Your Ancestors have Waited your Whole Life for THIS Moment!


If you’re one of the millions of people who have sought your ancestry by digging through records, visiting cemeteries or spitting in a tube, you might be surprised that your ancestors are already interacting in your daily life, just waiting for you to recognize them.

As a Catholic Charities adoptee, I’m happy to tell you, that the ancestral keys are within us, and they are as active in our daily life as sunrise and sunset. A day doesn’t pass that you aren’t actively expressing the lives of your ancestors in your abilities, conversations, and even those bothersome situations that seem to keep happening over and over.

As suicide rates climb and people continue to struggle with self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, recognizing and engaging our ancestral connections could be a big factor in creating compassionate interactions that empower and build confidence in ourselves and others.

You know those people! The ones who go ballistic when there’s no toilet paper on the shelves at Walmart. The ones who got hacked, again! Those who just can’t get through a day without a squabble with somebody. These are just one place that our ancestors show up in our daily life.

It always seems to be easiest to recognize the patterns in others. Of course, we can’t help but notice when our sibling has been gifted with an amazing talent for music, or art, that we just didn’t get. Each of us is tied to a completely unique set of ancestral threads, even if we’re twins.

I spent my childhood in search of my birth family. Oh, I had a wonderful family and grew up on a beautiful farm in southern Minnesota, with the experience of attending K-12 in one school building. My Dad and I were very close, from childhood through adulthood. My Mom and I struggled a bit, as mother-daughter’s often do, especially first-born daughters, but I didn’t know that at the time.

What I knew, was I wanted to know what nationality I was, who did I look like? Where did I get my gift for writing and music? Truth be known, in seven generations, we each have 254 ancestors. In 400 years, it’s estimated we have 4,000 ancestors. Very few people know all of their ancestral threads.

Every one of us had ancestors on this planet when the pyramids were built. None of us know exactly who we are. Now days we can run DNA tests that will connect us to royalty, or to an ancient culture, or genetic anomaly. Many people find out, after taking a DNA test that they aren’t who they thought they were (and that is also an ancestral aspect).

What is it that drives us to seek our origin? What is it we believe our ancestors hold the key to?

Are we seeking a great story to regale of the adventures of a notorious figure in history? Are we looking for a key to our greatest gifts and talents, unrealized? Or are we certain that our ancestors hold the key to why bothersome situations keep happening to us?

The keys to our ancestry, our gifts, and our triggers are all within us. Let me share with you three places that our ancestors show up in our daily lives.

  • Talents, quirks, and anomalies: You know it! That little happy dance you do in the kitchen… that moment you burst into that Irish brogue or French accent. (Never mind that you’ve made the words up; they sound good). That gift for playing the piano, or a natural green thumb.
  • Repeat Traumas and Triggers: The person who has yet again, locked themselves out of their online banking or ATM by entering the wrong password. That person who’s gotten laid off from a company for the third time in a row. How about the neighbor who just got rear-ended for the fourth time? You’re not the only one thinking it must be them. We will be exploring this aspect in my next article: The Ancestors Within Your Repeat Patterns.
  • Your Eyes: That’s right. I’ve been doing ancestral eye reading for the past twelve years, and your eyes reveal a number of amazing clues of your gifts and talents, and especially the repeat triggers, and even your in-utero experience. I will be writing of this in future articles. For now, imagine that when we look at the beautiful iris of the eye, we’re seeing the front of a DVD – just waiting to be slid into the player to be decoded and play the amazing story of you and your ancestors.

When we realize that the clues are inside of us, inside of our daily life, we have an incredible opportunity to change our trajectory. When we stop blaming others and realize we’re feeding patterns of struggle and loss, we’re actually re-imprinting them generationally. This is true whether we know our ancestral ties or not. Even if we don’t have children, when we heal a pattern that’s been hanging around our family since the 1800’s (for example) that healing passes through to all of our distant cousins, even those we know nothing about. Now is a great time for that generational healing.

As we see families reenacting old ancestral patterns (many from civil war times) of siblings against siblings, vaccinated against unvaccinated, Republican against Democrat and so on and so on… we have an amazing opportunity to stop. Take a breath. Recognize that what is happening is ancestral and take this opportunity to change the energy.

The next time you find yourself in an ancestral pattern… a situation that has a common theme in your life, that normally ends with you getting upset… take a minute. If you can take twenty-four hours, all the better. Imagine the ancestor who found themselves in this same situation (back in their day) and sympathetically offer, “Wow – this must have been brutal in your time. It’s 2021. Let’s find a new way to heal this pattern.”

What do you have available that your ancestors didn’t? Cell phone? Wi-Fi? EFT (tapping)? Call a friend? The choices are limitless. The greatest gift you have is your awareness. Next article, we will be discussing repeat patterns with some great tools to recognize when an ancestral pattern is about take place. Trust me, they’re more like a hurricane, with a bit of forewarning.

If you’d like to learn more about the ancestral patterns in your world, please feel free to check out The Ancestors Within Community on Facebook.

You can also continue to watch for future articles on ancestors and adoption, family dynamics, repeat patterns, the story of your birth, autism, same-sex relationships and marriages, oppression patterns, and more as this column of The Ancestors Within continues monthly.

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Amy Gillespie Dougherty
Amy Gillespie Dougherty created Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading as a survival skills program for teens and young adults, in an effort to reduce self-destructive behaviors and suicide patterns. She’s a results-driven innovator, speaker, and bestselling author with more than twenty years of experience creating impactful self-discovery, awareness, and life coaching programs. She believes the power of the ancestral pulse within us, guides us to become the best of our best. Along with being the founder of the non-profit, CLARA (Children’s Lives Are the Responsibility of All), she is the lead author of The Ancestors Within book series.


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