2022: Healing Our Differences


In 2017 the wisdom of Numerology alerted us that it is time for all of us to embrace our innate skills of being more of a humanitarian global culture. The vibrational energy of our current 2000 millennium is prompting us to come together as co-creators of our future. The 2 vibrational energy inspires us to think and act as a “we” culture. I believe for this to happen we need to take advantage this year’s “we” energy and use all these 2 vibrational energies that 2022 has to offer. I believe for us to accomplish this; we must heal our differences!

In 2017 our planet entered a 9-year global century vibrational energy cycle. Global energy cycles take 9 years to complete. This year 2022 is the 6th year of our current 9-year century cycle that we started in 2017. What this year’s 6-vibrational energy cycle means is for all of us to come together, open our hearts, forgive our past concerns, and create new ways to agree to disagree. Then we can build bridges to heal our future.

Last year 2021 was vibrating to the 5-energy. By now you know the vibrational energy of 5 was about chaos and changes happening. Some changes were good; however, many were very challenging. Many found themselves stuck in the weeds of confusion and overwhelm. Last year, many people realized that they needed to pivot their destiny so that they could move forward again.

The vibrational energy of 6 also has its gifts and its challenges just like all the numbers do. The gift of the 6 vibrational energy is that it is heart driven. The energy of the heart is all about love, family, friends, and community. This is the energy you will be using to heal your differences. The challenges of the 6- vibrational energy are that it can become justified, judgmental, and argumentative. This challenge of this energy is what you want to avoid.

So how do we go about healing our differences? I like to begin by looking for and focusing on the good that is happening. The golden rule says, “whatever you focus on you get more of it.” Remember the 6 energy has a strong sense of justice. It’s important to stay away from making a strong judgement about someone or something as being good, bad, right, or wrong. Also, this year will be a good time for you to replace many outdated old beliefs and values you have been living by.

2022 will inspire you to become aware you are on a journey of discovering your passion and purpose. You are learning who you are being and what you need to be doing to become all you can be in this lifetime. Aligning with your heart centered 6-energy will bring you into alignment to heal your differences.

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How could healing our differences happen for you?

In your career: Perhaps you have a dream or a strong desire for you to find ways to be of service doing something that fuels your passion. Action: Go to corepassion.com and take the Core Passion Assessment. Next use my whatsmydestiny.com app to explore your personal timelines to make your plans of what to do and when to take action.

In your relationships: Perhaps you would like to reconnect with several people who did not share your same values and beliefs while going through the last 2 years of changes. Action: Time to open your heart and let go of your differences and your judgements. Next use my relationship report in numerology to explore your gifts and challenges in the relationship and the karmic influences that happen when you come together.

In your health: Perhaps you have forgotten about taking care of your physical body while you were hunkered down for the last two years. Action: Become more aware of who you are. Look into the mirror and ask yourself what your body wants to be happy again. Take time to journal for ways you can heal your differences with being responsible for creating a healthy body.

In your spiritual connections: Perhaps you have neglected to notice that you are feeling more alone in the world. Action: Your inner spirit needs to know you want to be together. Spend more time meditating and walking quietly in nature. When you get so busy you don’t connect, your inner spirit travels out to your dream world.

When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do!


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