Starcodes: January 21-27


Starcodes for the week of January 21 – 27, 2022

Life will feel easier if we just chill this week, catch up with friends and reassess our situation rather than try to push forward with Venus and Mercury now both retrograde. Practice hygge-the Danish concept of warm winter coziness. Introspect, review, research, and integrate elements of the past before taking the next step.

Stay safe, the swirling energies of these retrograde planets can set off strange accidents and complexities. But the unusual energies can also create some surprising breakthroughs when everything works out right. It could be accidental, may feel like a fluke, but it could be a good new beginning.

During this review time it’s useful to think about how we got ourselves into our present social and political situation, and what we might want to do differently next time. The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn all now in Aquarius point out to us that our personal life is embedded in the socio-political process. We need to do this reassessment before we leap forward as spring arrives, tempting though it will be to push the boundaries now.

It can be challenging to just rest, complete, and review as the week progresses. As Mars joins Venus in Capricorn on Monday and Mercury retrogrades back into determined, goal-oriented Capricorn on Tuesday we remember our ambitions and may want to push forward. Capricorn likes to climb mountains, make progress, take clear steps towards a measurable goal – all things which are hard to do with Mercury retrograde.

So while we’re waiting we can either spin our wheels and rail with frustration, get worried and potentially depressed because we feel stuck. Or we can roll with it and make the most of this retrograde season. Clear up and clean up the past. Finish unfinished business. Pull out the paints and the beadwork, get back to art forms we’ve left behind. Connect with old friends, awaken old contacts, appreciate what has worked in the past and weave it towards the future. And have hot cocoa by a cozy fire.

Want to research family history? Now’s a great time to do it. Just watch out for the could’ve – would’ve – should’ve efforts to rethink the past. The past is. It just is. We cannot change it, we can only change the future. But we can honor the past, learn from it, make reparations, and savor the best bits.

This slowdown only lasts a few weeks. Venus turns direct January 30 and Mercury turns direct on February 5, by mid-February were rolling forward. If we assess and prepare now, we can use those next two months with Mars in Capricorn productively. Keep an eye on the international chess board as that Mars in Capricorn prepares some major strategic moves.

Friday the mood can be sociable and relatively effective under a busy Virgo Moon. Over the weekend, practice hygge and pull out the art supplies under a friendly Libra Moon. On Sunday and early next week we can get frustrated easily as Mars semi-squares Saturn; the harder we push, the worse our situation can get, so instead let’s slow down, persist patiently, and find workarounds.

Midweek we can expect a confusing clash between a desire for connection and a desire for solitude under a private Scorpio Moon. The week ends under an exploratory Sagittarius Moon which can help us laugh at the oddities and brings a note of wanderlust. Just wander safely. Dream about faraway places but wait a few weeks to make those distant reservations.

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Friday, January 21: Cooperate with goodwill and wrangle the details, the Virgo Moon helps us be relatively efficient even with Mercury retrograde. Notice an underlying busy self-critique or anxiety, hold that place gently and send it love rather than let it run the show. Tie up loose ends and track carefully that which needs finishing. Then knock off tonight as the Moon opposes Neptune; our minds could be tired of trying so hard and want rest and fantasy. Love a good story line and bring the popcorn.

Moon trine Uranus 3:27 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:18 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 10:43 PM.

Saturday, January 22: Morning could be irascible, let any irritation remind us to take care of ourselves and tend to our chores rather than nag one another. In the afternoon the Moon enters more sociable and pleasant Libra, trines the Sun and Mercury all in sociable air signs, and so calls our minds to our community. Ponder questions of social justice and right proportion. Find a safe way to connect tonight.

Moon trine Pluto 8:52 AM, Moon square Mars 12:45 PM, Moon enters Libra 3:02 PM, Moon trine son 8:42 PM Moon trine Mercury 9:46 PM.

Sunday, January 23: We may come to know something this morning, not through just our intellectual prowess, as our brains may be feeling a little dull edged, but through a deeper knowing where our logic aligns with our felt senses. Let the mind and perceptions work together. In the afternoon we may need to wrestle with frustrations as Mars semi-squares Saturn. It will not further to focus on fault and blame. The harder we pus , the worse it gets, so consider timing, pacing, and the path of least resistance that will still get where we need to go.

Sun conjunct Mercury 3:27 AM, Moon opposed Chiron 7:24 AM, Moon square Venus 12:21 PM Mars semi- square Saturn 1:47 PM, Moon trine Saturn 5:25 PM.

Monday, January 24: Determined Mars enters Capricorn this morning and can dampens our sense of playfulness but give us more determination. We have to use that determination wisely and not let it make us not get grim or manipulative. The Moon enters Scorpio tonight and brings our energy inwards. Enjoy each other’s company but leave people to their own thoughts.

Mars enters Capricorn 5:52 AM, Moon square Pluto 3:09 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 8:56 PM, Moon sextile Mars 9:47 PM, Moon square Mercury 10:50 PM.

Tuesday, January 25: Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn today under that bristly Scorpio Moon, people can get in a truly foul moods when the world is not going the way they wanted to. Instead, it furthers to engage in research about the past, search and solve a mystery, and be curious about the world rather than try to impose our will. Proceed consciously around confusing weather or interpersonal situations tonight as the sun semi-squares Neptune.

Moon square Sun 6:40 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 7:01 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 3:52 PM, Moon sextile Venus 4:41 PM, Mercury enters Capricorn 8:04 PM, Moon square Saturn 10:41 PM, sun semi-squares Neptune11:20 PM.

Wednesday, January 26: Work at our own pace, one that we can control, can go smoothly. Morning could bring a fuzzy mood with a pleasant sense of well-being if were not rushed, but we may need to clear out some misunderstanding. Tonight we can achieve new clarity about a bit of personal history, but the present may feel opaque.

Moon trine Neptune 9:47 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:09 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 10:27 PM.

Thursday, January 27: Don’t hurry, keep a steady pace. The Sagittarius Moon can make us restless just when we need to move with consciousness, and that can cause problems. Patience. A slightly lighter heart or sharper humor softens some keen edge. Keep ears open for some direct news about problems we’ve been avoiding. Take in that fresh news and remember that an honest answer builds a good foundation for future growth.

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:34 AM, Moon square Jupiter 11:01 AM, Moon sextile Sun 1:46 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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