Starcodes: February 4-10


Starcodes for the week of February 4 – 10, 2022

Now we can get serious, get real, and get started on this year’s plans. Astrologically January was a rehash of the last two years rather than the start to a new year. February, the mood looks up. We get a chance to clean up, make amends, reorganize, and scout out the new territory. Stir the coals on good fires we started last fall but which went dormant when winter arrived. Last week both Mercury and Venus turn direct after many weeks retrograde and will complete their final conjunction to Pluto over the next month, finishing a cycle that began early December. In March we launch into the future realms. This new year finally begins though it may have a rocky start. We could feel a strong urge to act as the Sun conjuncts serious Saturn on Friday, but we still can’t see very far ahead with Mercury just getting slowly started again after the retrograde cycle.

As the Sun conjuncts Saturn it asks us to take responsibility. Those that are willing to be responsible for the outcomes of their actions and for their own happiness can find some new empowering tools needed to heal and grow their life. Those people who are not willing to take responsibility and who blame others for their experience could face some comeuppance and get truly ticked off. Which may bring some interesting political ramifications.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto are all now moving forward and in goal-oriented, efficient Capricorn, so the energy can get pushy. watch a tendency to push and pull beloveds, to try and make them do something, anything as a sign of love. It will be much more effective to be efficient ourselves and not try to get people to do the work for us. With this rolling ambition, if we don’t look busy, someone will try to recruit us for their project and take us off track. Hold clean boundaries, be helpful but stay on target.

This Capricorn lineup asks us to review our goals but not to second-guess ourselves. We are in a pivot point and need to stop looking at what we could have done differently in the past and now turn forward. Make healthy informed decisions about the future instead. Mercury conjuncts Pluto for the next 10 days.

On Friday, the mood is both impatient and heavy under an activating Aries Moon and as the Sun conjuncts serious Saturn. Plans begin to manifest over the weekend under an active Aries Moon as Mars sextiles Jupiter, but let’s not to push too fast or we will tumble. This practical forward motion continues early next week under an enduring Taurus Moon and as Mars trines Uranus. Focus on communication towards the end of the week under a voluble Gemini Moon, clear up any lingering misunderstandings, continue to get help in place and compost the past as fodder for the future.

Friday, February 4: We can feel both the heaviness of the winter and a desire to jump ahead into spring’s new chapter under an impatient Aries Moon and as determined Mars sextiles Jupiter. Keep competition friendly and work towards one’s personal best rather than to best another. Some serious, strategic, or organizational decision that was recently delayed now needs to be addressed as the Sun conjuncts Saturn midday. Meet responsibilities head on. Late tonight we grow more irritable as the Moon squares Mars, consider going out dancing or going to bed instead of arguing.

Moon sextile Pluto 2:40 AM, Mars sextile Jupiter 6:37 AM, the Moon enters Aries 7:56 AM, the Sun conjuncts Saturn 12:04 PM, the Moon squares Mars 11:27 PM.

Saturday, February 5: Pushy energy, people are in a rush but haven’t quite turned their ships around yet. Conflicting needs between people-or conflicting needs within ourselves- can cause irritation, a collision as if several people are trying to get out a door at the same time. Have patience, empathy, and take turns. Look for the few overlapping goals and start there. Although we may have a huge to-do list, everyone will need a few spontaneous moments to listen to the heart’s desire. All can be done if we syncopate as the Aries Moon squares Venus and Mars in Capricorn.

Moon squares Venus 5:56 AM, the Moon sextiles Saturn 1:22 PM, the Moon sextiles the Sun 3:17 PM.

Sunday, February 6: Morning stays somewhat irritable and opinionated as Mars squares Chiron and the Moon squares Pluto. Some ironic introspection can help us laugh at our own familiar irritable habits and choose a more constructive way to solve differences. We’ll resist pressure but can be collaborative when no one tries to push us into anything but invites us to explore possibilities instead. An inner engine drives us, but everyone needs to respond to their own call. The mood slows down and gets cuddlier and friendlier, ready to nest and prepare for the week ahead as the Moon enters Taurus mid-afternoon.

Moon square Mercury 5:42 AM, Mars square Chiron 5:57 AM, Moon square Pluto 10:20 AM, Moon enters Taurus 3:52 PM.

Monday, February 7: A Day to consider changes we never thought we would as the Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus and both trine Mars. This aspect lowers impulse control, so let the decision ripen rather than jump without looking. We may not want to talk about our issues today but do want to see some action. And we know where we need help- so lift someone’s burden, do chores as an act of love- as the Moon trines Venus later in the day.

Moon sextile Jupiter 8:57 AM, Moon square Mars 12:12 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 1:22 PM, Moon trine Venus 4:59 PM.

Tuesday, February 8: A new momentum arises, let’s use it wisely as Mars perfects its trine to Uranus. Let’s make sure were headed in the direction, occupied with what which matters to us because this momentum could take us far—along a good road or smack into a wall. Anger can spike if our path feels blocked. Build up some steam but let the soul’s wisdom drives the boat.

Moon square Saturn 12 AM, Moon square Sun 6:49 AM, Mars trine Uranus 7:57 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:39 AM, Moon trine Mercury 6:48 PM, Moon trine Pluto 9:47 PM.

Wednesday, February 9: Now that things are moving, we need to talk about it all. Clear up lingering misunderstandings, further connections, return phone calls, get that flow of communication going as the Moon enters Gemini. Listen to the buzz but confirm all facts as our imagination is also working overtime. We can either enjoy a good story or embroider the situation to fit our theories as the Moon squares Neptune tonight. Choose honesty.

Moon enters Gemini 3:26 AM, Moon square Neptune 10:28 PM.

Thursday, February 10: Moody and stubborn, old ghosts can haunt us, and we can make mistakes based on projecting the past upon the present. Uncover the real motivation instead making assumptions. Question all gossip. Excavate and investigate, explore, and discuss- let life be a mystery full of surprises to share.

Moon trine Saturn 1:20 PM, Moon square Neptune 11:43 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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