Old Sins Cast Long Shadows


There are four Baldwin brothers, all prominent actors, Alec has had truly remarkable success, just look at his history.

From 2006 to 2013, Alec Baldwin received critical acclaim starring alongside Tina Fey as Jack Donaghy on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, winning two Primetime Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards for his work on the series, making him the male performer with the most SAG Awards in history. On stage, he portrayed Stanley Kowalski in the 1992 Broadway production of A Streetcar Named Desire and the title character in 1998 Off-Broadway.

This kind of success does not come from no where, there is always a price to pay, it is well known that Hollywood does not choose the best actor, but whom it wants to reward.

No better case exists than when Peter O Toole played Lawrence of Arabia, unanimously agreed in the film industry best actor of the year, yet the award was given to Ben Kingsley, this caused much outrage.

Actor Alec Baldwin was born an Aries subject on April 3 1958, Aries is a fire sign which rules the head and Alec sure is a hothead, his clashes with the authorities are legendary. His name in Numerology is a 12 and 29 added they make the number 5, the number of communication, the one talent needed by all actors is the ability to communicate, this is in conflict with the number 3 of his birth, these features with the shape and lines on his hand tell his story with great eloquence.

His hand shape with its heavy square palm and strong shortish fingers is typical of the mesomorph body build as seen in sportsmen and pugilist types, this with a strong stiff thumb shows stubbornness even obstinance in the face of opposition.

His heart line is short and straight showing selfishness and a lack of feeling and is pulled out of its normal position by his headline, in essence the heart and head lines are too close this can be ominous sign for conflict.

But the main feature is a very rare straight line down from under his ring finger known as a Sun or Apollo line, this can take the place of the line of Destiny. Ancient Muslim palmistry describes this particular formation thus, “the star of destiny will be forever on the ascent your name will have fame and will be known far and wide”.

​The photo shows his first finger bent forward, just as experts can decipher body posture, so a palmist will do the same with the hands, the meaning of this is (secret troubles at home) gossip suggests he visited Epstein’s Pleasure Island for the young lovelies – was he blackmailed to shoot this girl?

The age he is now 63 is when fortune meets destiny, again the number 3 of his birth and ripples set up in past lives will always catch up in the years of karma, Shakespeare said there is usually 7 of these in most lives, Incidentally Hollywood is a 3 this is when a debt long over due has to be paid.

“trees deny no one their shade not even the woodcutter” – Hindu Proverb

The on-set shooting of Halyna Hutchins who was working at Sante Fe another 3 number showing a karmic connection may have a lot more to it whispers are that she a Ukranian, was spying on Hollywood corruption, and was about to publisha book on Hollywood pedophilia and antagonism between Holywood and the Ukraine goes back to World War II.

The likeness of Alec to President Millard Fillmore, is not coincidence. The Tibetan book of the dead states, “just as a bird will rebuild its nest in the same old way time after time, so does the soul rebuild its body”.

Alec Baldwin when living as the 13th President Millard Fillmore set the karmic ball rolling, the woman who was shot Halyna Hutchins bears a strong resemblance to the wife of Millard Fillmore.

Whether the shooting was an accident or not we may never know, what we do know is that karma from long ago played a decisive part.

T Stokes “Happy Palmistry”

Whole lives read from emailed hand photos.
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T. Stokes
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