Starcodes: December 3-9


Starcodes week of December 3-9, 2021

It’s time to shed what we don’t need and clear space for a new cycle or deal with a loss of something we took for granted. We turn a corner on this Saturday’s new Moon-solar eclipse in Sagittarius. This eclipse occurs early in the morning and is only visible in South America, we are out of its crosshairs but will still feel its cleansing impact.

Eclipses shift the energy and precipitate actions that felt stuck or were delayed and can eclipse what is no longer relevant. And sometimes they eclipse something that feels deeply important and relevant to us, and really challenges us to step up to the plate, accept that a change has happened, and decide what we want to do next. Sagittarius wants us to see that this whole world is connected, through ideas, weather systems, ecosystems, germs, and economics, and so this eclipse can remind us that our boundaries are permeable.

Unless this eclipse is interacting directly with our chart at 12 to 13° of mutable signs, we may not feel it in an intensely in a personal way, but we will feel it through the collective. This Sagittarian new Moon eclipse is within a degree of America’s ascendant; America is in the midst of some tough wake-up calls around our very identity and how we are perceived in the world at large. The country’s progressed Sun is in Pisces for another 13 years, Pluto has just gotten off a two-year opposition to Mercury in our country’s chart, and we are headed into our first Pluto return. This is an opportunity over the next couple of years for a deep cultural introspection and a chance to rebirth democracy and our collective strength.

An eclipse resonates for at least six months, this weekend may trigger a tough wake-up call which points to how America is-over the last five years – losing its global leadership, perceived as falling behind in matters of health, moral priorities, progressive values and technological breakthroughs. While Mumbai develops solar powered subways, America still debates climate change. Our country’s chart is astoundingly robust, once we face a problem we can soar, this eclipse may bring home where we are not facing problems, where we waste our energy arguing instead of improving.

On a more personal level each one of us can look at what we could compost to create the room for a new beginning and new understandings. This Sagittarian clearing can take a simple form, we may need to release old toys so there’s room for new holiday presents. We could release a doctrine which felt important last year but no longer supports a healthy future, or let go of an old sense of self which is really too small or not in line with our authentic truths. Above all, Sagittarius encourages us to be honest with ourselves first, so we can be honest with others.

The new Moon in Sagittarius also encourages us just to get outside. Some time in the wild or with our dogs, or dancing in the streets can help us integrate recent changes.

On Sunday the Moon enters Capricorn for a potentially industrious and competent few days. It’s a good time to launch new projects, but make sure the lines of communication stay clear as Mercury squares intuitive but confusing Neptune early next week. This Neptune -Mercury aspect invokes seasonal magic, glittering lights and dreams of sugar plums, but can also exacerbate conspiracy theories and profound delusion. Dream away and share ideals but check in with one another to make sure the facts are clear and we’re on the same page.

Also, early in the week- feisty Mars in Scorpio sextiles Pluto and squares Jupiter, which gives it a lot of. This Mars can energize new projects and helps us start something wonderful, but also will exacerbate our desire to argue, fight, and compete. This aspect can reveal hidden motives and push us to seek retribution, it can strengthen our immune system but also our pugnaciousness. Fight a good fight.

The Moon enters Aquarius on Tuesday and brings our attention to group dynamics, to corporate culture and community efforts, let’s make sure we also stay sensitive to the feelings of those closest to us.

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Friday, December 3: We can feel a change coming in the wind- whether it’s winter break, a new job, or impending loss as the Moon enters Sagittarius and the Sun quincunx Uranus. Some may respond with impatience or anxiety while others just feel easily distracted. In the evening- share stories about the busy work week and support one another as the Moon sextile Saturn. Share conversation about what would be good to transform under this weekend’s eclipse.

Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:12 AM, Sun quincunx Uranus 8:14 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 7:45 PM.

Saturday, December 4: Overnight, at 12:42 AM MST the Sun and Moon conjunct for a solar eclipse and shakes things loose. Check the headlines and check in with the soul, look for what’s been released and consider what to initiate. Dogs need a walk, and we could all use some time outside. The winds shift, our attention adjust, and winter holidays feel closer.

New Moon solar eclipse, conjunct Mercury at 12:42 AM, Moon square Neptune 1:22 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 10:07 PM.

Sunday, December 5: The Moon enters industrious and potentially competent Capricorn this morning. Build, create, decorate, move, but avoid pushing others into motion; everyone has to listen to their own muse. This is also an important time to look at our lives and notice what is satisfying, what we’ve done well, what’s going right.

Moon enters Capricorn 4:30 AM, Moon trine Uranus 10:55 PM.

Monday, December 6: This is a creative day to start new projects, launch new beginnings, to have imagination about the next step, as long as we are clear what is reality and what is our imagination. Take an inventory and check in with one another. Work to keep lines of communication clear throughout the week. Launch new projects as activating Mars sextiles empowering Pluto, just make sure that the details are understood and agreed upon. Tonight, be kind through random mood swings as we deal with a bit of gritty reality that is not necessarily bad but may take some work. People may be friendly and still not want to get too close, though they will want their efforts seen and appreciated.

Mars sextile Pluto 4:41 AM, Moon sex tile Neptune 1:06 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 6:21 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 8:55 PM, Moon sextile Mars 9:41 PM.

Tuesday, December 7: It’s hard to see clearly as Mercury squares Neptune. Check the weather, check attitudes, and look out for obfuscating circumstances. Double check that everyone’s on the same page before proceeding as the Moon enters collaborative Aquarius. Keep any competitive edges humorous and choose arguments carefully because feisty Mars squares Jupiter tonight. Drive defensively as some people get careless if they get wound up or ticked off.

Moon enters Aquarius 4:48 AM, Mercury square Neptune 8:15 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 8:42 PM, Mars square Jupiter 11:21 PM.

Wednesday, December 8: Accomplish and build trust with collaborators. Follow through on obligations and responsibilities, weave connections. Even though these community threads work, a heaviness or world weariness can weigh on us and need a moment later on. Support one another through existential angst and remember that this too shall pass.

Moon square Uranus 12 AM, Moon sextile the Sun 8:56 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 7:06 PM.

Thursday, December 9: The day may strangely wander as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and makes no major aspects. Consider taking a mental health day. We could feel more permeable and vulnerable, emotional, and need to catch up with personal issues. Empathize and be present for one another rather than push efficiency.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:52 AM, Moon square Mars 2:59 AM, Moon enters Pisces 7:53 AM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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