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This hand pic was examined by me at the Greywood alternatives clinic, where i practice three days a week, with the request for information of any sort with which to identify the owner. The fingerprints were unrecorded with the London police and he was officially listed as an unknown D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival)

The Avon and Somerset police are the only force in the whole of Europe with a computer lay out for complete palm prints and pics, but it needs a palmist to interpret the data.

In the early days of the 20th century the master palmist Cheiro could differentiate nationalities by inter-palmar markings, but since the end of WWII in 1945 the races have become so mixed this system now rarely works. The skin coloration was what doctors call type 4 maybe 5 and what police call “Mediterranean in appearance” such things as a sun tan and the medical condition Dischorea, or unnatural skin color such as dermatitis conditions. Vitiligo can also drastically skew a prognosis.

I was refused permission to see the post mortem results, a full post mortem can take 6 hours and costs mean it is done only when absolutely necessary, but they did want ” my take” on the causes or facts surrounding the death, or any possible peripheral information.

Previous experience here says that if what you say coincides with what the police wish to promote they take notice, otherwise largely it can be ignored and some even make fun at your expense, at one point on entering police premises i was greeted by a policeman with a tea cosy on his head his trouser legs rolled up and flicking a wet washing up brush at me telling me he would read my tea leaves to guffaws of laughter from police colleagues egging him on.

For many years the court authorities have used Graphologists for hand writing analysis on a semi regular basis, especially in hate mail cases, poison pen letters and those involving white collar fraud – but the use of palmistry in criminal studies is not yet common in Britain.

  1. The most noticeable thing seen was the sudden stop of the lifeline at age 47-48, sudden stops usually can infer the possibility sudden death.
  2. The bar at the hand base coming through the fate line tells of being in vigourous health until outside forces claimed vengeance (see it joining the Fate line) incidentally had the bar line come from the Thumb base or family ring on the Venus mount this would have told of a family related crime as in an honor killing, this line known as a Hypothenar Bar which joins the health lines attack on the lifeline at its closure. The head line is significant as it shows over imagination and depression, this could relate to the heart line curving from beneath the middle or Saturn finger, this would show a purely physical cold and promiscuous type response, which is hardly synonymous with smooth running or lengthy relationships. The old proverb springs to mind “If one woman is not enough a thousand won’t be.”
  3. Add to this the horizontal relationship line under the small or Mercury finger with its downward curve and split end. Remember, as the line splits so does the relationship, alas poor omens further complicated by…
  4. The Via Mater, or the mother line, crossing the Thumb or Venus crease and coming up to interfere with this relationship line under the Mercury finger and we have certain knowledge of motherly interference in his adult life, particularly in his relationships. This Via Mater or mother line links in with the 4 small lines under the Mercury finger which are known as Samaritan lines and in India Flying needles, this could depict someone who was pushed into working in the caring professions. probably medicine by his mother. The pallour of the hand in each picture i saw suggests someone who did not go out much in daylight as in seen in shift workers, Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D. is a particular kind of depression often linked with shift work, as is the cardio vascular difficulty Arrythmiasis shown on the heart line, if the natural body rhythms are distorted over a long period various health disorders are not uncommon. Recent studies show a 50% increase in heart related problems in long term shift workers. Both the emotional infrastructure and the heart as an organ are symptomatic of the irregular heart line shown having its genesis under the Saturn finger and high on the mount.
  5. The thickness of the basal phalangesto the fingers and the heavy thick padded palm show both overweight and possible cholesterol problems, in particular the thickness of the basal phalanges of the first or Jupiter finger, as technically this is a sign of liver intestinal or gall bladder problems, but here it mainly shows an alcohol problem, further complicated by the finger being short showing an inferiority complex. These people cannot take criticism, and many psychologists see over consumption of alcohol as a self harming signal.

So, we have here a fine example of what is known as the ” cocktail effect” the resulting combination of the low self confidence the inferiority complex with its crippling feelings of worthlessness the alcohol dependency the compulsive womanizing aded to the early anxieties depicted on the life lines start which palmists call a ” barbed wire entanglement” which Psychologist and palmist Carl Jung said “these features alone said point to an Eodipus Complex”.

Certainly we see emotional baggage or unfinished business here, in a violent hand these feature always result in aggression toward women. The pic shows the early signs of Nocturnal Enuresis or bedwetting until approximately aged 8. The curved line across the palmar base in the urogenital sector is often the sign of prostate or waterworks difficulties or similar, but in this case with the subjects lax moral habits it could be an S.T.D.


From a variety of clues i would deduce this man to be from the indo/pak subcontinent. The white streaks across the nail (pic not shown) are a sign of slight Arsenic poisoning as seen in those who eat a lot of factory farmed chicken, (Arsenic is added to chicken feed to kill parasites, and is an accumulative poison) incidentally this sign is also seen in Tamoxifen overdoses. Anatomists tell us the length of the palm is normally one 12th the height of the body, so this man is a heavy 5 foot 7 inches or close to, and his body type is Mesomorph.

Asian men of this muscular type are usually Brachycephalic which means the skull width is 75-80% of its height and these are traditional fighting men from a few families in certain villages.

So, with that info i should be able to say fairly specifically which part of East Pakistan he is from and my guess is the Rangour area, where the soil has a fairly high Arsenic content. Their employment is as wrestlers, bodyguards builders soldiers etc. I suspect that as the hand suggests that as the diet is rich in saturated fats, he would be a Muslim as Hindus are vegetarian and this is a Muslim area. The immense strain for him to go against his background and use alcohol as an escape mechanism must have been considerable.

He was struggling to regain his emotional equilibrium after a difficult marital break up, The ring or Apollo finger shows the recent removal of a ring, and a forceful mother would be the last of his needs while working as a doctor. “There is a time for sowing and a time for reaping” Inherited factors in his hands suggest both his mother and father appear to be doctors and the pressure on him would be intense as confirmed by his stunted lifeline that he took his own life while depressed, the state of the blood shows in the nail moons and fingertips, telling tales of carbon monoxide poisoning, thus tragedy overtook him sometime just before the age of 50.

Confirmation and final testimony is given by the health lines collision with the lifeline at this point. He was found after a short search dead in an abandoned car the hose from the exhaust still in place. His fingertips showing signs of severe Carboxyhydroglobinaemia.

“We all labour against our own cure for death is the cure of all disease” – Thomas Browne


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