New Aquarius Moon


New Aquarius Moon Astrology is misnamed. It IS true that we have looked to the heavens for meaning. We reached our hands toward the sky and asked ‘why’? We observed the intricate rhythm and flow of the minute objects floating through the darkness of night, but it was the Moon which first entranced us. The Queen of the Night would disappear and reappear again and again and was so obvious to our eye that surely, she had more answers than the small specs of the lights poking holes fabric of the dark night. We now know that without the Moon there would be no seasons. The Moon reflects the seasonal rhythm of the Evolution of our Soul.

Aquarius astrological signImage by Oleg Gamulinskiy from Pixabay

Historically, especially before the refrigerator and the light bulb, we humans have had to live and adapt our existence to the changing of the seasons. We would harvest the raspberries and the hazelnuts in their respective seasons. We would lay up stores before winter and know that we were in big, big trouble if we were not prepared for it.The astrological archetypology emerged from these seasonal motivations. In Aries season, it’s time to get moving. In Taurus season, it’s time to connect with and work the Earth; we plant seeds for later harvest in Virgo season. In Scorpio season everything dies in order to be reborn anew and Sagittarius explores the mystery and the meaning after that.

Welcome to Aquarius season, that time of year when we can use a modern colloquialism to most accurately describe it’s feeling, cabin fever. After the austerity, responsibility, and maturity needed in Capricorn season we need to shake things up a bit. We experiment with mixing our stored beets with the pemmican to see what new flavors we can conjure. Then, needing to get out of the hut, we seek community and begin to imagine what the coming spring could look like. We know that the Light is returning in the still frozen night so hope begins to stir in us. Change is in the air, electric, like the scent of melting snow during a mid-winter thaw.

With this Aquarius New Moon, exact at 11:45 pm on January 31, set the intention of healthy change. We are all too aware of the limitations imposed by exterior obligations. Inside each one of us is a genius, charged with adding our own unique and beautiful harmony to the collective song. What authentic truth is percolating up and through us? What radical, evolutionary steps are we encouraged to take in order to make the winter of our discontent more delicious and exciting? How can we choose to shed the deep shadows and creatively innovate and reinvent ourselves and our lives in order to be more congruent with the Natural World and her seasons and rhythms and processes?

Nevertheless, it is imperative that we don’t destroy that which we are reinventing. Yes, sometimes things must be broken down in order for them to be rebuilt. If energies cannot be reoriented, if the Machine does not respond to thoughtful reorientation and readjustment, total breakdown is sometimes necessary for there to be a corresponding rebuilding. Still, our intention of this lunar cycle is to focus on the breakthrough. If we could choose our most authentic life, apart from the social and societal obligations and expectations projected upon us, whom would we choose to be? Be that. What would we do? Do that. Hold the intention for healthy and conscious revolutionary change and act accordingly. Create new flavor combinations. Bring them to the table. Shed the darkness by shining your unique truth through it. The revolution is within, first.

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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