The Transcended Heart


A Truly Powerful Force

The magnificence of a heart that has been transformed from an embittered state to one of grace and gratitude is a wonderful story to behold.

Within the world of the planet there are so many who have felt judged and punished their whole lives. Those precious souls are feeling the disparity of kindness to some and malice toward another. The shapes of things to come are so very different in the manner that human heart or soul can be transformed when the heart is open to a new story or a glorious paradigm that has yet to be experienced by the wounded soldier who is here on earth at this time. Malice and judgement are transformable as well when the heart of the hater is awakened to the love it has so desired. Love is not an emotion to be manipulated but an energy to be employed and exploited to soften the hard hearted and assuage the sorrowful. Love is the most powerful force in the universe! Indeed, it has no equal in transformational powers and it is the catalyst that is missing in so many human fields today.

History has brought mankind to a crossroads. The direction taken by each soul will impact the future and if too few have awakened then the results could lead to dire consequences. And yet, man has had plenty of time to conform to a softer and kinder approach of fairness and equality and still the Universe waits for radical changes in humankind’s systematic limiting of the new processes required to succeed in the purpose of the galaxy to ascend to greater victory over the darkness in the ether and atmosphere.

All around the universe is a stillness in anticipation of the message being heard. The silence is deafening in minds of the enlightened. It rumbles through the streets at night and vibrates in the ears of those who are still asleep. It is shaking the planet and tearing at the raments of the masses who still cannot allow love to lift them up. It thunders through the night sky and flashes in angry processions of warnings to those who cannot see the flashes. Blind to their own malfeasance they stumble in the darkness still. So be it then that those who cannot and were not meant to relish the energy of loving kindness and the joy it brings. They will continue to try to keep the status quo in a way they can feel empowered.

Balance in the Universe as a Law of Polarity requires that the weak and feeble minded remain in the darkness, they create for themselves while those who love freely and without complaint will balance their darkness with light. Be advised that the light is not sufficient to quell the darkness, and many are fooled into thinking they are shining sufficiently to illumine the darkness with a new truth. And yet, the untranscended heart that is love based upon emotions is not sufficient to the task. The untranscended heart is too weak to survive the battle. Belief in something greater than oneself will only hold the darkness at bay for a while longer.

The battle is raging on all fronts and the only way stop the flow of malevolence is to fight it with a greater power which is the energy of love. Energy in a pure high vibrational form cannot be ignored because it will destroy what it cannot transform. The two forms of energy, dark and light will of necessity reach a stalemate and the victory will be the New World that is birthing itself. You feel the contractions and hear the cries of the planet. It is in labor and can no longer be dormant and silent for its Creator insists it mature to a higher state of being. Its nursemaids are growing anxious and weary in the laboring process of new life from old. The angry shouts we now hear will become cries of agony soon.

So yes, shelter in place if you dare. It is time to rise up in a new wave of energetic warfare and begin to cry out against the hatred and self-indulgence of the entitled. If one feels entitled let them know that it must be earned and not demanded. It like respect is expensive and requires great character not just a loud demanding voice. The reward of good things is freely given to those who have earned it.

The joy offered by the possession of a transcended heart is immeasurable and it qualifies one for all the goodness the universe has to offer freely and fairly. It is a natural course of the Law of Cause and Effect.

A loving heart attracts loving energy, and it does so with little effort because the energy of love is so powerful. Understanding that love is literally an energy is an imperative to understand because it is the only weapon that can resist the rising tide of those who want everything for nothing. With the energy of love, one can take a stance in resisting the ebb and flow of malevolence by setting the intention with the mind and mindset of, no, this is not the course the world must take…

“No! Not Today.”

It is too minimal to simply accept the darkness as it uses love against the loving to manipulate them into thinking if they were truly love they would accept the rubbish being shouted in the streets. The dark ones sigh, “If the loving were loving, they would give to those who demand the benefits of light when they dwell in darkness.”

I offer this thought for the consideration of the enlightened. Your generosity will not save them. It may feed their belly but will only make them crave more. The Gathering of Souls is complete and now is the time of reconciliation for the mistakes we have all made in the past. It must not come at the enslavement of the light keepers. It must come by doing battle in the energy fields that always surround us and with the help of warriors who support us on the other side. The Angels who protect us are asking us to join the fight and to learn to use energy as the only weapon that can save us.

We must empower each other with thought energy and intentions and resist the dark energy that is consuming our world. If you do not know how to fight with your thoughts, ask your angels to teach you. They have been waiting for the opportunity a very long time.

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