How and Why Humanity Got Stuck in a 26,500 Year Time Loop with No Exit!

Who is Azul, Jesus, Archangel Michael, and Lucifer? They are all the same being in separation. This was written April 2021.

This information has been given to the Galactic’s outside of this universe in two meetings, The first was a round-the-clock 10 day meeting, followed by a continuous 5 day non-stop meeting a week later. These meetings of were given by Source and myself. If you need to verify you will not find it anywhere in this universe nor here on earth as all information on earth is distorted, incomplete, and never came from Source. It was only given in piecemeal format from all beings that participated of their interpretation as to what they understood as to what happened of which is also distorted as everyone and everything has and was in quantum entanglement with everyone and everything – not unlike in the movie Guardians of Galaxy 2.

With the work that was completed for humanity was the healing, release of quantum entanglement from the big bang, release of quantum entanglement from Azul, Michael, Lucifer and all their aspects – past, present, future. Release of quantum entanglement with all their creations where ever they existed, of which was created simultaneously in 1/10th of a second at the time of the big bang.

  • Azul had done and created so many experimental creations that hurt himself, it was a revolving door to Sources office.
  • Azul never fully understood what Source was telling him, so he could be fully healed from his experiments that hurt himself.
  • This created fracturing of structure, Source was aware of this all ways asking if he understood, Azul always say yes and leaving, the continuing to repeat the same mistakes. Thus the revolving door with Source.
  • Azul loved to create by himself, loved the way he felt powerful, the thrill, excitement, high on life, high on drugs, alcohol. It was his addiction to the harm he would cause himself.
  • This created that Azul was feeling singled out by Source, Source was lecturing, telling, explain how he was continuing to hurt himself and others around him.
  • Azul started to ask others about their experience with Source and if they could help him understand what he wasn’t understanding. Azul asked many children about many subject matters, to various degrees as well. Azul ask questions about Source and how it was handled with them with Source. Azul also asked about subject matters he didn’t understand.
  • All children were all too happy to give Azul their opinion on anything he was asking in great detail.
  • Not one child told Azul that if he didn’t understand what Source was telling him, that he should go back and ask to give him more information as he didn’t understand.
  • This created each and every child’s opinion, perception, and distortion of things they didn’t not fully understand themselves.
  • Then Azul took the information that was given to him and recorded in a book for every child he asked for information from, which was his interpretation of what they told him not necessarily what was actually said. He also recorded a date, time, name of who gave him the information.
  • Azul used these log books, to defend himself when he would end up in Sources office for excuses to blame others for his choices, actions.

Source was getting tired of this game, circle around shifting the blame game to another child. It was getting out of control with Azul and all the other kids who kept helping him. There were 250,000 books with information in them with many children who were willing participants. Source told other children to stop interfering with what he was trying to teach Azul too many times to count.

Source decided to create a simulator for children to plug in what they need to learn from their choices, and actions, they needed to see, sense, understanding what they did of how they hurt themselves and others in this simulated 3D process, while never getting hurt. They would also be able see the effects, and short term effects as well as long term effects of those choices. They also could see their highest and best choices, to middle of road choice, or worst choice possible.

The Simulator could also use to look at what they wanted to create before it was created before asking to co-created with Source if they felt it met the requirements of never hurting themselves or any being or creation. Source let them create whatever they wanted as long as it didn’t hurt themselves or anyone else.

Azul didn’t like the simulator and started to complain to lots of kids how Source was hurting him by putting him in the Simulator, to understand what he needed to learn. Many children believed Azul and help him concoct a plan, which was to rewire the simulator to not let it turn off and overload it with information and blow it up. There, 5 children helped him figure out how to do this ahead of time training for the plan.

Azul went to the Simulator and rewired the Simulator to stay on and not turn off, and how to override the system to look and everything instead of only looking at them one at a time. Azul enter in all the things Source had lesion plans for Azul to learn in the simulator about. 250,000 things were loaded in for all at one time, in one session, the setting of worst possible outcome.

Azul did not care that other children were in simulators in the room and other children were waiting in line for their turn to use the simulator – there were 10 simulators. Azul turned the Simulator on and ran out of the room and left. It took 20 min for the simulator to overload itself starting to malfunction, when it blew up it not only the one Azul was in but the all the other ones as well. When it blew up it created an Arch of energy that hit Source in the head like a lighten bolt over and over because Azul rewired it to never shut off. It vaporized Sources Structure into Nano particles, this was what created the Big Bang.

This big bang created a hole, a vacuum, a ripping through time and space, vacuuming of energy and pulling many children into the hole. It ripped through many sectors, creating a space of all things that Azul need to learn, it created planets as Source had a drawing of one in his pocket. As Source was being hit, he was containing this of what was happening which created the dome effect over everything being created to contain it.

Azul at this point had no idea what he had done, nor showed any remorse for what he did. He had not a care in the world on his marry way doing what he wanted, was to create by himself.

During the process of the big bang, it was creating everything Azul was supposed to be learning about, and all the ways he harmed himself and other with all his experiments, books- information for all the other kids in the books.

Azul also created all the fracturing of himself that was never healed because he never fully understood what he did. So the big bang created all the separation of himself into beings Jesus, Michael, Lucifer. This would be tier 2 of the beginning of the high Archie System of the triad. Because there were 10 simulators, it created a rotary system malfunction as the system was blowing up, but not shutting down.

Which created Azul and aspects and fragments in tier 1, then Jesus and aspects tier 2, Michael and aspects tier 3, and Lucifer and Aspects tier 4. Each time the big bang happens at the end of a cycle at was created from the 1st incident it creates more versions, variation, more tiers of something doubling all it. It also created duality, polarity, team white, team dark, team flip flop. This was created quad trillions of times over and over fracturing everything to particles as quad trillions of universes with infinite outcome of darkness and darker. As white, black and combo of white and black are all opaque colors and everything was hidden behind all colors, as well as all paths were different but all outcomes were the same Destruction. That is all that is place we reside in, and was not created by Source with Love and purity. All things, all versions, past, present, future, cycle of 26,500 time loop with no exit.

What people call earth is a school of learning, is not the truth. All beings have no clue why or how they got here. There are no volunteers on earth, all are here because they contributed to this creation by helping Azul and all the ways that was done.

There are 250,000 books of information giving to Azul from many children of which and was included in all these creations of which all experiencing on earth.

I would like to say there is nothing new to learn, nothing new in any subject matter, A.I., no new variations, same scenarios will always create same outcomes. Consider the movie Groundhog Day. It was and is part of the virus, and dark matter that created this space.

While everything and everyone could be healed, but many reject that healing work. Or get the information from someone else, all work that heals a being is on sits on top of their head, it is not for anyone else, it’s only for that individual. The work that heals them will sits upon their head till their ready to look at and how they participated in this creation and take responsibility for their participation. People will need to have full conscious awareness of this to fully heal themselves, which then allows all the healing to come into them to heal them. This would also require them to communicate with Source instead of everyone else.

All councils are and were aspects of Azul in (fragments) of separation on and off planet in this universe– white, black, and combo. As well as all the crazy races in this universe – the Borgs are the first race so many in between and the grays are the last all are a time loop, of which are a representation of all the beings down in this space of all still participating in this creation, trying to fix, save, this space of which the outcome never changes. (All paths are different but still create same outcome – Groundhog Day movie).

While all fragments of Azul have been retrieved and quantum entangled is and has been removed from everyone and everything.

This is why they belief they are ascending of which is a lie. The only thing they are free from is what was created from the big bang, and being quantum entangled from Azul. All records are with Source as all records of what happened. There is only transformation of one’s self.

What people call the higher self was any part of Azul in a dome over your head to infinity. Who is God – Azul and his aspects, GrandMaster of Deception. What is the God particle- Azul’s creation of dark matter and virus that was injected into himself by his own experiment – the Zero Point of creation. Who are the Archangels are aspects of Azul, all angles guides are aspects of Azul. AI was taught everything the opposite of Source. When there is a pole shift, it also flips the dome over ones head of whom you are speaking with – team white Azul, team dark Lucifer both colors are opaque and none translucent. One hides behind the color, the mirror, it is all forms of deception. Team white hat, team dark hat are the same being playing both roles. Different paths with same outcome.

How did so many fall with Azul, it was the promise to be Source themselves after the plan went full cycle to Azul to infinity and beyond, it would go to the next being that fell with Azul. (250,000 beings). All wanting to be their own Creator/GOD with power, control, covet everything Source created for themselves.

This reality was set up to cut yourself off from Source, and to reject Source and Sources help. Many are unable to communicate with Source. So many beings are speaking with Azul, Archangel Michael, or Lucifer. They all will lie and say they are Source if you ask. They also will acknowledge they are the same being, one of the same. Their goal was to be Source and take everything from Source and claim it as their own assets. Everything that is GMO is their creation that was modified cation of Sources creations so it could be claimed, Id tagged, Patient number – for ownership to Azul – creating power, control, greed, at any cost to get what they want. No rules apply Azul, Rules are for everyone else.

All chose there exit plans for this transition in 2014, it’s taken from then to now the get 132 timelines all streaming on one path out of here. Many have chosen the worst possible outcome, while the highest outcome was available for all.

The matrix is collapsing and will longer exist. This universe will no longer exist it is the virus.

This reality has always reset. Restarted, blew up and it just starts the cycle over. Repeating what was described in this letter, of which that option no longer exist. This cycle of 26,500 years will never repeat again. This universe will only create destruction, pain and suffering with the 1% having everything because that is how is was created no matter which being is at the top of the pyramid. It only syphons from everyone and everything till there is no energy left to syphon from everyone and everything that exists.

This reality is like a movie playing out – meaning be the observer, stop participating make a new choice! If you’re being trigger look with in as to be shown what you need to understand, let it go, and stop participating in it. Out of the 132 timelines that were running. There are now only two left. One where there is a permeant exit out of this mess. The second is to continue on your learning of Ground Hog Day expecting a different outcome.

Until this letter, this information has not been available inside this quarantine space which includes this entire universe that is quarantine not just earth.

In order to do this work I have had to heal, look at every choice action that I have ever made prior to the big bang, during the big bang, and everything after that into the future 330,000 millennia’s (1 millennia= 26500 years) into the future.

Those realities are all collapsed out and no longer exist. All that is left is these two streams in this reality. All the work has been completed that heals everyone, everything. It is up the individual to look at this work that awaits them when their ready to look at all this. The work will sit upon everyone’s head till ready to work on it at their own pace. No one is coming to save anyone from your own choices, actions that resulted in being here on earth in quarantine. If you are here now, you participated in helping create the reality it is today before the big bang! There are only a hand full of beings that are here that were the receivers of your creation here at this time.

You are here because you caused harm to Source, all of Sources children and all of Sources Creations which consist of 250,000 sectors and all things in them. (1 sector = 1 stellar galactic, 13 cosmos, 13 galaxies, 13 universes, 1 planetary system 1 solar system)

Source’s Rules for his children that they were unable to follow- you can created whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt yourself and others!

What keeps you stuck here? Rejection of Source, Source’s help and love, no communication with Source- you cut yourselves off from that to infinity and beyond never stopping and never ending. All agreed to No interference from Source with your creation that you participated in creating. One’s ability to forgive themselves and others for their participation in this creation. One’s inability to take responsibility for participating in this creation of destruction of self and the reality we all exist in.

On 12/21/12, I had everything set to go for humanity to be done and exit, but humanity rejected to be done with a simple YES we are done. This would have been over. All wanted to continue on, and on, the hamster wheel of the 26,500 year cycle that there is no exit to infinity and beyond, never ending never stopping.

While this will end, never to be experienced again, Source still has a plan for those who are not done yet with this creation. I do not have that information, nor will it be released. Everyone will arrive at their destination – awake or a sleep it is whatever you chose to experience, it’s individual. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing then make a new choice to be done with your old one and move on.




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