Are You Ready to Live Without the Veil of Fear?


Many of us have believed that being in the physical on this planet dictated that we be in the veil of fear while we are incarnated. That was true up until now. Before entering this plane we respected the fact that in order to be here, we needed to consciously and deliberately don the veil – so that is we did. Now, however, things are different. Times have changed. Consciousness has risen and expanded enough to support a new paradigm of Being.

The moment has come for those of us who want to be free of the suffocating constraints of fear to exert our freedom of choice and live fully in our patterning of love. Doing so consciously and deliberately automatically dissolves the binding thought form of fear. We are free to be liberated from this for the rest of our lives, if we so choose. The operative word here is “choice.” It is our choice to make, to commit ourselves to, and to follow through on. This means big changes for us, both personally and collectively.

Image by Sammie Chaffin from Unsplash

Throughout the etheric and energetic fields, there is the support needed to sustain the reactivation of our full-on heart centered physical reality. We can co-exist alongside the fear-based consciousness that has been so largely in control, and we can BE the freedom of our loving grace and creativity. We can generate new thought patterns, new platforms of activity, new ways of living, being, and expressing the complete fullness and magnificence of who we truly are.

We are here as our heart centered, intuitive, kind, and caring Selves. This is what the paths of our lives are based on: we have hearts of Gold. We are sensitive, alert, paying attention, and awake. Why would we have come here if it wasn’t to BE the outshining beauty of who we truly are? Why would we still be here if it wasn’t because our unique gifts of loving expression, skill, and creativity weren’t sorely needed?

Yes, we have been pressed right into a corner by fear. It is right in our face and we feel like we are struggling not to sink into its grip. It is a daily test of courage.

The Golden Remembrance bookFear is everywhere, inside and out. Most of us have probably done our best to hide from it, to outrun it, deny it, suppress it, and anesthetize ourselves to it. We have tried to distract ourselves in any number of ways so we won’t have to stop long enough to feel it, much less acknowledge its hold.

How much relief has that given any of us? I’m guessing not much. Meditation and mindfulness practices certainly make a difference for many to varying degrees – but the reality is that fear is still here to be faced. It is still thick and unrelenting.

Fear is clever. It is tricky, it is insidious, it is sophisticated. Let’s makes no bones about that. Fear is sometimes loud and full of clang, while at other times it is sneakily quiet and grabs us with alarm in the middle of the night. For many, it can cause panic that overshadows every minute of daily life. Fear does not enhance life. It drains it off until it feels like there is no point in living at all. Many of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about.

The point of Fear is to control and to create more fear. That’s what fear does. And it’s not hard to do. Fear is energy based, and this gives it full range to be malleable, to manipulate, to blow in through the cracks and crevices that something more physically designed could not. It can find your weak areas in a nanosecond, make you quake and tremble, make you dance to its tune and yank you around every which way. That is why fear can be so powerful, so controlling on all levels, so “sticky” and unrelenting.

It is also highly contagious. It could be said that fear is, in fact, the greatest disease of our time.

Are you aware of the things that you are doing and the ways that you are thinking that make you more susceptible to “catching the toxin of fear?” Are you aware of what happens when you are swept up in the fear of others, and flailing around in what feels like quicksand? Do you realize there are choices and changes you can make that will keep you from going down that rabbit hole?

How much fear do you engage with that is not yours?

How plugged in are you to mass consciousness technology which generates huge amounts of panic and fear?

How much of a victim do you feel you are in the picture of your life?

Do you know yourself and your own unique point of balance that enables you to hold your own equanimity no matter what is going on around you?

As Sensitives, we have to really know ourselves well – who we are, and who we are not. We must take into account the fact that we not only have our own feelings and reactivity, but we also feel and take on those of others, often including the fear of the collective and sometimes even global family. Yes, in truth, it’s all “just information” being brought to us – but it’s a lot isn’t it?

Just thinking about it all can be daunting. In fact, most of you are probably walking around on fear overload most of the time. It brings up intense agitation and feelings of being trapped inside a vortex which feels like it is controlling everything – with no way out. It seems like it’s just going to escalate and go into crescendo any minute. Which it often does: that’s overload. Some of you may have figured out what to do about it – but probably many of you are just managing to survive it. And praying for help – a lot.

In truth, aren’t we graced with our sensitivity? Didn’t we come here with our gifts and abilities of sensitivity intact so that we could put them to service on our own behalf, and on behalf of the life that we love? Do you think we actually came here with these highly developed skills of sensitivity only to be pained by them?

No. You’re smarter than that. Your Soul had another plan.

Which brings me to my next point. What exactly do our Souls have in mind in regard to this subject of coming into such a fear-based human consciousness? Our planet is glorious and sublime, generous and beautiful beyond words. Our planet lets us all remain here. Why is that? Because she loves us. Because we love her. And we have a Soul agreement, ours to hers. It is a rare, special, and sacred thing. We heart centered ones are here to shine this love on and express our gratitude to her for her endless support, strength, beauty, and anchoring of our souls through our physical bodies. She’s a keeper. And that’s how she feels about those of us who are awake enough to know of this sacred and nourishing communion that we share so deeply. We are devoted to her, and she to us. My point in speaking about our wondrous natural world is to remind us of the obvious wealth of beauty and nourishment that is here for us every single moment. Being reminded of that which already feeds and supports us so well is important. It is Soul recognition. It is Soul Speak. And that is why we are here.

Our Souls have a bigger view of this subject of fear.

The truth is that fear does not exist in our personal patterning.

Our intrinsic design is that of Wholeness.

And it is to this Wholeness that we must return if we want to lift the veil of fear.

It is to our Wholeness and all that is connected to it that we must commit to remembering.

Because that is what this is. It is a journey out of the realm of fear and back into our sacred love, our Wholeness.

And, if we all commit ourselves to this, we will be as One shining Golden Heart family. No longer divided by fear, but united in our solidarity of love and brilliance which is ecstatic about being alive on this planet at this time, consciously re-igniting our Souls beauty and desire HERE.

In fact, it is a great time to be alive.

In fact, it is a gift to be here at this moment.

In reconnecting with our Wholeness, and fully energizing that which holds greatest meaning to us, we delete the space of disconnect from ourselves and from our Source. It is precisely in this space of disconnect that fear has been able to enter because the disconnection has created a weak point. Once we have returned to our Wholeness, there is no space available for any fear to enter. There is simply no way that any fear can get in. Again, when we are fully connected to ourselves as expressions of our Source, we are consciously Soul Embodied. In this position, there is no space of disconnect for fear to get in or affect us.

We will continue to see fear, and we will acknowledge that, yes, it is “out there” because it will be. The fear-based consciousness itself is not going anywhere—not until it decides to do so. Until then, that consciousness will probably continue and maybe even escalate many more times. That is what is in the generational patterning – and these patterns are simply repeating themselves. Different content – but same form. Fear based form.

Loving centeredness is a different pattern altogether, which is why we can live this and simply co-exist alongside whatever else is happening here on this planet. It doesn’t mean we like whatever that may be, or condone it. It just means that because we have chosen to now be fully true to who we are, and opted to focus all of our energy on this commitment, we automatically end up being in the position of “live and let live.”

We encourage you to ponder how you feel about all of this, because it is a radically different position than that of the fear-based configuration.

Without your veil of fear, who are you? What do you wish to do? What do you want to express? What do you want your life to be about? What is of deepest meaning to you? What is it like to be you?

And, lest any of you be cringing a little at the thought that you may be all alone doing this, know that you are not. There are millions of us heart centered, sensitive folks on this planet at this time.

So, that puts the “loneliness question” to bed don’t you think?! There are so many of us here now! And, maybe that’s the reason that the time has now arrived for us all to stand strong in our loving outshining – and have it be a reality that can support itself and generate momentum forward for our children and their children to come. We are standing strong now in our love-based patterning. That changes everything – and I mean, everything.

It is a new dawn and a new day, as they say.

And, when all is said and done, you will see that, in fact, fear is so small. Yes, it makes a lot of noise, and is very good at doing all that it does to survive and multiply, but in truth it is no match for love.

Not even close. Not even in the same ballpark.

Check it out. You’ll see this for yourself.

You are so bright, bold and shining with love, as love. You are so much more powerful than any fear could ever be.

And that’s the truth of you. That’s the truth of us.

Heart. Many hearts of gold coming together, being and holding the space and reality of One Golden Heart Family. Can you feel that? It vibrates right here, and throughout the universe, with joy, beauty and exhilaration. It is full of passion and creative plan and possibility. This is what you have in yourself to be and to give.

Welcome home to yourself.

We honor you and are so grateful that you are here on this beautiful planet at the same time and moment that we are.

Our Souls are happy.

And we cheer each other on.

It is indeed good to be alive!

Love outshining everywhere!

Tips Along the Way to Stand Strong in Love

  1. When you feel like you have lost your balance, go back to what is meaningful for you and to you. That is your “point of gravity” that will keep you anchored in to your heart/love space.
  2. Make conscious choices about what you are going to energize. Fear based stuff? Or love-based positivity?
  3. Listen to the words you use, and the words others use, and how the energy is behind all of them. Choose how much you are going to agree and/or energize those. Are you going to simply add to the negative downspin, or are you going to seek positive perspective and focus your strength and energy on bringing forth uplifting solution? Remember, it’s all energy. It’s up to you how you direct it. You can be a huge part of the problem – or a huge part of the solution. The choice is yours.
  4. Pay attention to whether or not you are contributing to a love-based reality. Get conscious and deliberate about it.
  5. When you have gotten caught in fear, deliberately and consciously bring up your love. Focus on a person or place or memory that you love and let these be touchstones to help center you in your loving grace and gratitude. Soak up these feelings. Savor them so that they multiply and expand to fill your whole being. And then go do something loving for someone. Whether that be an actual gesture or an energetic gifting, like a prayer. Or sing a love song to someone (including yourself in this) in your heart. Go bake a cake with extra love. Go dig in the garden and speak your love to our sweet Earth. You get the point. Do whatever is meaningful to you that is an outpouring and sharing of your love. Feel your love, share your love. You will end up feeling centered in what is meaningful to you once again.
  6. When fear escalates around you, rather than cowering, stand stronger in your center. Take it as a signal that your loving presence and steadfastness is sorely needed. Dig deep. Rise up. Stand strong. Lovingly outshine! More, and more and more! And know that we all thank you for this. It helps us all to stand stronger and steadier too.
  7. In choosing to not be veiled, get used to the feeling and sensation of being free. It is novel for this time and place. It may feel uncomfortable to be so big but you’ll get used to it quickly. Give yourself time and space – literally!
  8. In choosing love-based patterned living, remember that you need to be kind, caring and gentle with YOU. Accept how much and how deeply you are loved. Feel it. Savor it. Celebrate it. Celebrate you and all of your unique gifts that we all benefit from so much.
  9. Know that we are all grateful for you.
  10. Savor the small wonders. Gaze on beauty. Be authentic, real, and present.
  11. Remember, we are all in this together. Together in love, we stand strong, bold and brightly outshining!
  12. Remember, love is also contagious! How wonderful is that?!
  13. Turn to the Earth. Speak to her, commune with her, spend time with her. Spend time in nature, in her beauty, and see the reflection she shows you of your beauty within. Spend as much time with her as possible. You will be rewarded.

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Deborah and Jack Bartello
Deborah and Jack Bartello have been forward thinkers and workshop leaders in the field of personal and spiritual development since 1986. As authors, they offer both the male and female perspective as well as their understanding of conscious, harmonious relationship on many levels. Their union is unique in its conscious and complete devotion to spirit and the common goal of love and beauty with which they are so perfectly aligned. Their new book “The Golden Remembrance, Reawakening One Golden Heart Consciousness” is now available on Amazon and at


  1. A love-based reality, is right on. Thanks for your post. Every time, and sometimes it’s not easy, I forgive, fear fades. Every time I advance divine consciousness, through word or behavior, fear diminishes. Every time I accept an Almighty Being, love is more and more real. For me and everyone.


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