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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of GroupTarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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I hope you all had a marvelous Imbolc and Lunar New Year, however you may have celebrated. I was with a circle of friends I hadn’t seen IRL in almost a year. It was beautiful and a bit nerve wracking! There were a lot of us! Fully vaxxed and boosted, indoor/outdoor spaces, and still super odd, new sensations coursing through my body, because even though I have lived through a lot of traumas in my life, this is still my first full pandemic. AIDS was horrible, and I was young, only having folks I really knew become infected after AZT had hit the streets. It’s not really an apples to apples correlation.

This week, Modern Witch Tarot called out to share and gives us:
Eight of Pentacles.

Tarot cloth made by Karrie Kilmer.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Practice, practice, practice.

I personally find it HILARIOUS that this is the card that called out as I had been pondering my social media presence and wondering/doubting if the content I’m creating is landing for folx and helpful. This card has also come up IN SO MANY READINGS RECENTLY! Personal and professional. I, you, are not alone!

One of the things I love about Lisa Sterle’s illustration here, is that this artist is working in multiple mediums whereas traditionally our artist is a cobbler or carver working in the same medium. Practicing over and over again more than 10,000 hours to become a true master of their craft, gaining depth and skill with every repetition.

Here, the repetition to master your craft – especially on the days when we don’t want to practice, or feel like we’ve plateaued, or feel like there’s nothing left to learn here – expands outwards. Can you draw the pentacle digitally? Can you do it freehand? With pen & ink? Oils? Pastels? Watercolor?

Also, you don’t always have to come up with your own ideas! You can copy from masters you admire – just make sure to give credit where credit is due. Also, BEFORE you go sharing your side by sides on social media, if the art isn’t in common use, do get permission first. I just recently took down a gorgeous piece of artwork I found searching the internet, created by Simhanada Gaither. I reposted on Instagram – with proper credit. Plagiarism is ugly in any medium. The artist reached out, we had a very civil conversation where I learned that reposting can be a violation of copyright and artists could file DMCA which gives strikes towards your account. New to me, very important information! So not only, give credit where credit is due, also whenever possible, ask for permission first.

Which is also a practice. We live in a digital age where for many it is easy to replicate, to cut & paste, or photoshop. Many degrees of separation sometimes remove us from authors, artists, thinkers, poets. If someone says, “hey that artist is so and so” say “thank you!” double check their research, check in with the artist, and then credit properly if given permission to use their work. Or don’t use that work. Find something else, or create your own unique art.

You’re on the right path. Your repetitions and practice, curiosity and observations are paying off whether you’re aware of it or not.

And honestly, there’s a high likelihood that you’re not aware of the reach of your influence. Our artist is sitting in a room, working on a tablet that may or may not be connected to the internet, with a cityscape outside the window. There’s a sense of isolation, solo creation, even if there are roommates or healing parents on the other side of the wall. So carve out some solo time to dive even more deeply into the art and creations that nourish your soul.

You’re on the right path.
You’re on the right path, doing work for the higher good of all.

That bears repeating at least eight times.

And if, you’re learning in this repetition, that you’re actually in a rut, that you really and truly don’t want to be doing what you’re doing, you always have the power to make a change. Turn the computer off and go for a little journey about your neighborhood. Or the next room, or your mind’s eye.

More about the deck’s creator –

To purchase this deck – Lisa has some third party links on her website, but I always recommend contacting your local brick & mortar first.

Further recommended reading – A great article, Black Culture is Mainstream, But that Isn’t Enough by The Depolarization Project

All the b.e.s.t,

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