Starcodes: December 17-23


Starcodes week of December 17-23, 2021

Blessings on this darkest week. After this week each day lengthens until summer. We’ll feel many shifts in the force this Solstice week: the Moon waxes full in Gemini on Saturday, Venus turns retrograde on Sunday, Chiron turns direct, and the Sun enters Capricorn on Tuesday.

When a planet appears to change directions to – or from – retrograde motion we can feel turbulence in the landscape symbolized by that planet, even though this appearance is a mere quirk of perspective created by the differences between Earth’s orbit and that planet. As Chiron turns direct (retrograde since July 16th) we may need to use some of our hard-earned knowledge to handle a present situation or advise another facing a similar problem. This could be a simple lesson learned from baking cookies with grandma, the last covid shut down to this one, or something far more complex.

Venus is the symbolic ruler of what we love, what we’re attracted to, what we care about, what we value. Every 18 months she retrogrades for about 43 days and asks us to reevaluate all that matters to us. This time she does a somber dance back and forth through a conjunction with Pluto, from mid-December through March 3rd, making this a deep and potent re-evaluation.

This Venus retrograde – conjunct Pluto – can test us. Last week’s tornadoes landed just as the conjunction initiated, and this aspect can bring our heart to what really matters to us in the face of life and death. Venus wants to know where we’re willing to do the work and step forward, and where we need to step back and release – whether it is around relationships, investments, politics – anywhere we form attachments. If we find ourselves suddenly rethinking all relationships, let’s do so with an open heart and a sense of possibility. Sort wisely and please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Retrograde turns our hearts to the past, a lot of people are heading into these winter holidays with a heavier heart, missing people, places, a job, or some time gone by. Let’s make room for their grief at our table, let people do what they need to do to shift back and forth between old process and new beauty. Let it make today’s snowflake all the more precious.

A waxing Moon in Gemini, full on Saturday, helps bring us out for holiday events. Be fed by the season. Walk around the town and see the lights. The Moon enters more heart centered, family oriented (Cancer on Sunday as Venus and Chiron switch directions. Watch for dueling defenses, when people realize they are there is no need to armor up, their feathers will calm down.

On Monday Mercury trines Uranus and engages the Solstice magic. The Sun rises and sets in the same place for three days and then the days begin to lengthen – Happy Return of the Sun! The Sun enters Capricorn on Tuesday at 8:59 AM and winter officially begins. The Moon enters Leo that afternoon and initiates a few days of festivities and with a dash of drama around the edges.

Friday, December 17: Our attention can scatter easily under this waxing Gemini Moon, we can multitask with grace and juggle easily- though may occasionally drop the ball. Make decisions midday as the Moon trine Saturn, then engage conversations that may feel like they are spinning nowhere but can weave an important understanding for later. Wander this wandering evening as the Gemini Moon approaches a square to magical Neptune.

Moon trine Saturn 10:57 AM.

Saturday, December 18: Another scattered but potentially cheery day where simple, pleasant moments can offer temporary respite from our deeper ongoing work. Juggle tasks and fun; track carefully anything that needs to be completed, as one’s train of thought can shift quicky. Take an opportunity to share the wisdom of past experiences for someone who needs it in the moment, not to tell them what to do, but give them tools as Chiron is Mercury square Chiron. The full Moon in Gemini trines Jupiter this evening and enlivens any holiday gathering.

Moon square Neptune 7:23 AM, Mercury square Chiron 7:35 PM, Moon opposed the Sun 9:35 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:01 PM.

Sunday, December 19: Emotions and events can swirl in circles. Curl up in the cozy and take care of each other as the Moon enters tender, self-protective Cancer while Venus retrogrades and Chiron stations direct. Share insights and listen to another but consider not trying to hammer out a new understanding today, let the dust settle first. Early on, catch up and nest, make the home more comfortable. Expend a hand in some companionable, compassionate act. If people get cranky and snappish late tonight as the Moon opposes Mercury- consider going to sleep and talking again in the morning.

Moon enters Cancer 2:41 AM, Venus stations retrograde 3:35 AM, Chiron stations direct 9:32 AM, Sun sextile Jupiter 5:31 PM, Moon square Chiron 7:44 PM, Moon opposed Mercury 11:25 PM.

Monday, December 20: Moody, introspective and restless; an internally-focused Cancer Moon opposes Pluto on this short day and asks us to review our year, honor who’s missing, and prepare to turn a corner. It can help to make domestic changes; move furniture or change national policy. Mercury trines Uranus and whispers to us to be creatively discontent and not give up; things can be different. Ponder what changes could make it all worthwhile.

Moon sextile Uranus 1:16 AM, Mercury trine Uranus 1:18 PM, Moon trine Neptune 7:59 PM.

Tuesday, December 21: Winter commences as the Sun enters Capricorn at 8:59 AM MST and brings our hearts back to reconnect with family and with our roots, traditions, and rituals before we begin the new year ahead. Mid-afternoon the Moon enters Leo, trines Mars, and the festive season kicks in, a perfect time to celebrate the Solstice. Celebrations can restore resilience to our hearts. Everybody needs a moment of glamour and attention, even if it’s only a phone call.

Moon opposed Pluto 6:09 AM, Moon opposed Venus 7:43 AM, the Sun enters Capricorn 8:59 AM, Moon enters Leo 2:53 PM.

Wednesday, December 22: Ask for clarification if morning brings disjointed information while Mercury semi-square Jupiter. The mood can be both festive and stubborn, our responsibilities can leave us feeling pulled between family and peer group. Send some love the family way but prioritize friends and community for the moment as the Leo Moon squares Uranus and opposes Saturn. Connections made can help while wrestling with the deeper, more stubborn changes rumbling underneath the seasonal twinkle.

Moon trine Mars 3:24 AM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 5:01 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 12:28 PM, Moon square Uranus 12:49 PM.

Thursday, December 23: Make merry, jingle those bells and have a party; we want to be entertained as the Leo Moon opposes Jupiter midday. Tomorrow the Moon heads into Virgo and brings the new seriousness of the season, so socialize now, if only on zoom, as the Leo Moon inclines us to excesses of feeling, cookies, and action. let’s stay conscious and choose our excess wisely.

Moon opposed Jupiter 11:39 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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