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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of GroupTarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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This week, a new to me deck, Gentle Creatures Wisdom Deck by Arwen Lynch-Poe, illustrated by Dan May is calling to share.

This deck was a birthday present from Arwen who will be my guest on February’s YouTube deck review. If you haven’t already, please do hop over and subscribe.

As I told Arwen, I needed gentleness in my life the week she gave me this belated present – it was rough loosing Philip Cuomo and Stephen Sondheim back to back. With everything currently going on with omicron and emerging from the holiday season, I feel like the world at large could use some gentleness.

January’s review will be Nature Spirit TarotThank you Edge Magazine! – and I’ll go live Sunday, Jan 16th at 3:48pm. Not only will I be giving a deck review, but I’ll be pulling Card of the Week live, so if you’ve ever been curious about how this works, next week, you can find out!

Why the strange time?
1. It’s exactly 24 hours before the Full Moon
2. It’s exactly my childhood address! What delightful synchronicity!

Without further adieu, Gentle Creatures Wisdom Deck gives us:
Wonder. This gentle soul is stargazing! One of my favorite pastimes!

Yesterday, coming home from the theatre, a shooting star was exactly vertical to the horizon seen from my driveway. A rare January treat now that we’re past the Ursids.

The telescope’s pivot point looks like a Venetian mask and friend Raven or Crow perches at the end of the optical tube, furthest from the eyepiece our gentle gray horned soft furry giant looks through, taking in the Wonders of the Universe.

In Sanskrit, Adbhuta; although as with all rasa’s there is sooooo much more than only “wonder” in Adbhuta.

If I’ve suddenly lost you with the different language or piqued your curiosity, you can learn more about my introduction to the 9 rasas outlined in The Natyasastra in The RasaBoxes Sourcebook (linked below). RasaBoxes is where I first learned about the rasas, not in my decades long yoga practice, surprisingly. After YEARS of talking about a book, it’s ALMOST HERE! Also, if you can find a translation of The Natyasastra, I highly recommend it. It took me a few years of looking to get a copy, but I finally did and it seems like they’re more in print now than they used to be. It’s the Hindu sacred text of Dance and Drama.

I digress into the wonderful world of research and source material – which is completely appropriate for Adbhuta which is also Mystery and Curiosity – part of the weave of Wonder.

What piques your curiosity? Can you follow that this week?

What can you stare at for hours on end, noticing patterns, creating stories in the constellations, dreaming into interstellar travel, feeling small and fragile and bold in a vast world?

What friends are with you as you observe? Kin of animal, tree, rock, grass, and of course stars, planets, nebula, and my personal favorite as it is part of my magickal name, comets.

Ooh… this also happens to be the last card in Gentle Creatures deck, so how can you complete projects, and invite the curiosity of what comes next? This feels exceptionally appropriate as I loaded out a show today, so there’s that completion, as well as the expectation of a blank stage – what story will be told next? Were is next to go? What will we next see?

I adore this particular tidbit of Arwen’s writing:

“Let yourself look at life with open, loving, bewilderment for a time. Not everything has to make sense. It will all unfold.”

Open, loving, bewilderment.



Loving. Be Wilder.
(ment kind of feels like a dangling participle here, but I trust you feel what I mean)

May your week be permeated with surprise moments of open, loving, bewilderment.

Learn more about the deck’s creator here –

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