Cromwell’s Legacy


Oliver Cromwell’s house in Saint Marys Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire may be heavily modernized, but retains the same basic layout it had when built around 1550. When Cromwell died a flock of noisy crows remained on the roof for some time. Cromwell, a dark magician, was said as he died to have regretted the way he lived his life – including causing the death of King Charles I and committing mass slaughter in Ireland.

Directly opposite Cromwell’s house is a zebra crossing over the main road, and it was here in 2018 on a bright sunny day, that an old lady stepped out from behind a parked car next to the crossing, this obscured the drivers vision and a passing UPS delivery truck hit the old lady at speed, passers by rushed over but she was already dead.

Shortly after people began reporting the ghost of an old lady standing by the crossing, and the ghost club which met regularly at Cromwell’s house would keep watch with cameras, etc. Over the coming months, large crowds would gather and police would arrive and move people on.

It was then the local Council got on to me in strict confidence and asked if I could exorcise the spirit, they did not like the small crowds and wanted her gone, the area had a name for ghosts of an unsavory flavor going back to Cromwell. My reply was that there were two local churches there, surely someone there churches there, surely someone there could do it.

Many churches will not now help local folk unless they are regular church goers, and many clerics do not have the knowledge or ability to do this, so with no help forthcoming from the local Cathedral or church.

I set about preparing to help this old lady to pass on to Gods proper place. So as not to attract attention, I showered early put on clean clothes and went to the Zebra crossing at dawn.

Up until this point, I believed that much of this was hoo-hah and blown up out of all proportion, but the ladies spirit was indeed there, she said she was not ready to go and needed to babysit and guide her two small grandsons. I could tell she was a good conscientious woman who felt so bad she could not continue with her family duties.

Nevertheless after a short prayer when asked to walk toward the light, her hazy shape slowly disappeared. Next day I walked into the Council office, I was offered a small payment which I refused. I was surprised to hear than on rare occasions her spirit is still seen standing at the crossing. I hope she has found a place of peace and, wherever she is, I feel she is still looking in on the small grand children’s welfare.


T Stokes “Happy Palmistry”

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