun in Scorpio. Recent losses ache, and we want evidence for our suspicions and resolution of our mysteries.

Scorpio can feel like a mine shaft, a deep well that calls us within and turns our attention away from the far horizons to focus on the roots. Scorpio can bring out our cynicism and our dark humor, our more primal emotions, or ask us to ponder the persistent heaviness of the world’s woes. That could be the roots of a problem or a place in the underworld. It can also bring us to our psychological and spiritual roots, the rivers that run underneath our mountain. Scorpio can also lead into our secondary emotions of anger or resentment to distance ourselves from any real sadness, but let’s be honest with ourselves.

On Sunday, the Virgo Moon encourages us do some healing work and clear the air with our memories or with our dear ones, to clean our closets, both metaphorically and literally as Mercury forms a liberating trine with Jupiter.

Emotions come to the forefront early next week and can bring to some completion of plan, sadness, excitement, or release, an ongoing emotional nexus we’ve been working on for a few months. We may see some resolution over recent grief, whether it’s a person, job or situation we lost, or feel transformed by some subtle metamorphosis through this fall as Mercury squared Pluto in mid-September, retrograde and squared Pluto again the first week of October, and on Tuesday finishes the third and final pass.

Though the cleanup or relaunch continues through the week. The week ends on a new Moon in Scorpio, as both Sun and Moon opposed Uranus. Shocking wake-up call, a chance to shift a position choose to move, or just leave us buzzed. This new Moon brings chance for both an ending of one cycle and the crack of dawn of a new one.

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Friday, October 29: Pay attention to changes in the work flow this morning. Notice that people need appreciation for their recent efforts, or they may get snarky. We may feel so done with this week. Later on, enjoy a festive moment. Expect some ego issues and a tad of dramatic flair with the potential for great last-minute costumes as the Leo Moon opposes Jupiter. Watch a tendency to over-do or over-indulge but do let expression flow.

Moon square Uranus 4:24 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 4:31 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 10:23 PM.

Saturday, October 30: People can get grumpy this morning, we may be asked to deal with old self-doubts, responsibilities, or resentments as the Sun square Saturn and Mars enters Scorpio. We can easily feel depressed about the condition of the world unless we look evidence of healing. Tonight, step into spirit, spirituality, imagination as Mercury quincunx Neptune. Keep it safe Keep it safe, magical, and watch for inebriated drivers. This is a good night to light a fire and speak to the spirits, to pray, honor, respect those that have come before.

Moon trine Venus 1:04 AM, Sun square Saturn 3:53 AM, Mars enters Scorpio 8:20 AM, Moon enters Virgo 12:09 PM, Moon sextiles Mars 12:21 PM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 1:39 PM.

Sunday, October 31: This Halloween can take us on a journey through some pretty deep or difficult places (with great healing potential) or just discomfort, early in the day, through a shift midday where we have a chance to break routine and seek a fresh perspective as the Moon enters Virgo. Through to a sense of liberation, release, or hope, and the potential for a good time tonight- as Mercury trines Jupiter. Throughout the day the challenge can be to accept ourselves, and our dear ones, exactly where they are in order to proceed from here.

Moon sextile Sun 2:57 AM, Moon trine Uranus 11:32 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 10:18 PM.

Monday, November 1: Healing continues on this All-Souls’ Day as the Sun quincunx the asteroid Chiron. Don’t expect a dramatic healing, look for subtle shifts, as if a splinter is working its way out, though that itself can be painful. Notice an opportunity for acceptance or closure of a problem that has been cooking since mid-September. People need to feel tangible support more than words, so hold hands and support one another in a warm, simple and undramatic way as the Moon enters Libra tonight.

Moon opposed Neptune 1:04 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:42 AM, Sun quincunx Chiron 9:19 AM, Moon enters Libra 5:10 PM.

Tuesday, November 2: Overnight dreams percolate as Mercury perfects its square to Pluto. Lingering memories and new signals mingle together; we shift back and forth between feeling and releasing old patterns yet noticing hints of new ones approaching. World events can hurt our heart. Today it furthers to find steadiness in the routines of life and in the friendly human interactions. Pay kindness with kindness, and back away from the rest.

Mercury square Pluto 3:38 AM, Moon trine Saturn 5:31 AM, Moon opposed Chiron 9 AM.

Wednesday, November 3: Reconnect with old friends or work contacts to complete unfinished business or share feelings which should’ve been shared long ago. Speak from the heart midday as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Libra then sextiles Venus. Our antennae pull in and our wits and moods can grow sharp edges as the Moon enters Scorpio and conjunct Mars tonight. Watch an obsession on old wrongs, let them go. Be careful what arguments begin, as problem started now will tend to continue. Choose words carefully.

Moon trine Jupiter 7:07 AM, Moon square Pluto 9:57 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 1:26 PM, Moon sextile Venus 4:32 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 6:52 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 11:55 PM.

Thursday, November 4: This morning quiet the thoughts and drop deep within. Clear out the dregs of old emotions, look at fears and worries straight on without building stories around them. Repair plumbing problems, problems in the basement, anything underground both metaphorical and actual. The new Moon in Scorpio at 3:14 PM MDT marks a turning point. One chapter ends, and a new one begins as the Moon and Sun conjunct in Scorpio, then oppose Uranus a few hours later.

Moon square Saturn 6:45 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 3:14 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 3:25 PM, Sun opposed Uranus 5:33 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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