Starcodes: February 11-17


Starcodes for the week of February 11 – 17, 2022

Will you be my Valentine? This week’s controversial holiday points out for many people what’s wrong with their love life rather than gives them a chance to just love. Remember Valentines’ is an Aquarian holiday, it’s not about cozy romance as much about the theory of love, an ideal of romance, and authentic random acts of compassion and connection. As kids many of us gave Valentines to our whole classroom- whether we liked it or not. We can voluntarily model that inclusivity now. Greet everyone from the heart, we could all use that heart warmth after this long winter.

To help with both the practical compassion and earthy romance Venus and Mars run conjunct in determined Capricorn this week. Any time Venus and Mars run together they support our ability to get along with one another but can also help us think romance will solve problems when it won’t. Our challenge will be to see love as it is, in all its myriad forms, and not want to control how it comes to us, as control is one of Capricorn’s bad habits. Nor try and control our beloveds. Let’s not measure affection in heart-shaped chocolates, but look at the language of love, caring, and affection of all the people involved. With this Capricorn conjunction, we can feel loved when our life’s purpose is supported, and our more personal efforts are acknowledged.

This is a creative, powerful, and potentially efficient week but it starts off with a deep astrological reminder of all that’s going wrong in our world, all our insufficiencies, and every time we haven’t felt heard as Mercury conjunct Pluto. This is the third pass for that conjunction finishing a cycle that began last New Year’s Eve. The most loving thing we can do this weekend is to truly listen; give a beloved a chance to speak their mind, witness their memories and process, and then trade off and ask them to listen to us.

Because of Friday’s Mercury-Pluto conjunction let’s keep a close eye on any tendency to get depressed, notice the patterns and feel the feelings but don’t get hooked into the depression cascade stories. It’s an interesting time to notice our mental habits and how our mind deals with those Pluto questions of death and rebirth, power struggles and empowerment, obsession and suspicion, plumbing, the underworld, and hidden resources. Let this aspect remind us to search for solutions, look for possibilities. To list, instead of every mistake we’ve ever made, every problem we’ve overcome. Focus on that which makes it worthwhile to be alive.

Between that conjunction and Friday’s Moon in verbal Gemini, anxiety can be an issue. It’s a good time to connect and communicate if we can focus on solutions, but the worried mind can break down into just anxious gossip.

After a relatively internal weekend, Valentine’s Day can bring us out of our shell is the Moon enters Leo and Mercury enters Aquarius. As long as we don’t waste our energy comparing our experience to an abstract Aquarian ideal, some heaviness of mind that’s been with us since mid-December begins to lift and new plans begin to coalesce.

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Friday, February 11: Watch where the mind goes today as Mercury conjunct Pluto under nervy Gemini Moon. Pay attention to any warning signals, just don’t assume they are the only picture. Watch the mental habits of anxiety; to redirect the mind explore interesting conversations, engage curiosity and look for potential. Pay attention to ultimatums, healthy decisions made at the crossroads. The Moon enters calmer, more domestic Cancer this evening, look to comfort foods and a cozy couch. Don’t grouse at one another– grouse together if need be– about the world out there but use it to bond rather than create interpersonal grit.

Sun trine Moon 1:22 AM, Mercury conjunct Pluto 7:03 AM, Moon enters cancer 4:26 PM.

Saturday, February 12: It’s good to step off the schedule, wander and take a true Saturday morning in a busy week. It furthers to look at one another with fresh eyes this afternoon and listen how to meet the needs of friends and relatives. Ask good questions and find out what they truly need, rather than what we think they need, discover less exhausting ways to help them feel loved. Connect with compassion rather than control through potential mood swings tonight as the cancer Moon opposes Mars and Venus tonight.

Moon trine Jupiter 12:34 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 2:48 PM, Moon opposed Mars 9:21 PM, Moon opposed Venus 10:45 PM.

Sunday, February 13: If you celebrate Valentines’ today, make it about cozy security rather than heavy expectations as Chiron semi-squares the Sun under a Cancer Moon. Don’t compare the present existence to an ideal, as that will just be wiggling a sore tooth while the sun semi-squares Chiron. Instead, nurture interpersonal connection and self-care through security, warmth, delicious food, acceptance, and odd considerate moments.

Sun semi-square Chiron 5:38 AM, Moon trine Neptune 12:14 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 11:06 PM.

Monday, February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day, it furthers to us to take care of ourselves, honor our own heart as our first Valentine, then spread love out from there as Mercury enters expansive and collaborative Aquarius and the waxing Moon enters expressive Leo. Practice a heart-centered meta-meditation and love the whole world. Reach out and connect. Perform random acts of kindness and express love through truly listening. Feel the gears shift away from earlier sadness towards future possibilities.

Moon opposed Mercury 3:26 AM, Moon enters Leo 4:17 AM, Mercury enters Aquarius 2:53 PM, Moon trine Chiron 11:26 PM.

Tuesday, February 15: Tend practical work but scan for incoming potential. Tell a story about an alternate reality where we love our work and graciously work at love and show our love and our efforts to improve the world as the Leo Moon squares Uranus and opposes Saturn. Then take a step to make it so.

Moon square Uranus 1:55 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 1:38 PM.

Wednesday, February 16: Strong emotions and great plot twists abound on this Leo full Moon with Venus and Mars conjunct this morning. Do not make others prove they care; manipulation just erodes the heart. Put others in the center, serve with compassion as a spiritual practice. Where love flows and the creative process rises, we can commit to doing the right thing as the Moon enters industrious Virgo this afternoon; get engaged, sign a contract, or begin a sculpture. Keep expectations reasonable and celebrate every step forward. Express love to all and sundry, as long as boundaries are respected.

Venus conjunct Mars 7:28 AM, Moon opposed the sun 9:56 AM, Moon enters the Virgo 1:42 PM.

Thursday, February 17: We could feel strangely cranky or critical but can turn that into fodder to improve our situation and create more room to breathe under an inventive Jupiter sextile Uranus. A Virgo Moon can add brittle undertones if we get too impatient or too demanding in our expectations; engage the Virgoan compassion instead.

Moon opposed Jupiter 10:25 AM, Moon trine Uranus 10:32 AM, Jupiter sextile Uranus 5:12 PM, Moon trine Venus 10:46 PM, Moon trine Mars 11:13 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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