Confidence is Priceless


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Confidence is priceless. You can’t buy it, can’t steal it, can’t give it to someone else. Self-confidence starts with Self. Knowledge of yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, personality, likes, dislikes etc. But it is more than knowledge of self, you also need to know what you are capable of and to know what you are capable of, you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. There is no growth in your comfort zone and no comfort in growth. A new year is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone. Learn something new this year, take a class, make a new friend, try a new sport, take up a new hobby, create something, anything to help you step out of your comfort zone.

To start the new year, I’m taking a week-long online course. Many of my classmates said that they took the course because they feel “stuck”. They feel lost, like life has beaten them down in one way or another, either divorce, job loss, illness, or other major stressors. Their low self-worth is based in the belief that life wouldn’t deal them so many challenges if they were good enough. Of course, that isn’t true. Adversity happens to all of us, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US! It’s how you deal with adversity that makes the difference. Knowing you can handle a curve ball gives you the confidence to handle life’s struggles. You can learn how to handle a curve ball by practicing. You need to practice stepping out of your comfort zone until you are comfortable being uncomfortable. I’m not advocating swimming the English Channel when you haven’t had a swimming lesson, I am suggesting that you start with small challenges. Talk to a stranger in line at the grocery store, compliment someone in the elevator, ask someone at the gym to be your accountability buddy. These will give you more confidence and help you feel more connected to humankind. They will also give you more confidence to take larger steps and finally THE BIG LEAP. Then you will truly know that you can handle anything that life throws at you.

You can start practicing with me in my confidence enrichment course where, you will gain the confidence to navigate life’s evolving challenges. Become your authentic self, develop your style, maximize personal and professional relationships, set healthy boundaries, stay safe in relationships, conquer conflict, enrich your confidence, believe in yourself, BE YOU!

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Stephanie Smith is a dynamic, engaging public speaker and former president of a chapter of Toastmasters International. Most recently she was the Community Relations Director for a domestic violence agency. She has a marketing degree and has worked for industry giants such as Nordstrom & Godiva Chocolatier as well as specialty boutiques where she gained extensive experience in management, marketing and customer service. She is a professional model and voice over actor having worked for clients such as ShopHQ, Nordstrom, Target and 3M. She is a classically trained vocalist and has sung at Carnegie Hall in NY, toured Europe with America's Youth in Concert and performed in and directed many community theater productions. She co-created MASC, Marshall Area Stage Company, a theater company in southwest MN. She trained at the internationally known London Image Institute, The Australian Image Company and The Color Design Institute and had a successful Image Consulting Business for over 15 years. She trained as Certified Theraputic Coach with the Meta Institute. She is a water aerobics instructor for over 25 years and is scuba certified. Her passion is empowering women. She has taken her performance skills, image consulting skills and relationship skills and put them into a program to help young women be more confident as they approach adulthood. She has created A.C.E. Academy of Confidence Empowerment in order to do just that!


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