Starcodes: November 5-10


Starcodes week of November 5-10, 2021

Scorpio plays hardball. It’s time to get real, dive deep and deal with the real hopes, fears and intentions. Get to the roots of the problem. Sunday marks our time halfway through Scorpio, one astrological date for Samhuinn- so if you didn’t get a chance to talk to your ancestors or solve mysteries last weekend, consider taking the time this weekend.

Mercury, which has been going back and forth in Libra since early September, now Mercury joins the Sun, Mars, and Moon in Scorpio on Friday. We will play our cards even closer to her chest. Scorpio paradoxically both increases our need for privacy and brings out our suspicious streak. This can be a tricky combination if one person pulls inside to contemplate while the other wonders where they’re going and why. So let’s use this Scorpio suspicion to look under the rocks, investigate the politicians, follow the money trail, but be careful about assuming another person’s need for privacy means they are up to no good. Give everyone room to engage their personal search.

We all may need time to introspect, but some people can get lost spelunking in their soul with this lineup in Scorpio, so check in with friends who isolate or are facing some tough challenge. For those wandering in the soul’s caverns, make sure to come up for air, nourishment, and help when needed.

Venus also changes sign on Friday and leaves relatively cheerful, outdoorsy Sagittarius to enter industrious Capricorn. We begin to express or perceive love through pragmatic actions, practical help, and well-made things, but must remember sometimes people just want us to be present rather than work for them. Capricorn can add determination and competence to our creative process, help us get down to work and do what needs to be done, but can also bring out our competitive edge or make it hard to remember the tender feelings of our beloveds if we’re distracted by our work or our search for self-worth.

But it can feel wonderful – in this Scorpio time – to have something to obsess upon. If we don’t give our mind something to focus upon, it can latch on our worries, concerns, or what’s wrong with the world. We need to put that focus to good use.

A positive, mischievous Sagittarius Moon lifts our spirits over the weekend.Mercury and Venus are running se tile as they both change signs on Friday. Early in the week an industrious Capricorn Moon encourages us to plan, plot, repair or create. Those that don’t have some satisfying work to engage could feel manipulative and want to jerk other’s chains just to show they can affect the world. Don’t let them pull yours.

Aquarian idealism can squares off with Scorpio cynicism and bring that attitude of “I love all sentient beings, just don’t want to deal with them” on Wednesday and Thursday as Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio and both square Saturn under an Aquarius Moon. That Moon can ease some interpersonal tensions, but we may see more run-ins between the generations and need to watch our temper if we’re surprised, shocked, or bumped into. Drive defensively, sidestep unnecessary arguments, and hold ground firmly if needed. ON Thursday we may have to apologize or negotiate for the day before, but the situations will generally soften.

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Friday, November 5: Get down to work, bring a new focus and dive deep as Venus enters determined Capricorn and Mercury enters Scorpio. We can all develop a film noir sense of mystery, feel like a detective looking for a missing piece. Let’s just make sure our search is worthy of our curiosity. We are more restless, sociable, and with a humorous twinkle in her eye after dinner when the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Moon trine Neptune 3:53 AM, Venus enters Capricorn 4:43 AM, Moon square Jupiter 7:32 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 10:09 AM, Mercury enters Scorpio 4:34 PM. enters Scorpio. Moon enter Sagittarius 6:52 PM.

Saturday, November 6: Our priorities can shift, projects and chores beg for our attention but so does the autumnal beauty. Although the background mood is thoughtful and stormy- history weighs on us, Mercury sextile Venus brings a generally friendly mood to our interactions. In the name of honesty we may speak pointedly and cause more trouble than we clear. Forgive people’s verbal lapses and ask what they really mean.

Moon sextile Saturn 6:45 AM, Mercury sextiles Venus 9:58 AM.

Sunday, November 7: Ponder deep philosophical questions, wonder about purpose and meaning- but watch a tendency to blame or rant to distance oneself from discomfort. Look deeper than that. Tonight, let’s plan our next the next step rather than try to talk someone else into doing that work as the Moon enters Capricorn.

Moon square Neptune 2:46 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 6:43 AM, Moon conjunct Moon enters Capricorn 6:03 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 10:18 PM.

Monday, November 8: This is an important strategic day, so use it wisely. People are in a no-nonsense mood, not feeling particularly generous, but if our projects can further their projects, we can work in the same direction. Plans are being made; jump in that conversation. Some processes now speed up and suddenly need more help, and that help will have bargaining power.

Moon sextile Mercury 12:37 AM, Moon sextile Mars 3:48 AM, Moon trine Uranus 2:47 PM, Moon sextile the Sun 10:06 PM.

Tuesday, November 9: It’s easier to see what needs culling rather than what’s growing. Frustrated people will tend to bug, poke, or manipulate others; don’t take the bait. Focus with compassion as the Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto midday. Feel the mood lightened as the Moon heads into Aquarius tonight.

Moon sextile Neptune 4:01 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 10:51 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 8:02 PM.

Wednesday, November 10: This could be a tricky day with lots of crosscurrents so stay grounded, patient, aware, and clarify goals to guide action. Mercury and Mars conjunct in Scorpio. Our inner detective can see through crap and get to the point, but some comments can shoot like harpoons, so speak mindfully. Those two planets both square Saturn and form a loose T-square with Uranus and help shake things up. Make difficult decisions and take action. To improve a mood, obsess on some concrete improvement or puzzle and make tangible progress. If tempers become bulldoggish, just let it drop. This is an ingenious, problem-solving sort of day but tempers and mechanical challenges can instigate accidents, so be alert.

Mercury conjunct Mars 5:56 AM, Moon square Mars 8:54 AM, Moon square Mercury 9:07 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 9:14 AM, Mercury square Saturn 10:03 AM, Mars square Saturn 4:13 PM, Moon square Uranus 5:45 PM.

Thursday, November 11: Though the mood can still be serious, and we can be easily frustrated, attitudes lighten and we notice what we can fix or heal this morning as Mercury quincunx Chiron. Feel the room for fresh optimism and generosity this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius. Moon square the sun 5:45 AM, Mercury quincunx Chiron 7:05 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 12:52 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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