Knowing and Accepting Thyself – The Value of Embracing Ego


Recently, I was talking to a client during a spiritual counseling session. We spoke about the changes that most people are seeing and feeling not just in our country, but all over the world. She wondered what was happening, and asked for my insights on these shifts of energy surrounding us and the planet. I told her that many individuals, including myself, are experiencing a transformation where the energies are moving from a third to a fifth dimension, meaning the planet is ascending. This shift might be the reason for so many changes related to unwanted, negative and divisive energies.

After the session was over, I started to reflect upon the question, and how I responded. I realized that my answer was only half true. I truly believed the first part, that many of us, including myself, are going through a shift. When I thought about my words “I am going from a third dimension to a fifth dimension” I realized that this second half of my answer came from ego.

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Who am I to say that most human beings are in the third dimension, and that part of the world is going to a fifth dimension? Who am I to say I am included in this shift? Did I mean that I am better than others because I am going along with our planet to a fifth dimension? To include myself in this shift measuring a specific dimension supports that I, a wonderful, spirited, heartfelt kind woman, along with many others, deserve to ascend from a third dimension to a fifth dimension.This type of thinking in my opinion, assumes that I am better than others.

The whole concept of numbering dimensions of energy is rooted in ego. To even think that the Source (God and the entire spiritual world) is numbering the dimensions validates the ego. The reality is God is not and will not number dimensions. He doesn’t care about the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or tenth dimension simply because the levels of cosmic energy are not numbered. The planet is rising to a higher level of vibration, and for the Source it doesn’t matter what number is going to, it is just ascending. The whole idea of dimensions sounds as if we are stepping into an elevator on the first floor of a building, pressing the button to go to a higher level, the second, third, fourth, fifth floor or to the penthouse. The idea is pure ego.

Embracing the Ego – Getting to Know Yourself

The exchange with my client and thoughts about the fifth dimension helped me recognize how our ego plays a role in everything we do, say or think. Ego is the main reason we continue incarnating over and over again. Ego is an important part of who we are as a person. It shapes our personality, dictates most of our decisions, good or bad, influences our goals, beliefs, preferences and biases. Ego is our identity. Ego is the “I.” The true meaning of the word “ego” originated from the Latin root word, which means “I”. Is focusing on ego always a selfish practice? Is ego always considered negative?

Ego is often portrayed as the enemy. Many of you heard about the importance of letting go of the ego, liberation from ego, or freedom from ego. But I really believe that ego is a very important part of our psyche and our journey. Seeing ego as our enemy is wrong. To abandon our ego is to abandon the self. First of all, ego is “I”; it is what and how we characterize the self. Ego will always be around. It is part of our existence. When you get to know your ego, you know yourself. When you dive deep inside your mind to meet your ego, you end up knowing yourself.

Jurema Silva Brazilian soul healer and mentorThink about the different ways you can learn about your ego and the role it has played in your decisions. How many times do we find ourselves being egotistical, selfish, or even calling someone selfish? How many times have we made terrible decisions based on our fears, on our ego? How many times do we hide the truth about our feelings and thoughts because of ego? How many times, without knowing, do we put ourselves in a position that indicates that we are better than others, or know more than others? How many times have we missed great opportunities because of ego? You may name many more examples attributed to the ego. As you see, our lives and journeys depend on our ego, and how we deal with it.

Ego doesn’t get along with humility, compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, humbleness. Ego is never satisfied, it is never at peace. When you come to realize your ego took over your words and actions, you will be able to learn from your mistakes, exercise forgiveness, compassion and charity to others. Your heart becomes lighter and your thoughts are at ease. Don’t punish yourself because you act upon your ego. Instead, pay attention to the ego. Ego can destroy, but it also teaches awareness.

In the future, when you are talking or thinking about fifth dimension, stop and realize how this thought might be coming from ego. Remember that many of us are going to the process of conscious awakening and unification with the Source. This journey is not a fifth-dimension thing or a competition in levels of ascendance. It is a spiritual dimension where only love and peace prevail, and we are all invited.

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