Crazy Little Thing Called Fear


Have you ever gone through a tough time and had someone tell you “just think positive or you will block any good from coming into your life.” Great, so now on top of your original fear, you have the fear of blocking good in your life? Wonderful.

It’s much easier to think positive thoughts when life is going well. When there is plenty of money in the bank, your job is awesome and your health and family are great. Now throw an illness into this mix, maybe cancer, a job loss, a family crisis, the rent is due… and you lay in bed at night with your heart racing, sweaty palms and another sleepless night. Yes, that crazy little thing called fear. It doesn’t feel so little. It feels overwhelming.

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I do believe that good thoughts, high vibrational thinking and actions bring goodness to our lives. But how do you get there when you are at your lowest and in survival mode?

I can only speak for myself, since we all deal with this issue of fear differently, but I have found that going back to a time when I thought I wouldn’t make it through, that things weren’t going to work out, but they did, that’s where I find comfort. I feel the feelings of what it felt like to get on the other side of it, and that’s my best medicine. There is always something bigger working with me in my life. A powerful force where nothing is impossible. It’s hard to remember that when I feel like I am drowning. I may even forget to even call on it. When I can remember all of the times I have gotten through tough things, it gives me hope and confidence that I will get through this, too. The best part is, I don’t have to do it alone. I just must remember to ask.

In love and in light and everything bright and beautiful,

Holly Busse
Tiny Imperfections, LLC
Author/Creator, Speaker, Reiki Master, Personal Trainer


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Holly Busse
Holly is the founder of Tiny Imperfections LLC - learn more about Tiny at She is a reiki master and teacher, author, speaker, and certified personal trainer.


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