Starcodes: January 14-20


Starcodes for the week of January 14 – 20, 2022

When things get strange, push the pause button and hold still for a minute; It’s going to be a wonky week. Mental Mercury now turns retrograde for the next three weeks and complicates how we communicate and how we transport. Venus, Queen of relationships and all we value, is retrograde until the end of the month, and change-inducing Uranus soon turns direct after many months retrograde. When planets appear to hold still to change directions against the zodiac, the energy they symbolize can swirl and roil like a winter ocean.

Retrogrades cause us to look backwards, with all that ensuing gifts and work. With these retrogrades we could feel like we’ll never get out of the 2020 – 2021 covid vortex. Political headlines focus on the past and relationships can review their low points. Facebook tosses odd memories into our virtual lap. Our dreams can dredge up both the mud and the gems of the past and we can feel stuck.

One helpful point, Mars in Sagittarius can help us forgive more easily, be honest – though we have to add depth to that honesty – and find humor on the slapstick.

There will be a shift in the winds as spring approaches, and we can make slow progress even now by staying calm, doing what we can do, and taking one step at a time. Engage all basic Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde survival skills. Make room for delays, follow up on letters mailed, packages, and pay extra attention to anything with a tight timeline. Prioritize safety and watch out for fluky accidents. If things get strange or delays change the schedule, look for the opportunity hidden within the unplanned experience and make the best of it.

If the delays get to us it can help to consciously review any good memories and remember all the healthy progress we’ve made so far. Use this time to clean up the past, reconnect with old contacts and familiar beloveds and revive old creative projects.

Anytime there is a whiff of tension, check for misunderstandings. If a situation gets tense and communication stymies – stop, smile, back off and come at it again later with a bit more time. Return to goals in common. Like the Constitution and democracy.

On Friday a talkative and adaptable Gemini Moon can help us roll with the swirls as Mercury turns retrograde and squares Neptune. Assume we have only part of the story. Over the weekend and through Monday a waxing to full Moon in Cancer as the Sun conjunct in-depth Pluto deepen those emotional waves like a storm over the North Atlantic. Let all feelings be transient, do not read the story of the future in this moment. If our minds spend time with those we miss or notice a story that brushes closer to mortality, let it remind us to take care of one another, get right with one another, and be fully alive now.

As the Moon enters Leo late on Monday we may need to feel heard but don’t need melodrama or drama to express the depths of our feelings. Trade off and be each other’s appreciative audience. Towards the end of the week as the Sun enters Aquarius and the Moon heads into industrious Virgo it can become easier to collaborate and make the best of our situation; attend to the work that needs to be done even with Mercury retrograde.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, January 14: If some important work or decision feels like it is about to coalesce- then is put on a temporary hold, don’t give up. Expect delays. Refine and adjust plans, take care of other business and prepare to build momentum in a month. Midday confusion or diffusion can leave us feeling overextended tonight. Enjoy an ambient sharp-edged humor as that Moon opposes Mars, just be kind as well as funny. Prioritize gentleness and rest.

Mercury retrograde 4:41 AM, Moon square Neptune 2:50 PM, Moon opposed Mars 7:21 PM.

Saturday, January 15: Let the world’s difficulties inspire more authenticity, not less. Take care of the home, family, and chosen family as the Moon enters Cancer and trines Jupiter. Increase coziness. Our defenses could get twitchy, so relax, worry less about staying safe and more about honestly sharing the heart through considerate actions.

Moon enters Cancer 9:10 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:30 PM.

Sunday, January 16: An event may remind us to be glad we are alive. Watch a tendency to catastrophize or get depressed as the Sun conjuncts Pluto; instead honor a call to the heart and stick to what really matters. If emotional needs play bumper cars, drop below minor irritations and reactions as the Cancer Moon opposes Venus and Mercury semi-squares Mars; stay safe and keep the heart open.

Moon sextile Uranus 6:57 AM, Sun conjunct Pluto 7:50 AM, Moon opposed Venus 1:50 PM, Mercury semi-square Mars 8:22 PM.

Monday, January 17: Moods change quickly, emotional storm clouds could scuttle over bright skies as the Moon waxes full in deep-feeling Cancer. Sidestep power struggles. Dwell neither in the past nor the future; stay here and now. We can tap into something larger than ourselves for stability, connect with the earth beneath, the sky above, and the spirit within all. After and inwards-looking day, the Moon enters Leo tonight and brings us out and about.

Moon trine Neptune 3:18 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 2:07 PM, Moon opposed Sun 4:48 PM, Moon enters Leo 9:02 PM.

Tuesday, January 18: Long for some positive excitement for a change as Uranus turns direct under an expressive Leo Moon. Feel the feelings rather than invoke drama to express their depths. Keep an eye out for electronic difficulties and enjoy unexpected spontaneous moments. Some change that was on hold may now move forward as Uranus turns direct. Keep an eye out for electronic difficulties and enjoy unexpected spontaneous moments.

Mercury sextile Chiron 3:04 AM, Uranus turns direct 8:25 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 1:39 PM, Moon square Uranus 6:11 PM.

Wednesday, January 19: Morning is slow or serious as the Leo Moon opposes Saturn, by midday people need more attention. It eases practical work if we nurture connection first and then attempt to coordinate. When in doubt nurture connection and let’s that make the practical stuff easier and long one. The Sun enters Aquarius tonight begins to bring our minds out towards community and the body politic.

Moon opposed and 12:18 AM, Sun enters Aquarius 7:38 PM.

Thursday, January 20: It would be nice if we could take the next few weeks as a personal retreat, but if we must keep working, this is a good day to make lists and check them off under a conscientious Virgo Moon. Stay organized. Check to make sure all on the team have shared priorities. Do not take minor irritations out on one another, lack of clarity rather than stupidity can be the problem as Mercury semi-squares Neptune. Keep an eye on the weather and driving conditions. Celebrate every minor victory.

Moon trine Mars 1:15AM, Moon enters Virgo 7:01 AM, Moon opposes Jupiter 3:58 PM, Mercury semi-square Neptune 10:14 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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