Starcodes: January 28 – February 3


Starcodes for the week of January 28 – February 3, 2022

Let’s work on our bucket list. Our minds will tend to get morbid this weekend as retrograde Mercury conjuncts Pluto so we might as well use the time constructively. Pluto doesn’t want us to just get depressed but to be fully alive in the face of life’s challenges.

Eventually we will die, so what can we do first? What do we still want to accomplish, see, say, heal, and love in this wild and precious life of ours? That’s what Pluto really pushes us to do. Tend what matters and not to waste our time.

Hints of disaster can, however, hover in the headlights and the headlines; there is an opportunity for some truly momentous wrong moves this week but most hints will raise the specter and disappear in smoke. Mercury and Venus usually conjunct Pluto once a year for a few days, but this winter both do so three times. Mercury conjunct Pluto December 30, retrogrades back over it January 28, turns direct Feb 3rd and conjuncts Pluto again February 11. Venus conjunct Pluto December 1, retrograded back to conjuncts it again December 25, turns direct Jan 30th and conjuncts Pluto again March 3. This direct-retrograde-direct cycle brings up a problem, asks us to work it, and then helps us resolve it.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all now in serious, hardworking Capricorn, which imparts some sanity and encourages us to show and feel love by helping one another in a concrete and pragmatic way. Be competent, not manipulative, and ask the same of others around. If feeling depressed, as Capricorn can bring that feeling out, find some one place where progress can be made – a drawer, a file, a seed catalog – start there, and work outwards. Or if feeling truly stuck, practice patience for the next few weeks and celebrate any improvement made on the patience itself.

It is important that we suspend judgment of ourselves and others during this time. Like Job, we cannot judge our or another’s divine state based on fortunes or misfortunes.

The energy swirls and changes minute by minute on Friday under an honest, upbeat Sagittarius Moon as Mercury conjunct Pluto and Venus stations to turn direct. The Moon then enters determined Capricorn over the weekend as the Sun squares Uranus and brings a restless desire to change the situation without a clear view of what would help. It furthers to work on projects already in motion, to take notes, and to clear the decks. Early next week on Moon in Aquarius while the Sun can serious Saturn helps us get real about our interpersonal dynamics.

Wednesday and Thursday be kind, slow down, and place as few orders as possible. Make life a meditation in stillness as Mercury appears to hold still as it prepares to turn direct on Thursday night. Snafus, sensitive feelings, sweet moments and misperceptions ripple through as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces. Be patient, be kind, and trust that clouds will clear soon. Groundhog Day – Imbolc marks winter’s halfway point, Persephone now begins to walk upwards, spring is coming.

Friday, January 28: On this bittersweet and productive day we may wrestle with some honest if uncomfortable reality as Mercury conjunct Pluto. This difficult reality may be temporary, it does not necessarily predict the future, but we need to deal with it now. Luckily the Moon in positive Sagittarius can loan us resilience and help us make the most of the present moment. We can turn some painful memory into helpful advice for ourselves or others as the Sun sextiles Chiron.

Moon sextile Saturn 1:39 AM, Moon square Neptune 11:59 AM, Sun sextile Chiron 7:57 PM, Mercury conjunct Pluto 9:15 PM.

Saturday, January 29: The Moon enters Capricorn, conjuncts Mars, and challenges us to deal with our own personal work. Emotions can swirl as Venus turns direct, but localized problems could clear up soon. But right now, do not push relationship issues; the more you push the tighter they get. Instead, give beloveds realistic room and love and the problems will begin to unwind on their own.

Venus turns direct 1:45 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 208 8 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 8:10 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 1:30 PM, Moon trine Uranus 7:47 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 8:07 PM.

Sunday, January 30: On this tricky, strategic, sometimes uncomfortable day, we can be competent but still have to deal with potholes as the Sun squares erratic Uranus. The discomfort can help us prioritize what needs to be done next. We may see real intentions play out on the big chessboard of life- but what begins today may be about rehashing the past rather than stepping forward to the future as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s a great day to finish up old projects, bad day to invade a country.

Sun square Uranus 12:31 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 12:47 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 7:25 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 9:43 PM.

Monday, January 31: Although we may not be feeling personally introspective, let’s contemplate our place in the community, team, and the globe ecosystem. Ask what we think we should feel, notice how we actually feel, and contemplate what to authentically do about the difference between on this dark of the Moon before the Sun and Moon conjunct in Aquarius at 10:45 PM.

Moon enters Aquarius 2:42 AM, Moon square Uranus 8:25 PM, Moon conjunct the Sun 10:45 PM.

Tuesday, February 1: To push forward today will feel like spinning in circles Don’t slip on the ice, take each step thoughtfully and carefully, both on the sidewalk and in more ephemeral decisions. Move consciously, ask for clarification, get facts, avoid assumptions. Read the fine print and make sure the details are in line with the intention.

Moon conjunct Saturn 4:01 AM.

Wednesday, February 2: Feelings are sensitive and words are easily misconstrued which can be a delicate mix as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and conjunct Jupiter. Although work push us, our emotions may feel too soft and permeable to handle the hard stuff. All our boundaries may feel unpleasantly permeable; respect other people’s edges and the lines they draw in the sand. Happy Groundhog Day- this is a day to take animal auguries, so notice what animals you see, think of or dance with in your dreams. Moon enters Pisces 3:59 AM, Moon sextile Mars 3:32 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:57 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 10:30 PM, Moon sextile Venus 11:34 PM. Thursday, February 3: The day could bring a pivot point. We need to stay flexible, ready to think big and shift and adjust our plans and attitudes as Mercury hold still and prepares to turn direct tonight. Take a deep breath, stay here in the moment, think about plans as the Sun conjuncts serious Saturn, but avoid initiating new action- where possible- until early next week. Look for some interesting breakthroughs in understanding and communication late tonight. Moon conjunct Neptune 4:53 PM, Mercury turns direct 9:12 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 9:55 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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