Starcodes: January 7-13

Starcodes for the week of January 7 – 13, 2022

The first few months of 2022 may not feel like a new year, more a review of the last few years’ and all its trauma. Venus is already retrograde (hence the emotional review) and Mercury turns retrograde in a week, both in the vicinity of heavy planets, Pluto and Saturn respectively. When planets retrograde- appear to back up against the sky -they send us back to remember -and our review of the last couple of years can feel pretty harsh. Not that we’ll have fresh new trauma to deal with, but we are asked to remember, use our new coping skills, and – if we’re lucky- learn a bit more from where we’ve been.

A change is coming, we turn a corner in springtime. Steady work, whether it’s personal work, professional work, or work in our community, can be good Capricorn therapy for this potential lingering depression while we wait. Like a bird gathering winter berries- if furthers to stay busy.

So we need something to do this month. Capricorn likes a clear goal; with the Sun, Venus, and Pluto presently in an industrious Capricorn we can accomplish a lot in the weeks ahead. But to do so we need to get organized now.

Before we build up a head of steam towards our life’s direction, it’s good to reconsider the point and purpose of our plans. Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune on Tuesday which can bring up some personal doubts about where we’re going and why or can point to our vulnerability and ask us to take a Covid break. We may need to let of an outdated goal to envision a new way forward. But while we are reconsidering the big picture, it is still good therapy to get all the smaller things accomplished. Though some plans may not materialize until February, we’ll feel better between now and then if we have closets to clean and places to explore.

Mercury is now in objective Aquarius and can help us get our team together. Mercury approaches a conjunction with serious Saturn and helps us figure out logical next steps. Mercury turns retrograde right before these two planets conjunct, on January 14 and for three weeks, so we’ll need to keep those plans flexible, be patient, and roll with the changes.

Friday starts a bit dreamy, passive, or spacey under a sensitive Pisces Moon but revs up for an emotional and interactive weekend as the Moon enters Aries. Retrograde Venus conjuncts the Sun at 18° of Capricorn and begin a 10-month tour as our fierce morning star. This conjunction can tempt us to manipulate another’s life as a sign of affection but calls us to -instead -honestly look in our hearts to know what we feel and how this affects our decisions and behavior. It also encourages us to build something or engage practical beauty.

And active Aries Moon kicks in on Friday night and helps us redirect our energy. Early in the week at Taurus Moon adds to that to add stamina to our efforts, no one will want to move quickly but we can keep moving. That Mars-Neptune square perfects on Tuesday and can either leave us feeling like we don’t know what’s happening or give us a moment we can forgive and forget. Later in the week a talkative Gemini Moon trines Saturn and Mercury, offers objectivity to help us discuss touchy subjects and helps us get our ducks in a row for Mercury retrograde.

Friday, January 7: Friday starts dreamy, tired, or confusing as the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces early on but begins to clarify by mid-afternoon. Some foggy truth begins to come into focus as the Moon sextiles Pluto. Energy and irritability crank up tonight, so does our reaction time as the Moon enters Aries. Tails may twitch; keep the chip off the shoulder, act rather than react.

Moon sextile Venus 3:40 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 5:39 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 3:23 PM, Moon enters Aries 10:25 PM.

Saturday, January 8: Who and what do you care about? The Sun-Venus conjunction wants to know. We can try to keep ourselves busy so as not to deal with an important emotional truth, but this conjunction wants us to look into our hearts, listen all on all levels, and be honest with ourselves.

Moon sextile Mercury 12:36 PM, Moon conjunct Chiron 2:30 PM, Sun conjunct Venus 5:47 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:26 PM.

Sunday, January 9: Early morning grumpiness or clash of needs can smooth out if we work or laugh together in a common project as the Aries Moon squares and clashes with Sun and Venus but forms a supportive trine to Mars and offers an outlet of activity. Feelings deepen tonight and offer an opportunity for potentially healing conversations as Mercury sextiles Chiron. If worries or concerns start to weigh heavily tonight, know that some of this is existential; feel the feelings but release the stories as the Moon squares Pluto.

Moon square Venus 9 AM, Moon trine Mars 10:57 AM, Moon square Sun 11:11 AM, Mercury sextile Chiron 7:06 PM.
Monday, January 10: A steady pace can solve many ills this morning as the Moon enters enduring and sextiles positive Jupiter. If issues of relationship and territory arise midday as Venus semi-squares Jupiter midday, offer reassurance rather than arguments and help people dwell in their self-worth rather than engage in emotional tug-of-war. Tonight, the Sun sextiles Neptune and encourages an easing dreaminess.

Moon square Pluto 12:22 AM, Moon enters Taurus 7:46 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 12:47 PM, Venus semi-square Jupiter 3:23 PM, Sun sextile Neptune 8:27 PM.

Tuesday, January 11: Notice both a call for change and resistance to that change as the Taurus Moon conjuncts Uranus. Think about the minimum necessary adjustments needed to improve the situation and start there. Be willing to release an old certainty or anger to make room for new, and not know for a while to make room for new more appropriate goals as determined Mars squares dissolving Neptune.

Moon square Mercury 2:37 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 5:21 AM, Moon square Saturn 9:53 AM, Mars square Neptune 2:43 PM, Moon trine Venus 5:33 PM.

Wednesday, January 12: This is a practical, sensual, stubborn day, let’s be careful where we dig our heels in and make sure it’s useful. We may not feel particularly emotionally cozy but we can make pragmatic progress. Get people talking tonight as the Moon enters talkative Gemini; process, catch up, and sketch out flexible plans.

Moon sextile Neptune 1:38 AM, Moon trine Sun 4:19 AM, Moon trine Pluto 12:38 PM, Moon enters Gemini 8:07 PM.

Thursday, January 13: Complete and communicate, get the bills paid, batten down the hatches. Proceed with care and determination as it may feel like walking upstream while Mercury slows down to retrograde tonight. Tend to business as the verbal Gemini Moon trines Mercury and Saturn and helps us organize. If we can get agreement today, we can follow it through in the weeks ahead. The pace slows down during the day and snafus begin to collect. It furthers to hold still tonight and enjoy the moment rather than push forward.

Moon square Jupiter 2:24 AM, Moon trine Mercury 5:09 PM, Moon trine Saturn 11:25 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins



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