Starcodes: October 8-14


Starcodes week of October 8-14, 2021

Where do we want our rainbow? Let’s develop a clear image of our goals for the next few weeks, then stay flexible about our means of accomplishing them. This view can help us stay on track even as we deal with odd moments and mood swings, distracting technical snafus (just ask Facebook), and a few important side agendas. We can make progress if we’re willing to roll with the changes and stop to appreciate moments of beauty along the way.

When a planet is combust, or close to the Sun, the powerful personality of the Sun can make it hard for the planet’s energy to be expressed cleanly. But when it is cazimi- right in the heart of the sun- it pulses with the sun’s energy and can manifest powerfully, as if it is the focal lens for the sun’s energy.

This week is generally decisively indecisive with retrograde Mercury, the Sun, and Mars, all conjunct – combust – in Libra in equivocal but social-justice-seeking Libra. Except for when the planets perfect their conjunctions – we may have trouble thinking objectively and expressing our temper and our will cleanly. We may long for the beauty way, for living in right relations with our world, and feel painfully aware of how far we are from that goal.

On a pleasant day in the autumnal sunshine, all can be well. At other times we may overfocus on what could go wrong, particularly on Friday under an intense and focused Scorpio moon. The Sun perfects its conjunction – cazimi him – with Mars Friday evening for pointed, willful, potentially desirous and decisive moment.

Over the weekend a lighter-hearted, more peripatetic Sagittarius Moon encourages us to engage with the natural world in all its fall glory. And it may be easier to deal with the squirrels and dogs and falling leaves than difficult people.

Will feel better if for actually doing something to make that happen men of the home very soon and have to watch out for discouragement which can leave us in a puddle. It’s easier to know what we don’t want, what upsets our balance, rather than what we do, which can make it hard, but not impossible, to get agreement on any major legislation or family decision. We need to break out of him the win-lose paradigm and seek a Libran sense of fairness and balance to all causes.

Saturn, where who’s been retrograde since the end of May, turns direct on Sunday as the Sun perfects its conjunction with Mercury. With that we may see a shuffling of building foundations, organizations or chains of command.

Monday calls us back to work though the roadmap may be in metamorphosis as Mercury forms a challenging, potentially anxiety producing quincunx to Uranus. But this Uranus aspect can also help us roll with the changes.

Prioritize friendships and alliances midweek. Work that social media and other collaborations as Venus sextile Saturn on Wednesday and the Moon enters collaborative Aquarius and the Sun quincunx Neptune. The weather may get foggy, conditions get messy, or just our thoughts feel a little fuzzy. Let’s only progress forward as fast as we can see clearly. We can use this uncertain juicy envisioning time to imagine what we’re doing next, to remember our rainbow may land, then push forward after Mercury turns the following week.

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Friday, October 8: We can send out mixed messages because we honestly feel them; our desire for connection can alternate with getting fed up with humankind or with a craving for the future as the Sun and Mars conjunct under irascible Scorpio moon. Now this rhythm with one another, but our moods may syncopate, rather than coincide, and we will need humorous patience to work through. If things feel odd with our companions but stop and assess where they are and what they need or give them room to wander on their own. Around dinner, drop petty differences and share a moment as the Moon trines Neptune. Expand, but rein in extremes, as the Moon squares Jupiter tonight.

Moon opposed Uranus 6:59 AM, Moon trine Neptune 6:52 PM, Moon square Jupiter 9:03 PM.

Saturday, October 9: The mood is more upbeat and outgoing if too easily interrupted under a peripatetic Sagittarius Moon and as the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 10:18 PM MDT. Wander in the woods. Mid-day a series of minor irritating semi-squares from the Moon can trip us up and can goal our household chores but can help us fix some long-standing minor problems. Honesty furthers, directness counts- just make it kind; think before speaking as Mercury conjunct Mars at 4:48 PM MDT. Prioritize safety and clarity, as we can sound sharp-edged or trip into minor accidents if we rush without paying attention. Evening stabilizes.

Moon sextile Pluto 12:05 AM, Venus semi-square Mercury 1:37 AM, the Moon enters Sagittarius 9:23 AM, the Sun conjunct Mercury 10:18 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 1:36 PM, Mercury conjunct Mars 4:48 PM, Moon sex tile Saturn 8:43 PM.

Sunday, October 10: Have good discussions over brunch, important and pleasant conversations can help us make decisions this morning as the Moon sextiles Mercury, Mars, and the Sun. Don’t bother trying to talk to someone who doesn’t want to be there – that Sagittarius Moon amps up our desire to escape and lowers our attention span – but do make progress otherwise. Saturn turns direct this afternoon; although there may be differences in opinion around who’s in charge and what is foundational, over the next few days we’ll be able to see further ahead in the work than we have for a while.

Moon sextile Mercury 10:48 AM, Moon sextile Mars 1:11 PM, Moon sextile Sun 2:44 PM, Moon square Neptune 8:16 PM, Saturn turns direct stationary 8:16 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 10:30 PM.

Monday, October 11: An industrious Capricorn Moon calls us back to work, just don’t become controlling under stress. If someone else gets bossy, no it’s their anxiety, but step back from misbehavior. Prioritize organization. Manage anxiety or nerves as Mercury in conjuncts Uranus. Some important missives can change our understanding—but let’s make sure we have the whole story. Although Saturn is direct, Mercury still has another week, the big picture plans begin to form, but conversations about how to make it so may need to wait.

Moon enters Capricorn 11:14 AM, Mercury quincunx Uranus 11:29 PM.

Tuesday, October 12: New chapters begin this morning as the Moon trines Uranus and Saturn moves forward- but these chapters will need adjustment later. Work on the foundations for future success but stay flexible about how that’s going to happen. Watch moods if the conversation gets more difficult, everyone thinks they have the right answer around dinner time, walk it out rather than wrestle as the Moon squares Mars and the Sun.

Moon square Mercury 9:50 AM, Moon trine Uranus 10:33 AM, Moon square Mars 6:26 PM, Moon square Sun 9:24 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 11:10 PM.

Wednesday, October 13: Deal with matters of trust this morning, be reliable, fulfill important obligations, and be there for old friends as Venus sextile Saturn. Have form work with function. Then turn the vision outwards and take the pulse of the team as the Moon enters Aquarius and the Sun quincunx Neptune. Watch for water damage, spillage, let tears flow if they need to without trying to figure out the story.

Moon conjunct Pluto 4:53 AM, Venus sextile Saturn 1:26 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 2:47 PM, son quincunx Neptune 9:31 PM.

Thursday, October 14: Reliability is still beloved virtue, check in on responsibilities to the larger community as the Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius this morning. Nurture connections mid-day as the Moon befriends Venus and Mercury, then look around to see what needs changing, which plans need adjustment this afternoon as the Moon squares Uranus.

Moon conjunct Saturn 2:54 AM, Moon sextile Venus 4:03 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:08 AM, Moon square Uranus 2:51 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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