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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

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Happy Veil Thinning, Ancestor Remembering, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, time!

I hope you enjoyed delicious organic fair/direct trade treats Halloween Sunday!

This weekend, I gave myself a reading to commune with my Grandpa Mura for a bit. He died my freshman year in college. The sale of their house and my dad choosing to forego his inheritance paid for my undergraduate studies. I am eternally grateful for their choices and ability.

I took my favorite photo of him Christmas 1996 or ’97. Not only did I take the shot – him sitting on our maroon sofa, opening a present in green and red paper with white flowers on it – I developed the negatives, skills he laid the foundation for. I remember being a kid helping him in their basement dark room. Taking the wet paper so carefully in my tiny hands and standing on a stepstool to clip them to a clothesline with a wooden clothes pin. Grandpa had an infectious smile, took as much joy in opening presents as in the presents themselves, said “oh boy oh boy oh boy” whenever he was excited, and always had a camera on him.

I knew he wasn’t long for this world, when, upon moving him to the same nursing home his wife was in – a challenging decision on so many fronts – he didn’t take his camera.

I bawled in the parking lot when I noticed this.

I said I would put off going to college to live with him so he wouldn’t have to go to a home – with my dad severely disabled, my mom certainly didn’t have the capacity – and the family gave a resounding, unified “no” which remembering still brings me to tears of gratitude and uncertainty. Whether or not we made “the right” choice, that choice was made with love, care, and consensus.

Part of this story share was because it’s in my immediate energy field, and partly because my decks were chatting amongst themselves who wanted to share Card of the Week, to complete the Witches year…

The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle gives us, Queen of Swords inverted.

Sometimes that sword points right back at us.

Our thoughts, fears, dreams, books and articles yet to be written, ideas yet to be followed through on, imposter syndrome, doubt, uncertainty.

Sometimes the open hand feels empty rather than ready to accept.

Many of us, and the world at large, have had a challenging year. We’re at an integration point, assimilating and weaving in lessons: from George Floyd and too many others, the need for anti-racism work, with coming out of an ongoing pandemic, and feeling structures that want to go back to the status quo which may or may not be the healthiest for us individually or collectively.

All the while, we are each Queens of our domain, discerning. Making calculated cuts cleanly for the greater health of all.

We have the power of the Sword to cut away the dead weight in ourselves and in our community to make way for healthy new growth after a winter’s hibernation – although for our Southern Hemisphere friends, y’all are cutting away for the new growth coming right up! The power of the scalpel to extricate literal and metaphorical cancers. Not everything can stay for the health of the whole. Some things need to die to compost into the soil and support new growth. Even things or people we don’t want – or didn’t want – to die.

Before I started writing, I pulled a Sovereign Oracle card for myself, which is completely appropriate here. Sovereignty.

Being the ruler of our personal domains, wearing our crowns with pride, knowing we’ve earned it, stand or sit – trust – our power and our deservingness is how we flip this card around.

We flip the Queen with deep breathing, looking at ourselves, our circumstances and our community keenly. “As is”, as Ani DiFranco sings. We flip the energy by meditating, reflecting, and ritual. By asking questions, are our vision and values aligned? Are they shared with our community? If not, what needs to change? Then make the changes necessary. Remember, we only really have control over ourselves. And, we each are a Queen! In all of our unique bodies. Queens lead by example. We are inspirations to others, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Emergence takes time. Like the butterflies that need to hang upside down for a while, gently pumping their wings and allowing them to fully dry before they take flight. We don’t have to fly immediately. We are allowed to acclimate to our new body and surroundings. Breathing into every pore.

More about the deck’s creator –

To purchase this deck – Y’all know me. Support artists directly whenever you can:

Further recommended reading – I’m going to stay on Lisa’s website to peruse the comics. They’re new to me. I’m recommending them because I think learning more about creators is wonderful.

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