Starcodes: December 10-16


Starcodes week of December 10-16, 2021

Visions of sugar plums dance, lights twinkle in the evergreen tips as the Sun and Mercury in upbeat Sagittarius square dreamy Neptune and add magic to our coming solstice season. That Neptunian magic can also leave us slightly dazed, unrealistic, easily overwhelmed, or feeling permeable to any passing germ. It can also leave us pondering what’s true, what’s bamboozlement, and how we can discern between the two.

Under this fuzzy-thinking glitter, this next week is book-ended with more serious nuts and bolts Saturn aspects that encourage us to get our work done anyway, no matter how the lights twinkle. Mercury semi-squares forms a minor challenging semi-square to Saturn on Friday, and the Sun forms that semi-square to Saturn on next Thursday. Both these aspects can keep us work-focused, but can bring in bouts of resigned depression around long-standing problems.

Along with the glitz and hard work runs a deeper more heartfelt river as Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. From now through March this Venus-Pluto conjunction ask us to consider how all things Venusian relate to all things Plutonian. How do women, love, creativity, and compassion relate to power, control, oppression, loss, and empowerment. This question underlies both Supreme Court debates on women’s bodily rights and children’s right to a safe school. On a more personal level it asks us to make thoughtful healthy relationship decisions, and to not enable, but love in the face of loss. Even when our heart is heavy, to have compassion and love anyway.

This Venus-Pluto conjunction usually happens once a year for a few days, but this year Venus conjunct Pluto three times, the first this weekend, Venus retrogrades to conjunct Pluto again Christmas Day then turns direct and conjunct Pluto for a third time in early March, a triple pattern that hasn’t happened since the turn of 1995-96. Right after the fourth world conference on women in Beijing where Hillary Clinton declared women’s rights are human rights, along with a major international push to clarify the concepts of women’s empowerment, gender equity, and reproductive rights and health.

The weekend starts out under a kind and sensitive Pisces Moon. Saturday our hearts are stirred by that Venus Pluto conjunction. The Moon enters Aries in the afternoon and the pace picks up, but we have to watch where we’re going through the weekend as the Sun squares Neptune.

On Monday two planetary changes help us shift gears, get our packages out and get any travel plans in place. Activating Mars leaves Scorpio and enters upbeat, less retribution- oriented, more open but maybe less thoughtful Sagittarius and brings a fresh influx of honesty and enthusiasm, and maybe an increased desire to escape. Thoughtful Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters industrious Capricorn which both deepens our thinking and brings our thoughts to traditions, ritual, systems, efficiency, and control. Midweek a delicious Taurus Moon infuses a more even pace and helps us with the tangible elements of the season. Wrap presents and bake cookies.

Friday, December 10: Concentrate on one thing at a time to avoid feeling easily overwhelmed by sensitivity and subtle complications. Doubts come up, memories resonate. We can feel the weight of the world and may wonder if we have what it takes as Mercury semi-square Saturn, which is a sign that we need a break. An evening off, walking through twinkling lights or doing what feeds our sensitivities can soothe the soul as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune tonight. Look to joyful last-minute plans and take care of one another.

Mercury semi-square Saturn 2:44 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 4:21 AM, Moon square Sun 3:05 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 8:49 PM.

Saturday, December 11: As moods slosh around this morning take the time to process overnight dreams, recent events, and catch up. Think carefully before making any sudden emotional decisions while Venus conjunct Pluto but keep the heart open. Around noon time notice a pivot—look forwards rather than backwards as the Moon enters Aries. We may feel impulsive and long for magic but have trouble perceiving clearly as the Sun squares Neptune, so run with impulses with a bit of caution. That festival of lights may be just the thing.

Moon sextile Venus 5:51 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:56 AM, Moon square Mercury 8:33 AM, Venus conjunct Pluto 9:28 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 12:24 PM, Moon trine Mars 12:39 PM, Moon enters Aries 2:45 PM, Sun square Neptune 11:20 PM.

Sunday, December 12: It can renew our tired souls to listen to follow our inner muse as long as we don’t step on another’s toes. Most of us may be somewhat distracted, need to be as free from others’ expectations as possible to hear themselves as they work out something internally, complete a chapter, and find a new inner thread.

Moon conjunct Chiron 6:55 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 9:49 AM.

Monday, December 13: Let an old chapter close and begin a new one today as Mars enters peripatetic Sagittarius and Mercury enters industrious Capricorn. A burst of competence helps us get packages out the door and proposals submitted. Sidestep some frustration or power struggle as Aries Moon squares Pluto late afternoon, and we connect with some enthusiasm tonight.

Mars enters Sagittarius 2:52 AM, Moon trine Sun 9:03 AM, Mercury enters Capricorn 10:51 AM, Moon square Pluto 4:00 PM, Moon square Venus 5:02 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:51 PM.

Tuesday, December 14: Anise and cinnamon wafts and the butter bekons as the Moon enters slower, more sensual Taurus and encourages us bake those cookies. Business slows down and becomes more pragmatic as that Taurus Moon trines Mercury and squares Saturn, we want less conversation and more substantial action. Don’t be too stubborn to respond to new information and change opinions tonight as the Moon conjunct Uranus.

Moon enters Taurus 1:10 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:19 AM, Moon square Saturn 9:35 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 11:50 PM.

Wednesday, December 15: At home and on the job it will be easy to lose focus: help momentum build towards a new perspective or new work but keep lines of communication open to stay on track. Instead of spacing out, replicating work, or running off in the wrong direction- measure twice, check in with each other three times.

Moon sextile Neptune 6:20 PM.

Thursday, December 16: Keep the movement slow and steady, tend to practical stuff this morning and offer tangible comfort to those in need as the Taurus Moon trines Venus and Pluto. This afternoon the Moon enters verbal Gemini, opposes Mars, and people will want to spar, gossip, and debate more than cooperate. Let go of pugnaciousness to find answers as the Sun semi-squares Saturn.

Moon trine Pluto 4:28 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:13 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:08 AM, Moon enters Gemini 1:42 PM, Moon opposed Mars 6:55 PM, Sun semi-square Saturn 8:01 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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