Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road


I bet most of you recall the yellow brick road from the famous movie that was produced many years ago. The character Dorothy was making her way to OZ to meet the great wizard. Her goal was to get back home. Along the way, she met a good witch who told her to stay on the yellow brick road as this would lead to the wizard. While on this road, Dorothy met some wonderful friends but also encountered quite a few obstacles including a bitter old witch who tried to thwart Dorothy’s plan for happiness.

If one takes a moment to think about this movie, it’s a metaphor for life. Each of us comes down from the bosom of spirit upon this world to experience life, which is full of happy and sad dreams. Unlike Dorothy, our path is not set outright as a yellow brick road. But, the great all seeing and knowing wizard in His infinite mercy and grace did give us a road to follow that leads to true happiness. It’s the golden road of wisdom that Jesus, Bhagavan Krishna, Buddha, Mahavatar Babaji and many other saints including my Guru followed back to the divine kingdom of eternal freedom and joy.

This hallowed road is open for all to follow. Unlike being in this world, this inner road has no dues or fees as it’s free to all who have a strong desire to know peace and happiness. Willingness is the key to walk this road. The sole giver and granter of these priceless gifts is none other than the all wise and loving wizard of this universe, God.

Just as Dorothy struggled at times along the yellow brick road, following this golden road is no easy journey. It requires daily work, dedication, endurance and devotion. But, the hard earned rewards and blessings that we reap as a result of our good actions, no one can take from us these eternal gifts from spirit. As seekers of truth, we need to be aware this world of opposites has many temptations, distractions and pitfalls along the way. These distractions of avidya or ignorance are constantly trying to distract the seeker of knowledge from his or her goal, which is to meet the all wise and loving grand wizard of this universe face to face.

During this age or current yuga, we have so many distractions from the digital-social domain to other more primal pitfalls such as drinking, vaping, drugs, sex, gossip and greed that can fill our minds and hearts with sorrow, suffering and discontent. All of those pitfalls are nothing but dangerous dead ends. In order to win on this golden road of life, we must be vigilant and careful to avoid those deceitful traps that try to hold us like quicksand.

How many people have we heard of or known that were “flying high” with success or fame one day and falling into the gutter of suffering shortly after because they got caught up in some form of ignorance and forgot who they were. We tend to see it more often with famous actors or musicians because sadly, the media seems to enjoy making their suffering known to the masses.

The fact is, from birth to death, we are confronted with all kinds of things that challenge us in everyday life. I’ve known the very wealthy to those who were living in poverty. Both sides have struggles to deal with and no one is immune until they become enlightened.

So, how do we go from being entangled in this endless drama of life to being happy and free in spirit? We do so by making the choice to walk the golden brick road of peace and wisdom that was blessed by God and hallowed by the many saints and sages that walked before us.

It all begins with a simple choice and action. Do we want to continue doing the same thing over and over and keep suffering the same results? No. That is the definition of insanity.  Or, do we want to try another way that leads to being happy, joyous and free. This joy the saints speak about doesn’t fade with time but grows stronger as we traverse the road of wisdom.

The grand wizard of this universe “God” in His infinite wisdom and compassion has given us the golden brick road to find freedom and true happiness this life. The past and all of its errors and sorrows do not matter anymore. We’ve all made many mistakes along the way. Fortunately, God loves us no matter how naughty we have been.

Just remember, our path to redemption, health and happiness begins with one foot forward, followed by another. As my guru liked to say “Saints are sinners who never gave up”.

Prayer and meditation is the surest and quickest way to alleviate our many sufferings both mental and physical. If we are sincere in our daily effort to live rightly in spirit, God’s grace will come over us and wash away the sorrow and replace it with joy. The grand wizard of this universe is all too happy to pour down His endless grace and blessings to help those who walk the humble road of righteousness and to make our crooked path straight.

So remember my fellow travelers, just follow the yellow brick!


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Steven Boyd
Steven is a writer, aspiring yogi and businessman. He has been practicing yoga and meditation daily for over 30 years. He follows the spiritual path of Self Realization Fellowship that was founded in 1920 by the Great Yogi-Guru Paramahansa Yogananda. His book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ has sold millions of copies. Steve Jobs of Apple computer was a big fan of this book.


  1. “These distractions of avidya or ignorance are constantly trying to distract the seeker of knowledge from his or her goal, which is to meet the all wise and loving grand wizard of this universe face to face.” How very true these words are! Steve Boyd, like you I follow the teachings of Sri Sai Baba, a Saint who lived in the 19th and early 20th century. He also taught that one must let go ego and lead a simple life to achieve salvation. Alas, due to the social media distractions that you have mentioned, it is not possible for all to follow this path.
    People like yours truly are the ones who can guide others by writing good articles like this one.


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