Starcodes: November 12-18


Starcodes week of November 12-18, 2021

Find a creative use for stubbornness this week, because we will be channeling mules. The motivating planets – Sun, Mercury, and Mars – all deep, easily-entrenched Scorpio, oppose change-making Uranus in Taurus and square Saturn in Aquarius.

These are all fixed signs. Fixed signs dwell in the middle of each season, a time when there is no doubt what season it is. Fixed signs hold the center post, help us hold our ground and persevere. They act like the cornstarch and water mix we played with as a child, a substance which – when you pour it – acts like a liquid, but suddenly becomes a solid when you push it. This week, we can share ideas, pose a mystery, engage curiosity to pour our thinking and open minds. Just don’t bother trying to push or press anyone. Use this general stubbornness to perseverate, hold ground, and see any project through to completion.

Even our moods can be stubborn. Scorpio can go deep and get stuck in the caverns within, so if we don’t like our mood, we can pose a question rather than try to push ourselves and tell ourselves to buck up and deal. Focus on an interesting mystery or look for an answer to a specific problem to use that stubborn focus and break out of the corners.

Friday and Saturday can leave us awash with feelings, our sharp minds activate when our emotions are engaged but otherwise can drift and feel squishy under sensitive Pisces Moon. Any form of guilt trip will backfire, so if help is needed, ask for it directly. Both Mars and Mercury opposed Uranus, the planet that acts like a cosmic clutch; we may feel pushed to change, to adjust to new systems, just what we don’t want to. If new chapters whisper to us and bring uncertainty about new ground rules, we can choose to embrace this mysterious challenge rather than feel pushed by fate.

A fiery Aries Moon on Sunday through Tuesday adds fuel to that Scorpio lineup, we carry combustible material within. Impatient twitching tails bring a few explosions. Although there is a lot going on below the surface and behind the scenes, it furthers to stay efficient with what’s on the table and deal with what is right here. Don’t go look for trouble. World politics can bubble, labor union issues ferment. With this discomfort comes a gift of ingenuity and bravery to make a real move forward.

The Moon enters Taurus late on Tuesday, waxes full Thursday night and deepens that mule-like resistance and endurance but can help us be in touch with our senses. Look for deliciousness.

Towards the end of the week can feel like we are at the switching station and on the railway. Decisions need to be made, some things cut, others given the green light. Watch how the train tracks shift and notice what will take the future in a good direction. Much good can come out of these clear decisions.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, November 12: Expect some emotional extremes of an otherwise practical time. We wake up sensitized, emotions and intuition wash through as the Sun trines Neptune under a tender Pisces Moon. But just because we’re sensitive to our own feelings doesn’t mean we are that sensitive to other people: choose to be compassionate. Engage imagination actively rather than imagine trouble. Deal with a potential afternoon temper spike but look for an opportunity to rewire the feelings and make this a productive-rather than destructive- interaction as Mars quincunx Chiron. After some cranky moments before dinner, evening can bring interesting conversation or thoughts. Let minds wander tonight as the Moon trines Mercury.

Moon enters Pisces 12:53 AM, Sun trine Neptune 9:23 AM, Moon sextile Venus 1:17 PM, Mars quincunx Chiron 4:18 PM, Moon trying Mars 5:27 PM, Moon trine Mercury 10:22 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 11:43 PM.

Saturday, November 13: Let your mind change this morning as Mercury opposes Uranus, an aspect which can wake us up or help us shift gears, see things from a totally different perspective. Midafternoon a sleepy, daydreaming time can help us tap into creative process as the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, we can return from those dreams with the creative story to take forward. Just mark carefully where the dreams end and delusions begin. Do a reality check.

Mercury opposed Uranus 8:56 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 2:45 PM, Moon trine Sun 5:18 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 10:39 PM.

Sunday, November 14: Moods spark, revolutions stir, relationships easily show friction unless we are spacious and accepting as the Moon enters Aries and Venus semi-squares Jupiter. Listen to a sudden inspiration, honor an inner calling and follow the soul’s wandering. Better to blow other people’s expectations than to sit there, twitch, and get mad, which some people will be doing. We can control ourselves and can control what we do; we cannot control other people.

Moon enters Aries 8:47 AM, Venus semi-squares Jupiter 2:44 PM, Moon sextiles Saturn 11:59 PM.

Monday, November 15: Twitchy moods bring humor with a serrated edge; let’s think through what we say and do this morning. Our feelings can simmer, even boil over today but we get a chance to either catch ourselves and process differently this time- which can heal some old tender place– or share some hard-won understanding as Venus squares Chiron and the Sun squares Jupiter. Be generous with time and information.

Venus square Chiron 1:07 AM, Moon square Venus 2:05 AM, Sun square Jupiter 12:58 PM.

Tuesday, November 16: Take it deep as the Sun sextiles Pluto. Introspect and investigate, if we have to talk about anything real or problematic, it furthers to be honest and look at the roots. Don’t tiptoe on egg-shells and don’t hit people over the head with it; instead, aim for the target of centered, honest, specific. The Moon enters Taurus late tonight and turns down the heat, deepens the stubbornness and desire.

Moon sextile Jupiter 6:54 AM, Moon square Pluto 8:50 AM, Sun sextile Pluto 2:01 PM, Moon enters Taurus 7:17 PM.

Wednesday, November 17: Look for creative disruption and expect the unexpected this morning as Mars opposes Uranus. This aspect can bring both mechanical brilliance, and the need for it, so move with consciousness and handle equipment with care. Revolution brews in thought or deed, will it be a change for the better -or just a difficulty- is up to us. Be clear rather than reactive tonight as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and opposes Mars.

Mars opposed Uranus 10:22 AM, Moon square Saturn 11:19 AM, Moon trine Venus 5:38 PM, Jupiter 70 square Chiron 6:05 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 7:44 PM, Moon opposed Mars 8:19 PM.

Thursday, November 18: Overnight dreams may inspire, but check assumptions for delusions this morning as Mercury trines dreamy Neptune. Remember an original direction or vision statement- or check in with Spirit and find a new one- to help align purpose and plans. Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus wants us to take a good, practical, and creative step towards improving our relationships under this waxing Taurus Moon. Make it better. Possible sparks in the best of ways- notice the keys to new connections.

Mercury trine Neptune 8:37 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 12:13 PM, Moon opposed Mercury 12:47 PM, Moon square Jupiter 7:22 PM, Moon trine Pluto 8:57 PM, Venus trine Uranus 11:07 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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