Living with Intention: Ashley Heals the Throat Chakra Through Song


My throat chakra was unlocked by uncovering an inner-child wound, consciously holding space and love for myself where it once was denied, and connecting with an earth angel who believed in me enough to heal a deeply-rooted blockage in my ability to express myself to the world.

I am an energy and past life healer from Minnesota. After being suicidal and hopeless for many years, I rediscovered my passion for life in Thailand where I received energy healing and dove deep into my past lives. I remembered my last life when I was a small child and have always known that I had a deeper purpose, but the society I was placed in seemed to pull all the magic out of the world and I believed it for a time. After awakening to my power and purpose, it was clear that I had a message to share with the world.

I began making videos and quickly realized that I had a blockage in my ability to get my message across. Speaking from the heart felt uncomfortable and forced. I would redo videos again and again. My throat chakra was blocked. I worked with many healers, shamans, and intuitives who uncovered, brought awareness to, and removed blockages caused by different traumas that took place in this life and others which hindered my ability to speak my truth. After connecting with these powerful healers, it became much easier for me to express myself in every way. Videos were easier to film and I felt much more comfortable speaking with confidence.

But, there was still a major blockage. No matter how many videos I filmed, how much time I practiced speaking on camera, or how I edited the videos, it was still clear that I was not fully available to be an unfiltered channel for divine energy expressed through language. My throat chakra was still suffering.

I decided to stop forcing what was not flowing. Clearly there was something I was missing, so I went to the beach and meditated everyday. I had many enlightening realizations at the beach, but finally I uncovered the source of my inability to speak my truth. A couple of weeks into my daily beach meditation practice, a long forgotten, deeply buried memory surfaced.

I was in third grade. The school talent show was next week and I was excited to sing in the show with my friend. My friend got scared and backed out, but I still wanted to perform. My mom told me it was probably best if I did not do the show.

I deeply internalized this event. My mother, the person who loved me most, told me that I should not sing. I know she did not mean to negatively affect my confidence and was doing what she felt was best, but respected her opinion so much that this moment changed my life. My young mind decided I should never sing for anyone because I had a terrible voice. Before this, I had always loved to put on shows and sing, but this exchange switched something in me internally. From this moment forward, when I sang I felt extremely vulnerable, my throat felt tender, and I feared others hearing me. After uncovering this moment that caused my throat to seize up energetically, it was obvious how I could unlock my true voice… through song.

That same day I found a professional singing coach who offered classes online and I signed up for six weeks of one-on-one lessons. Her name is Zelda Sheldon and I knew nothing about her other than she had been doing it a long time and she worked with many prestiges performers. Zelda ended up being a deeply intuitive angel who brought enormous kindness, wisdom and healing through her passion of unlocking the confidence to sing in anyone. Her singing warm-up is rooted in mindfulness practices and features a moment where you first imagine and describe how you would want to feel when you sing. We created a physical place on the floor where we placed our energy and good intentions before we stepped into our circle of confidence. I learned to hold my body when I sang and it unlocked an excitement in me for singing that had been covered in fear and shame for so long. Singing in front of Zelda was still uncomfortable at the beginning of the lessons, but her kind words and thoughtful critiques quickly switched my apprehension to excitement for this new challenge.

I started singing in the car, when I took my dog for a walk, to honor the ocean, to thank the stars… I wrote a song and found medicine in music. I connected with intuitive musicians and found a passion in music that I had deemed myself unworthy of many moons ago. Not surprisingly, my ability to speak transformed. I can write fluidly, share my authentic voice on camera, and say exactly what is on my heart. My throat chakra was unlocked by uncovering an inner-child wound, consciously holding space and love for myself where it once was denied, and connecting with an earth angel who believed in me enough to heal a deeply-rooted blockage in my ability to express myself to the world.

Ashley’s Services

Astral Angel Upgrades Healing Sessions (Distant Healings) In this 90-120 minute session, Ashley will work with her guides, the divine creator and your ancestors, guides, and angels to bring you healing. Whether it is through releasing patterns from past lives, balancing the chakras, removing energetic cords, creating connections with guides and ancestors, or helping you to form a relationship with your true self, Ashley knows that this is the boost many people need to better understand themselves and heal.

How to contact Zelda Sheldon, Ashley’s voice coach:
[email protected]

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I am passionate about bringing joy and light into the world and healing through holistic methods. I have always had a very strong connection to the divine, but I have truly unlocked my psychic abilities within the last three years. I first completed Reiki 1 and 2 in Thailand. After practicing for two years, I retook Reiki 1 and 2 and became a practitioner. I also completed my Reiki Master training this year. I am a certified Chakra Healing Practitioner. I remembered my past life when I was young and have always had a strong psychic vision. I expanded my healing sessions to included past life knowledge, ancestor guidance, and divine wisdom. I have been a part of life changing healing and real life magic every day since and I am so thankful I have found my purpose. In my free time, I enjoy doing yoga and spending time in nature. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota and I currently live in Los Angeles with my dog, Walter.


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