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Long hours at work, working on homework with the kids, spending time with your spouse or partner and trying to figure out what is going on in the world and how it affects your family takes up a lot of time. At the end of a long week, you realize you didn’t mediate, you didn’t connect to your Higher Self and the guilt starts to set in. You try to set aside some time to “catch up”, but usually that doesn’t happen, because the weekend is just too short.

You really want to have a deeper connection to your Higher Self and spiritual team, but it always feels like you are starting over again because this work has been ignored for days, weeks or even months. You begin thinking “I’ll get serious about this after this project is done, or when the kids are back in school”, but you begin to realize there is always something else that comes up to take up your time. How can you raise your consciousness when you never have time to do the work? Sorry, the answer is you can’t. You have to do the work to make progress!

However, there might be a better way to do the work! Instead of trying to find time in your already packed schedule to meditate or take a class or read that great book, bring your spiritually journey to what is already on your calendar or in your routine. Below are some examples.

  • Before meetings, send intentions to the meeting and everyone scheduled to attend, energies of love, live, healing and protection. Ask that everyone in the meeting can fully express themselves in a calm manner. You can also do this before answering the phone. Ask for optimal outcomes for everyone! This takes less than a minute but can have amazing results.
  • Before eating, bless your food/water and send it love and light. Thank the plants and animals for the nourishment they are providing you. Ask that anything in your meal that does not serve you, is deleted, spliced out, transmuted, or transformed into full resolution and love and eliminated from your body with ease and grace. This is very powerful! For more info, see link #1 below for Masaru Emoto’s book about the miracle of water and link #2 for my blog on this subject. Sending positive thoughts can purify your water, which makes me believe it will do the same for your food.
  • Getting dressed, include crystals when you decide what to wear. Include crystal necklaces, bracelets, or simply put one in your pocket to bring more positive energies to your day. Use color to heal or enhance your chakras. Wear red to enhance safety and security energies, light blue to increase your communication skills or purple to increase your intuition.
  • Exercising, walking the dog, driving etc, remember that book you could never find time to read. Buy it as an audio book and listen to it while doing other activities or connect with the universe by using your imagination. Anytime you use your imagination, you are connecting with the spiritual world. Use your imagination to have a conversation with a loved one that has crossed over. Have a conversation with your Higher Self to help answer questions or solve problems. Trust the information you receive back in the conversations, except for anything that might harm you or others. Imagine having in your life now, what you are trying to manifest. Plan to use opportunities like walking the dog, exercising, driving, cleaning and other similar tasks to do this type of internal work. If you are mentally worn out and these suggestions sound too exhausting, listen to an audio or your Chakra Tuner (more on this under Sleeping).
  • Sleeping, listen to healing and clearing audios while you sleep. Virtually every night I play either a repeating playlist of healing and clearing audios or the Chakra Tuner. Set an intention that the audios on the playlist remove anything not serving you with ease and grace, turn down the volume until you can only hear it when you hold the phone next to your ear and drift off to sleep. If I don’t use the audios, I play the Chakra Tuner. I only recommend the app by Jonathan Goldman. It is in the App store on your phone. In the app, touch the chakra you want to tune and then turn on the timer so it will stay on all night. Since this is healing with sound, you should be able to hear the tones, but it can be at a very low volume. Link #3 contains a website for audios.
  • Event determined by you, look for opportunities on your calendar or in your routine where you can include more spiritual connections. Look for signals that can be a trigger for a spiritual act. Like every time you see 11:11 or x:11 on the clock you do a quick intention or envision and image of something you would like to manifest or are grateful for. Or use a full parking lot as a trigger to ask for a prime spot. Late for an appointment, ask to arrive at the most optimal time. There have been so many times I have used this and arrived on time when I thought there was no way possible or I arrived late, but the person I’m meeting was also late. Ask for anything! Ask a lot!

I hope that gives you lots of ideas of how to bring your journey into your existing life. As you implement changes, be aware of what implementation approach works best for you and causes the least stress and/or guilt. Some people like to implement as much as possible, as quick as possible. This can be a bit messy, as you may be implementing changes that you are not familiar with, such as types of crystals or the colors of the chakras etc. Others may want to start slow and only make one or two changes, study the associated information and experience the results before moving on to something else. Either way or something in between is fine, as long as it works for you. If you feel stress or guilt, modify the implementation plan. Your goal is to start connecting at least once every day and build up to feeling connected all day/every day. Honor everyone’s journey, as unique to them!

Lisa Katheyrine Howard


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