I Stand Solo


I’ve been beaten down inside
But I stand up and face the world
I’ve been scolded in front of others
But I stand with my head high
I’ve been called unpleasant names
But I return the favor not
I’ve been told who I’m not
But I know who I am inside
I’ve been lied about to others
But I haven’t had those come forth
I’ve been accused of being alone
But alone I’ll never be for He is with me
I’ve been mocked, stamped out like dirt
But I brush myself off and go forward
I’ve received the contradictory insults
But I like my style and wear it proudly
I’ve been threatened to the core of my existence
But I fear not the fear you feel inside you

Bullies prey on those who can’t defend
They go to those who will not ask
They manipulate others to their way
They take the wildest chances
They tell the wildest stories
To those who’ve even known you longer
For bullies fear inside themselves
They lash out at those they feel are a threat
Those that are smarter, prettier or quieter
Those who have found their way
They try to throw off kilter
For that is where they live
They are insecure, lonely, fearful
They need to exert their force
Look at me they say
You are inferior
They perceive what they want
Not what is truly there before them
They fear the untruths coming true
That they will be found out
So they act louder to off set the way
Constantly providing lies
To turn the seekers away
I stand here and tell you not
I need you not to validate myself
I am different, thank God
But so are we all

I enjoy the gifts of life
I love the waking of the sun
The singing of the birds
The sweet scents nature exudes
The soft touch at my finger tips
I have friends that care for me
I have God that protects me
Both inside and when I stand out
While the rain falls down around
I am comforted by His drops
My sorrows rises to Heaven
His touch returns them to me
Full of the joy He offers to me
His Light shines bright before me

His hand extends outward to me
We walk side by side today and always
Foot by foot, inch by inch
As far as the path will take me
I sleep in peace and dream with Him
And that is what my bully taught me
How to stand with Him til the end
Full of love for life and others
My compassion overflows
As my love bursts forth
Finding new heights in standing solo.

– Maria Lisa Polegatto


I Stand Solo image by ThePixelman from Pixabay


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